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Oblivion Build: The Soul Hunter

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  • December 31, 2017

    Oblivion Build: The Soul Hunter

    Race: Dunmer Vampire

    Birthsign: Apprentice

    Gender: Male

    Specialization: Stealth

    Attributes: Intelligence & Speed

    Skills: Acrobatics, Alchemy, Athletics, Destruction, Marksman, Mysticism, Sneak

    Essential Quests: Mages Guild questline (only use them to gain access to knowledge of Black Soul Gems), Dark Brotherhood questline. Anything else is up to you.

    Forbidden Quests: Fighters Guild

    Equipment: Best available bow (w/Soul Trap enchantment), Black Robes (w/Fortify Magicka), Black Hood (w/Fortify Magicka), Ebony Ring x2 (w/Fortify Magicka each), Amulet of choice (w/ Fortify Magicka), Braided Leather Sandals (w/ Fortify Speed).

    Background: The Soul Hunter was born to two devout followers of Molag Bal deep in the Great Forest of Cyrodiil. His childhood consisted of hunting for food with his father using a bow and learning the arts of Mysticism & Illusion from his mother while maintaining regular worship of the Lord of Domination. For 24 years, the Soul Hunter lived by these routines, giving his life to Molag Bal. One night, while doing a late night worship, the soul hunter heard a voice inside his head claiming to be Molag Bal. The voice said he had a task for him, befitting of his talents. It would test his wit, cunning and his faith to him. He ordered the soul hunter to travel up high in the Colovian Highlands to the NW. There he would find the forgotten Ayleid ruins of Lipsand Tarn, a once prominent temple of the Ayleids now home to a group of feral vampires. Molag instructed him to go to these ruins, find their leader, persuade them to turn him into a vampire, and then once the transformation was complete, kill everyone inside the ruins. Then return back to his shrine for further instruction.

    He set out the following morning, and after much hiking the steep slopes of the highlands, he came across the marble stone arcitecture that was unique to Ayleid ruins. He had found Lipsand Tarn. The stairs leading to the enterance made him even more tired than he already was but he was determined to please his lord. He entered the dark temple and found it had at least 10 vampires inside. He successfully snuck past all the vampires and found himself confronted with the vampire matriarch. Instead of attacking, she smiled at him saying it was impressive you made it this far without getting noticed by her underlings. The soul hunter told her he was a follower of Molag Bal and said it was his lords wish for her to turn him into a vampire. Intrigued by the request, she accepted and bit him on his neck. He passed out instantly. When he awoke, he found himself inside cell. The matriarch stood just outside and told him he would stay in there and never leave.

    After some time, the Soul Hunter realized he had to escape somehow and fullfil his lords request. He looked around the large cell he was in and in all his good luck, found a lockpick. He knew he had only one chance. He hit the tumblers and one by one set them in position. His heart was beating like a drum, but when the last tumbler was set in place, he gave a sigh of relief. He opened the cell and then proceeded to slaughter every last vampire with his newly acquired power. His mission complete, he travelled back the Molag Bal's shrine to bring his lord the good news. Pleased, Molag Bal ordered him to turn all the shrine worshippers into vampires. Hesitant at first, he obeyed and soon everyone, including his own parents, were now a brood of vampires. Molag Bal then ordered everyone to disperse and spread the vampirism to other places filled with bandits, necromancers and conjurers. He told the Soul Hunter he had a special task for him. Since proving reliable at Lipsand Tarn, he gave him the task of collecting souls for his dominion of Coldharbour. He said to go infiltrate the mages guild and learn all he can about Black Soul Gems and use those to harvest the souls of mortals. He also bestowed upon him a new bow for him. A strong bow that is specially enchanted so that targets that die by it have their souls sent to Coldharbour. And with that, he set off into the world to do Molag Bal's bidding.

    Playstyle & Personality: The Soul Hunter is a stalker and a fiend. All he wants in life are souls for Molag Bal. He will not go out of the way to kill anyone however. He is an opportunist and will only kill when he knows he will not be caught. He will only interact with people when he is at level 1 vampirism. Anything higher and you will have to feed, especially if you plan to go out in daylight. Black Soul Gems are a staple for this build so regularly visiting one of the four S.O.T.R. spots regularly is always a good idea. At lower levels, it will be fine to only go after the souls of lesser creatures. But when Grand Soul Gems become common loot, then you will be excepted to turn all empty ones into Black Soul Gems. Combat is simple. Shoot from a distance, and if enemies get too close you need to out manuver them and dodge incoming attacks like an acrobat would.

    - Skills -

    Marksman: Thanks to his father, the Soul Hunter is a master marksman. He has honed his skills with the bow to such a fine point that he never misses a shot, even from very long distances away.

    Mysticism: Training from his mother helped him understand the mystic arts of soul trapping and reflection spells.

    Sneak: Training with his bow, the Soul Hunter learned how to be quiet when moving. Getting the drop on your opponents is vital to this build.

    Destruction: In conjunction with Mysticism, Destruction will kill your enemies faster. Pretty straight forward.

    Alchemy: Poisons. Use poisons to drain the life force out of your opponents faster and watch them see their life fade into darkness. And you can use potions to restore heal yourself if need be.

    Acrobatics: The Soul Hunter, over time, learned how to stay fit and healthy through the art of jumping around. He can now jump higher and farther than most of the opponents he fights against leaving his targets with limited options.

    Athletics: The soul hunter is not a slow moving target. He is fast. Very fast. His speed can rival that of even the most nimble Khajiit and Argonians.

    -Custom Spells-

    Feiry Soul Trap:

    Soul Trap for 20 sec on target

    Fire Damage 5pts for 20 sec on target

    Weakness To Fire 100% for 20 sec on target


    Freezing Soul Trap:

    Soul Trap for 20 sec on target

    Frost Damage 5pts for 20 sec on target

    Weakness To Frost 100% for 20 sec on target


    Ionized Soul Trap:

    Soul Trap for 20 sec on target

    Shock Damage 5pts for 20 sec on target

    Weakness To Shock 100% for 20 sec on target


    Elemental Soul Destruction:

    Soul Trap for 10 sec on target

    Fire Damage 5pts for 10 sec on target

     Weakness To Fire 100% for 10 sec on target

    Frost Damage 5pts for 10 sec on target

    Weakness To Frost 100% for 10 sec on target

    Shock Damage 5pts for 10 sec on target

    Weakness To Shock 100% for 10 sec on target


    Soul Annihilation:

    Soul Trap for 20 sec on target

    Damage Health 5pts for 20 sec on target

    Weakness To Magic 100% for 20 sec on target

    Magical Atronach:

    Absorb Magic 100% for 30 sec on self

    -Author's Notes & Final Thoughts-

    Everyone has that one evil build they admire and love. This one is mine and it was a pleasure to make. The inspiration for this build came from an old Yu-Gi-Oh monster back from the early days of the same name, Soul Hunter. Loosely based I might add. Still, it is to date my most evil character I've created and by far the most fun evil character I've made even though I'm not very big on them. I hope you guys have as much fun with it as I did.

    Next build: The Atronach.

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    January 3, 2018
    Not bad, not bad at all. I remember yu-gi-oh being the big deal, back when I was 5-6 yrs old. Dat nostalgia. There are two nitpicks I have though. Are you sure you need that much magicka for just two schools of magic? And one misspelling. I believe that should be 'Fiery Soul Trap' rather than 'Feiry Soul Trap'.
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    January 3, 2018

    A new Oblivion build, nice! You should get a feature on the main page.

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    January 16, 2018

    Noodles said:

    You should get a feature on the main page.

    Or at the very least, this fantastic Oblivion throwback should be featured on the Vault's Twitter and Facebook pages... oh, wait... it is! ;D

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    January 17, 2018

    Noodles said:

    A new Oblivion build, nice! You should get a feature on the main page.

    Noted :D

    ShinJin said:

    Or at the very least, this fantastic Oblivion throwback should be featured on the Vault's Twitter and Facebook pages... oh, wait... it is! ;D

    Remind us for next week :) This is some nice, dark stuff!

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    January 26, 2018

    Oh boy an Apprentice birthsign build in Oblivion! :D

    And it's a vampire too. I've wondered, does that birthsign's weakness to magic affect the sun damage you take as a vampire?

  • January 26, 2018
    Chris H, yes it does. Sunlight is real dangerous if your not keeping yourself at level 1 vampirism or staying out at night.