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TES IV Fan Theories: Owyn

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    October 4, 2017

    Welcome, one and all, to the first of a new type of Classics discussion, and winner of our recent content poll, Fan Theories!

    To explain these discussions a bit further, basically how Fan Theories work is that a topic (such as this one) will be posted, as well as a few “suggested theories” on the item or NPC in question. Readers can share their thoughts on these suggested ones, however you’re also encouraged to share your own thoughts on the matter. Remember: The main idea of Fan Theories is to share YOUR theories!

    Now, first up we have a guy with love problems, an estranged child, and a job that involves killing for money. Fun! So, put your tankards, hands, or claws together for...



    Name: Owyn

    Race: Redguard

    Class: Blademaster

     Arena Bloodworks, Imperial City

    Job: In charge of the Arena Bloodworks

    Quests: Arena Questline


    Hundolin, the Arena's bet-taker, will warn you about Owyn before you first set foot in the Bloodworks. He will invite you in, saying, "If you're looking to join the Arena as a combatant, you need to head down to the Bloodworks and talk to Owyn, the Blademaster." However, he'll also add, "Be on your best behavior, though. Owyn is a bit... cranky by nature." The Blue Team Gladiator will be the only Arena member besides Ysabel to show their opinion. When asked about the resident Battlemaster, he'll reply, "That's Owyn. He is in charge of the Arena. Arranges the fights, trains combatants, that sort of thing. Been that way since Gaiden Shinji." Ysabel's reaction to asking about Owyn is remarkably dissimilar; as stated above, she regards him as a desperate man whose heart she broke upon refusing his offer of marriage. Owyn's only close familial tie, Branwen (his alleged daughter), refuses to mention him as much as he refuses to mention her—as evidenced by the crumpled status of the note she sent him.

    An seemingly aging fighter, Owyn will be your primary quest giver during the Arena Questline, though he also some unique backstory; Namely, his personal life seems to very much imply the life of a bachelor (as he himself says), though isn’t with the occasional marriage proposition or illegitimate offspring, both of which he seems to dismiss. His supposed daughter, the fighter Branwen, can be found training outside the Arena, and wishes to become a combatant - much to Owyn's disapproval.


    Suggested Theories


    - According to a Certain Note, he seems quite against the idea of Branwen becoming a combatant, and even about her being his daughter. However, it may be  possible that he actually does care for her (at least, without telling her), and that his disagreement with her becoming an Arena fighter is instead out of concern for her safety.


    - Alternatively, it may in fact be possible that Branwen is not his daughter as she claims, and is either unaware of the fact, or wishes to use her position as his (not) daughter to gain favour within the Arena. 


    - His proposition to Battle Matron Ysabel seems a tad out of character, given how he claims not to be a “one-woman guy”. While this could just be him trying to cover his own hide, or very well be the result of a few too many ales, it could also imply that he really does want to settle down, perhaps even leaving his career at the Arena behind. 


    - Assuming the two Arena teams share a Blademaster, he appears quite biased with regards to the fights the PC’s involved with, seeming to show one-sided support for the Blue Team. However, this could simply be meant as encouragement for the Player, “cheering them on”, so to speak, though may also hint at where his loyalty lies. 


     - If is considered the varieties of ladies Owyn has known and as Branwen If is really his child, he could had many other relatives, as he is in charge of arrange the Arena Bloodworks matchs, what If he have a twisted mind?, what is all those children he had, he persuade them to fight on the Arena, and Branwen is just his special one, that is why he doesn't want she fight... or maybe that is how all starts... so then when he thinks she is ready will let her fight on the Arena expecting she became Grandchampion?... What If Owyn is so twisted that he has mounted a kind of dark business with his children, using them to make them join the Arena...


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    So then, let us know what your opinions are on these theories, and of course feel free to share any of your own that involve Owyn!

    New Theories will be posted weekly, so keep an eye out for them, and don’t forget to check out the Introduction Discussion for more details on Fan Theories!

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    October 4, 2017

    Owyn's the man. "I heard a rumour you're an idiot. Any truth to that?" Loved that guy. I always like the small details that can be found when digging. The letter from Branwen and his proposition to Ysabel add weight and story, even if ambiguous, to Owyn. These are the things that make TES games so much fun for me. Perhapss he is just a guy who follows his passions and regrets them after. He's certainly not what one could consider a stabilising figure in a household :D 

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    October 12, 2017

    Well he has stablished at his favorite "household" the Arena Bloodworks...

  • October 12, 2017

    Paws said:

    Owyn's the man. "I heard a rumour you're an idiot. Any truth to that?"

    I hope to be able to use that line, someday.