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Idea for a dungeon for a future TES game

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    October 2, 2023 11:03 AM EDT

    The idea is to make an all-mechanical dungeon - something thae looks like you are fighting inside some sort of gigantic (not sure if even that word qualifies) Dwemer construct.


    Traps all over the place.  Those wonderful spinning blade traps that come out of the ground, this time coming out of walls and even the ceilings in some places in this dungeon.  Also, plenty of Dwemer foes all over, with a fight against several Centurions at once ending it.


    The reward would be an even better version of the Dwarven Armor set and your choice of an far improved Dwarven weapon.

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    October 19, 2023 8:08 AM EDT

    I have an even better idea:


    A multi-level house, each level trying to kill you in a different way.


    Spoilers below!


    Level 1: Poison gas traps, similar to what is beneath Markarth (similar when you escape the Markarth Wizard's lab during Hard Answers) and Falmer and Chaurus guarding the exit and part of a key.


    Level 2: Invisible rune traps - Fire, Frost, and Lightning, as well as Paralysis and Poison runes - the safe path is in a forty-pound tome (this is like the maze in TES: Oblivion's Through a Nightmare, Darkly)  The reward is another part of that key.


    Level 3: Dwemer Hell - various Dwemer traps (I especially like the ones where the spinning blade comes out of the ground) and Dwemer constructs fighting you.  Get through, and you get the final part of the key.


    Level 4: Choice - three possible victims, someone has to die (like With Friends Like There...)