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character concept idea

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    January 11, 2022 2:45 AM EST

    Hi guys,

    With Skyrim being re-re-re-released and tes6 announced to only be available on xbox - i thought I'd give Skyrim yet another playthrough. On top of that the Witcher season 2 came out and I've been inspired by Ciri's training towards becoming a witcher. I got the idea for her backstory last night but have a problem with what skills to use.


    my rough idea is that she's been found by Isran after a vampire raid. He took her with him and adopted her as his own. She's then been learning to fend for herself at for Dawnguard, learning everything there is to know about fighting monsters - especially vampires. 

    Growing up with Isran as her adopted father makes her easy to relate to Serana because they're both caught up in their fathers' personal vendettas.


    I'm thinking a character like that will have learned to stay light at their feet, remain hidden but also know how to swing a sword, once her cover is blown. My problem is the skills i'm thinking will make a too wide-spread.





    light armor


    destruction - but only for fire runes, so skill 40 with ordinator

    block ? mainly because it's useful even if she only uses a one-handed with rogue's parry from ordinator

    alchemy for potions and poisons

    smithing & enchanting for making gear.


    I'm thinking redguard for race, but since she's adopted, she could be anything? Can someone help me make her more specific which skills would be better left out - keep in mind I don use ordinator for more versatile builds than vanilla. I will appreciate some feedback, thanks :)