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Werewolf: The Apcalypse - Earthblood Review

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    February 7, 2021 6:32 PM EST

    Awoooo! This game is a howling good time for fans of werewolves (or any fan of the World of Darkness universe.) I went into this game armed with only my love of werewolves and nature coupled with a hatred for anyone who dares destroy this wonderful planet we've been given. This game checks both boxes for me and then some. This game takes place in the world of darkness where the world is a parrel to ours, the only difference is that the world contains werewolves, vampires, mages and demons. The game of which I speak is the first game in the francise to have the RPG tag.

    The Story

    Cahal, a member of the Fianna garou tribe (Irish werewolf) gets exiled after he kills another tribemember in a fit of rage after seeing his wife killed by a werewolf of a rival tribe. The main enemy of the game, an oil company called Endron, is threatening Cahal's caern (home of sorts) so Cahal's former pack decides to try a put a stop to the evil oil company who promises to help the planet, not destroy it; they are doing the exact opposite of their 'promise.' Endron's purose is to drain the very lifeblood of Gaia in the form of fossil fuels. Without these fossil fuels, Gaia would soon die.

    My Review

    I have been waiting for a good werewolf game for a while, one that solely focuses on werewolves; Skyrim does that but it is more of a fantasy setting whereas earthblood focuses on the horror side of werewolves and does not include vampires either (because, in opnion, vampires get way too many games whereas werewolves get too few.) The Graphics of Werewolf: the apocalypse - earthblood may seem lackluster to some people, but to me, I enjoy old graphics like they had in the xbox 360/ps2 and ps3 eras more so than the graphics of games today. The gameplay is very fun also. Cahal has two forms: Lupus, a regular wolf used for stealh and Crinos, a man-beast form used for combat. Crinos also has two stances, one quick and agile, the other, slow and heavy hitting. I found the bosses to be really fun as well as you have to employ various abilites from your repetoire to dispatch them. What I like about the bosses is that they are hard hitting, use many of the same abilities as your Crinos form and they are fought in oftentimes very tight quarters. 


    I am going to leave the reader to decide if they want to play this or not. even if you are not a seasoned World of Darkness player and do not know the lore, this game is a fun introduction into the world. Like I said above, I only bought this game for two reasons: Werewolves and that nature fights back against human corruption of the planet. I knew nothing of the World of darkness universe until I got this game.

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    March 3, 2021 6:30 PM EST

    I enjoyed Earthblood, and TBF, werewolves and vampires, and a lot of other shit, DO co-exist in the World of Darkness. In fact, at least in old lore, it was said one werewolf could, in theory, wipe out a whole band of vamps, even old ones

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    March 3, 2021 9:17 PM EST

    Chris, I did not know that, thanks for sharing

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