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POLL: Your favourite ESO Chapter or DLC

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    June 1, 2019 4:03 AM EDT

    Here is a new poll for June, and with the new Elsweyr Chapter upon us, here is a poll focussed on the Elder Scrolls Online.

    Which is your favourite Chapter or DLC?

    We've now had three 'Chapters', and a whole bunch of content-based DLC (I didn't include DLC that just adds a dungeon, but only the ones that add landmass, skill lines or guilds)

    So, tell us your favourite(s) and why in this thread after you have voted in the poll..

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    June 1, 2019 7:04 PM EDT

    Almost an impossible poll, Paul. I'm useless at any "what's your favourite?" question, and this particular one is like trying to answer who's your favourite pet. I voted Orsinium, though, and that's partly becuase I struggled with ESO until Orsinium came out. At the time everything was faction-locked and level locked, and you couldn't do y or z until you'd done x, and it just felt like a slog every step of the way. Then Orsinium landed and suddenly there was the whole of Wrothgar to explore - a new zone at a time I was sick to death of grinding through Stormhaven in order to hit the next milestone needed to unlock the next Fighters Guild quest which I needed to do in order to play the next quest in the main story...

    Not only was it a breath of fresh air, Orsinium raised the bar in terms of quality and depth of story telling. The base game was already good, but because it felt like a grind, one more fetch quest for a random NPC just started to blend into one long fetch quest. Orsinium swept all that away by giving us a recurring cast of characters along with more impactful quests which gave us the illusion of choice and consequence more frequently. It wasn't afraid to explore themes and make us ask questions of ourselves, like that Khajiit character raised by Orcs who discovers his lost heritage by finding old nursery ryhmes sung to him when he was a cub, or when we're forced to decide who the next clan chief should be and whether we should honour tradition or allow a female Orc to rule. Not to mention the main quest itself which examined the Orsimer's racial narrative so deeply and with such complexity that the very story itself mirrors the entirety of Orsimeri history and mythology.

    On top of all that it was and still is a gorgeous zone with diverse biomes full of sub-cultures made up of different clans, each with their own rich history and part to play in the grand scheme of things. Also echatere.

    I'm absolutely loving Elsweyr for finally lifting the veil on all the myriad Khajiit races - something pretty monumental before we even talk about the depth of the lore, new revelations, stunning scenery, incredible storytelling, and more. I lost myself in Summerset in which they pulled back the haughty and arrogant layers of the Altmer to show us why their culture is how it is, making the high elves feel more than just charicatures of themselves as we reached the culmination of a plot which spanned Morrowind and Clockwork City. The latter gave us Sotha Sil like we've never seen him, a character who totally nailed some of the most breath-taking moments in the entire ES series and gave us some of the most well-written and beautiful dialogue in any game ever.

    Morrowind was excellent, the Morag Tong questline being the highlight of that chapter and further raising the bar set already high by Orsinium. I also really enjoyed the Telvanni questline, how that explored the limits of meritocracy as we discovered how high an Argonian slave could rise in that society and how much she would be willing to sacrifice to get there.

    Every chapter so far has been brilliant, and in some ways outdo the one before. Yet Orsinium, in all fairness, has to be recognised as the chapter which redefined ESO, imo.

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    June 2, 2019 1:26 PM EDT

    I like them all but voted Murkmire because argonian.

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    June 3, 2019 2:27 AM EDT

    I loved Morrowind for obvious reasons, but I also liked Summerset Isles and Orisnium.

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    June 3, 2019 3:45 AM EDT

    I've gone with Morrowind but that's mostly because I haven't played any of the others in any real manner. I've played a teeny bit of Orsinium and I guess some TG but other then that I really haven't played many of the DLC. Morrowind however, is pretty damn awesome though I'll freely admit that Summerset will possibly steal my heart there.