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Problem Neighbour - this is kinda funny in a way

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    March 13, 2018 2:17 PM EDT

    I live in a back to back terraced house which the dividing wall between my house and the one at the back is just single brick plus drywall / plaster. For the past 6 months there seems to be a new tenant who I will refer to as "Argument Woman" who is a complete pain in the arse. She always does talk loudly on the phone but recently she has been arguing and shouting sometimes in the middle of the night. Take a look at the log I've been making. I think she is mental. What do you think? The local council won't do anything about noisy neighbours, its a police matter but only if there is a crime or violence which there isn't. I feel like going round and telling her to shut the F**k up.

    Profanities aplenty so be warned.

    Argument woman log

    27.02.2018 – for the past two weeks argument woman has been shouting and carrying on almost every night for ages when I get in from work at around 17:30. Last week it was three evenings in a row. Often argues late at night shouting, banging about etc. Sometimes in the middle of the night. Shouting “I’m sick to death of this!!” and “NO! NO! NO!” with each “NO!” followed by a bang sounding like a fist brought down on something. She is talking to a man on what sounds like a mobile phone on speakerphone. You can hear the man’s voice if your ear if put to the wall but otherwise all you can hear is her. Decided to make a log as I’m fed up of her now. She often wakes me up causing lack of sleep making me tired during the day.

    28.02.2018 - Was woken up at 2am to the sound of her shouting down the phone. Lasted around 20 mins then turned into a 2 hour conversation with someone. Loud talking. Another argument at 4:25am. Arguing again from around 9:30 for another 1 and a half hours. Again at 16:00 for another hour. Again at 22:20 for another 2 hours. Shouts “NO!” and “listen” and “it’s not like that” a lot. I had the day of work today but had to get up early at 7:45 as I was waiting for a plumber.

    01.03.2018 – 5am woken up by loud shouting down the phone and slamming doors. Went on for nearly an hour. 9am arguing for another 20 mins followed by loud banging and slamming doors. 15:02 loud talking and shouting down the phone. “NO! NO, It’s not like that… NO!” Bang! Bang! Bang! “Fucking sick of this.” Followed by incomprehensible shouting and arguing. “SHITTING HELL, FUCK’S SAKE” shouted loudly at 15:47 followed by loud bang and incomprehensible shouting. Finally shut up at 16:00. 16:14 – started again, loud talking on the phone. Went on till around 17:20. This was a snow day and not at work.

    02.03.2018 - No arguments today and I was back at work so not in during the day.

    03.03.2018 – 23:45 heard argument woman going to bed shortly followed by loud talking and raised voice phone conversation which lasted till 1am.

    04.03.2018 – woken up at 6am by argument woman on the phone. Lasted around 40 mins.

    06.03.2018 – argument woman arguing on the phone when I came home from work at 17:35. Stopped for a bit then again at 18:20 for 10 mins or so. Then at 23:55 loud phone conversation in bedroom / upstairs when she went to bed till 12:45am. No arguing or shouting though.

    07.03.2018 – Started talking on the phone at 17:45, started raising voice and shouting at 17:51. Shouting and swearing, “No, no, fucking just no. I’m not having this… NO it’s not like that. I don’t know why… Blah, blah, blah I’ll tell you what… Fuck, NO!! Bang! ” at 17:53. Decided to go out for something to eat as I’m sick of hearing her. Came back at 18:46 and she is still carrying on shouting and screaming. Finally shut up about 19:00. Now at 20:56 she’s at it again…

    08.03.2018 – argument woman on phone when I came home from work at 17:20, first 5 mins normal conversation then loud bang and “NO! Fucking, No, no, no. NO!!!! Just fucking Listen!!” at 17:26. Shut up at 17:35. Started on the phone again at 18:20 and within a few mins shouting and carrying on as usual. “You WHAT!! NO! That’s no good. You had better FUCKING NOT!” Bang!! Followed by undecipherable shouting and arguing at 18:27. I went out to the shops. She had shut up by the time I came back. Argument woman on the phone again at 22:00 but so far by 22:25 normal conversation although she has a voice like a foghorn and can hear her. She never shuts up and seems to talk about the same thing over and over.

    09.03.2018 – argument woman on the phone at 18:48 then loud shouting just a few minutes later. Went on for about 15 mins.

    10.03.2018 – was out and came back to hearing argument woman on the phone at 13:35. At 14:00 shouting and swearing. All you can hear is “No, no… no… no. Fuck! no, no. It’s not like that… No. Fucking hell. I’ve had enough. No, no, it’s not like that”. Went quiet around 20 mins later. 21:35 argument woman shouting (can be heard over music) getting really irate and swearing to someone on the phone. Absolutely horrendous; worst she’s been yet. Shouting, screaming, swearing, banging things about, sound like something getting thrown and smashed etc. I have no idea whoever she is arguing with just doesn’t hang up on her and turn his phone off. Fortunately she shut up after about 10 mins and didn’t hear anything for the rest of the day.

    11.03.2018 – didn’t hear argument woman all day. Yay!

    12.03.2018 – No argument woman today.

    13.03.2018 – Argument woman on the phone talking / raised voice at 17:26 when I came home from work. 17:29 normal talking and raised voice now turned into a full blown argument, shouting, swearing etc. Thankfully went quiet 5 mins later. Now started again at 18:03p

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    March 14, 2018 7:45 AM EDT

    I'm not one hundred percent sure this was the place to post this, it seems a little like an invasion of privacy, but that's just me.

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    March 14, 2018 1:47 PM EDT


    Unfortunatley noise pollution laws in the UK are down to the local city or district council what they will take action against. The council are pretty useless to be honest at pretty much anything except for maybe handing out council tax bills...They will take action against most things except arguing and normal talking. Loud TV or DIY at unsociable hours would be something they would take action against for example. The usual procedure is several letters, a noise abatement notice and after many months or years confiscation of offending equipment e.g TV and audio equipment. It's very rare it results in a fine; some countries are very strict on invasion of privacy and what is known as "quiet enjoyment of your home" but here in the UK it isn't. 

    The police can only take action if there is physical violence or threats of violence or arguing / noise spills out onto the public street outside the boundaries of private land.

    As for the place to post it I thought this was the right forum for general stuff.