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Introduction Of A Newcomer

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    December 22, 2017 12:45 PM EST

    Hello lifeforms of Skyrim and Fallout alike! I'm not entirely sure what to put here since I haven't joined a forum-based site since here we go! 


    For obvious reason I won't use my real name, but I'll be referring to myself as either Viper or my old Monster Hunter name GrimDemise. I am a 20 year old male with the memory of a 50 year old mixed with the mental thinking of a 15 year old. My hobbies include drawing, painting, poem writing, and playing video games. My preferred video game genres are Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Open World, and Stealth. Fantasy and Stealth are the highest among my favorites. If possible I play "test run" so I can learn where my enemies are located as well as any ways around them without causing too much bloodshed. This has imporved thanks to Dishonored and Hitman 2016. 


    As for how I got into the "Fantasy Genre," I didn't have access to any type of console or PC games growing up; we had a desktop computer that we all used. So that left me with websites such as Armor Games, Miniclips, etc etc. One day I looked up 'RPG games online' and came across a site called AdventureQuest. I fell in love with them instantly. Where it lacked in open world content -The map unlocks locations as you level up you can travel to where quests can be found vs traveling an open world like in Zelda- and limited animations, I loved how you could select your class and change it ay any time if you wanted just by purchasing a weapon that fit that class, as well as being one of the few sites during that time period that I wouldn't grow bored of quickly. Add in an update every week/two weeks and you have access to something new. I still play it today though I avoid the multi-player version. 


    Now I've gotten into the fantastic -and sometimes confusing- world of Tameriel, where my inner lizard person can run free and steal as much stuff as I possibly can before running away when caught. And jail? Pfftt. I'll just break out and disguise myself as a guard who's body shall never be found. Guildwise I've found myself gravitating toward the Thieve's Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. Winterhold College sucked and the others just don't  catch my interest. I have a severe case of mod perfectionist where if I find a new mod I like or think I can use other mods, instead of just loading the current modded save and saving over that file I load my vanilla file EVERY TIME. I'm stuck with Bethesda mods as no matter what I do I can't get Nexus mods to work for Skyrim Special Edition. Which I'm perfectly okay with. 


    I used/still do roleplay in my head while I wait to fall asleep. I'd put myself in my character's shoes, select a world where I'd put them -Often times I'd just put them in some random world of my own design- and just play as they would behave, react, etc. I have trouble sleeping even with sleeping medication so being able to relax via this method is really nice. Plus it gives me ideas if I ever decide to get into roleplaying via forums. 


    And that is really all I can think of putting here right now. With Histmas coming up I'm preparing the sap baths and shall soon relax in Hist sap while I drink from Nazeem's skull filled with nord mead. I shall see you all in due time once I get hang of things here. Until then, don't kill dragons, invite them to -poisoned- tea!

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    December 22, 2017 4:22 PM EST
    Hello! Nice to meet you.
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    December 22, 2017 7:18 PM EST
    Welcome and Merry Histmas :) That made me lol, must admit. Thank you for stopping by to say hi with such a great introduction. Feel free to get at me if you need anything :)
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    December 22, 2017 7:23 PM EST

    Heh, I've got a lot of fond memories of Adventure Quest, ended up preferring some of their other games (Dragon Fable mostly, never got into Mech Quest) but man, those were some good times. Haven't played in years now (got a bit overwhelmed once I came back after a year and realized that they'd added like 6 billion different quests and whatnot) but I might have to give it a shot.

    Anyway, I've already welcomed you to the site Viper, but it's great to see you jump in with the introduction. Hmm, got nothing else to say really :)

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    December 23, 2017 4:37 AM EST

    That's one hell of an introduction, Viper! I also loved sites like Miniclip and stuff when I was younger, although needing to 'sign up' to certain games limited me in my options as I didn't have an email at age 9. Still though, nice ot see someone from similar origins. Welcome to the site mate!

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    December 28, 2017 11:00 AM EST

    Greetings there Viper! Welcome to our lovely site where you'll be sure to find limitless adventure and creativity! Ah yes, Adventure many school assignments were left untouched because of that damn game XD  Well thank you for the awesome introduction post, I do hope you'll come check out the Fallout side of the Vault as we have a lot of super high-quality content yet plenty of room to go and make something completely brand new for us to enjoy and praise. I hope to see you around there at some point, feel free to message me or one of the hosts of the two Fallout groups. You can find their names on the side panel in their respective Fallout Group pages.