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Finally Saying Hello

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    December 13, 2017 8:26 PM EST

    Hello all you vault members!

    I've finally mustered up the courage to make an introduction post. Not the most heroic feat, I know, but it is what it is. I've actually had an account since way back in the ning days, not sure exactly when but probably around 2013 when I got Skyrim. I got lured in by all the character builds, like most people. This actually isn't my first post, I've been saying a couple things in forums every once in a while (read: pretty infrequently) when I feel confident in what I have to say since ning.

    I'm a freshman in college now with pretty much no clue in what I want to do with my life moving forward. Focusing on language learning, maybe history, and pretty much anything that seems interesting like I might want to major in it. I play a lot of TES, it's my favorite franchise, and I like to write poems late at night when I can't go to sleep or for my girlfriend because it makes her really happy. I also like to write short stories about adventures in Tamriel and play some TES themed DnD with my friends when we have time for that kind of organization. I draw sometimes too, a lot of sketches and charcoals. Sports, hikes, I do a lot of things, just most of them not extremely well. Right now I'm playing through Skyrim as a representation of me and keeping a physical journal of the experience, which is really a lot of fun. So that's pretty much who I am.

    I'd like to shake off this kind of irrational fear I have of posting things online, and I've always liked the site, so hopefully I'll do a better job at that here. Maybe I'll post some of the things I write or draw to the site if I can build up the confidence, but it will probably be a while. I don't have very high self esteem and especially so when it comes to the creative things that I make, but my friends and family always encourage me to share so we'll see I guess. A lot of people on the site, especially in the story corner (looking at you guys, Lorc and Long-Chapper), give me inspiration to make more things and share them with others. Hopefully I'll be able to make some things happen.

    I'll stop rambling now, if anyone actually read through all of this you're a champ. And if anyone has any questions or anything, feel free to ask!

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    December 14, 2017 3:30 AM EST

    Great to finally meet you, Bolionce. It seems like you're gonna fit in just fine in the story corner. And don't worry about bad posts. YOu'll get lot of advice to get better at writting and other things you mean to do here. Again, welcome to the Site.

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    December 14, 2017 4:44 PM EST

    Don't be worried about posting stuff mate. Everyone gets a bit nervous before posting something they've worked hard on, but this is the nicest communty you could ever find, we can always find something to compliment while also bringing you up to even higher standards. And judging by your long list of skills I'm sure we'll find a lot to compliment. Welcome to the site man!

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    December 14, 2017 5:42 PM EST

    The Elder Scrolls is an amazing series, I loved it since Arena (which was not even close to the level of greatness that the Elder Scrolls has gotten too).  The Lore alone in Elder Scrolls is probably one of the greatest things ever in gaming.  I thought so when I really started looking at the books in Oblivion and realized that there were whole books that had nothing to do with anything in game that you could just sit there and actually read.  Sometimes they had history of different parts of Tamriel, sometimes they were little novella's written by some random author in Tamriel, sometimes they were poems about Daedra, but so much that was just not a "game" item, had nothing to do with any quests, or items, or anything else like that.

    One of the beautiful things about something like The Elder Scrolls, is that they've crafted an entire world (or 3, if you include the Planes of Oblivion and the Aether) full of lore, rules, and settings, and they actually enjoy that people use Tamriel and Nirn as settings for fan-written stories.    So, go for it.  Post your stories and your poems, your epics of this great world (Nirn) we all inhabit.  

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    December 15, 2017 3:51 AM EST

    I totally get the irrational fear thing, Bolionce, and am glad you've overcome it to say hi and intend to post your own creativity in the future :) I think we all have a tendency to overthink things, but when we distil our reasons for wanting to post our creative works, we find we all share common ground. Ultimately we do it because it's fun and we want to share that which inspires us so that others may in turn be inspired. It's a symbiotic circle of inspiration, I suppose. In a way, witholding those things is to deny so much potential. Like seeds from a plant dispersed upon the wind, you can never tell where they will land and grow, but you can guarantee they never will by not sharing. I tend to think you can never go too far wrong in posting poetry :)

    So, here's a long-overdue welcome! Hit me up if you ever have need of anything.

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    December 15, 2017 9:29 AM EST

    Great to meet you, bolionce! Welcome to the community!

    Sounds like you have an array of interests and can definitely find a spot to settle in. Honestly, sketching in charcoal is my favorite medium too. :D I'd love to see some of your sketches if you're ever up for it. Some of mine are utter shit and some are not entirely bad! xD So no need to feel self conscious on that score at least. 

    I get feeling uneasy getting into the swing of things here. Breaking into a new community can seem a bit daunting. I felt the same way when I joined initially, but everyone here is so chill and because we all share a common interest, I don't think you have much to fear from this crowd. :D

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    December 18, 2017 4:57 AM EST

    Hey Bolionce and welcome, if not to the site, then to the spotlight :P