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Getting Started - Advanced Photos and Clickable Images

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    October 27, 2016 6:26 PM EDT

    Alright folks?

    The Advanced Photos plugin has been installed so I wanted to give you a brief tutorial on it to avoid confusion. Although settings will likely be changed which may effect this little guide, it serves to hopefully help anyone reading this in the short term. The tinkering which will go on is unlikely to effect these basic functions too much.

    Ok, so to begin you'll notice that on the main page there is a section (a widget) on the right hand side below the site Stats called Community Photos. This widget is scrollable up and down so that new additions will not immediatley replace the old until a threshold has been reached:

    This widget is very specific - only pictures added to the Share to Main Page category will appear there. This is so that there is a distinction between pictures uploaded with the purpose of sharing such as screenshots or art you want people to see easilly can be listed in that column. With the added functionality of having clickable hi-res images we are aware that not all images will want to be shared - they might be part of a build project and therefore kept on the quiet, in which case the chances are the membership would not want all those appearing on the widget.

    Ok, so. If you want to share your wonderful screenshot of Skyrim Special Edition, you'll want to do the following.

    Go to the Multimedia Tab and select Add New Photo. Once there you will see this screen:


    Choose Create New Album, give your album a name, then select the Share to Main Page Category. Keep everything else intact, then browse for the image you wish to upload before clicking Save Photos at the very bottom of the screen.

    You have now created an album specifically designed to house the content you wish to share and to appear on the feed. Your new picture is now both on the feed and in the widget. Any subsequent images you wish to share to the feed and to the widget will not need a new album, simply select the album you just created for that purpose whenever you want to show us remastered scenery porn or whatever.

    If you don't want to share your album to the feed and widget, then be sure not to chose the Share to Main Page Category. The categories are a work in progress at the moment so bear with us.

    The next aspect of the new plugin you will want to know is the clickable hi-res images for use on builds, blogs and wherever. Remember how on Ning you could click on an image on a build and it would take you to the full-sized version? Here's how we do it:

    Upload your picture as you normally would in any group using the Upload an Image tool in the editing suit:

    That image you have just uploaded will automatically get added to an album called Group Photos (please see the previous tutorial for a guide on managing your images). Go to that picture and see the following screen:

    Below this gentleman in blue is a list of options. You want Open Photo Viewer, which will look like this:

    Right click that image, save the link (which on Firefox is called "Copy Image Location"). Go back to your group or build project. Click on the image just you have uploaded to your build so that it has the dotted box around it, and select Insert/Edit Link in the editing suit's toolkit:

    Paste that lnk in the box, choose your target (I prefer a new tab/window), hit ok, save the build/project and you're set. The top two above images and the ones in your build should now look like this when clicked on (hopefuly not like this, in fact - plus I have switched things up):

     That's about it. How to share your stuff to the main page and side bar block, plus how to create a hi-res clickable image for projects.

    Thanks for reading :)

    Thanks to the W/S team for testing and helping :)

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    October 28, 2016 12:14 AM EDT
    I absolutely adore the new photo system. :D