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Decision Time: Ning or SocialEngine

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    October 26, 2016 2:40 AM EDT

    @Caesar, hello mate, this is a copy of the FIRST reply, from the first link you put in your post, does it sound familiar,? Dude, do you really want a return to that?.

    Dear Ning and Cyndx LLC,

    I wish you well with your venture. For your sake and ours :) The platform for Ning 3 has been performing so badly of late, and even worse as of today with constant 500 errors and no email notifications to new members of any sort, constant reversions to old design templates, and posting difficulties in all areas from mail to comments to blogs  etc, etc, etc. My hope - a dream!! - is that a team of super-enthusiastic coders hit the ground running as a result of this merger and FIX all the terrible errors as soon as humanly possible. I know you guys can do it :D I think with a functioning platform Ning could be great again. I really do! It has the potential to be so awesome and nothing looks as pretty as a fully functioning Ning site. So, good luck and please try to make it work. For all our sakes! thank you. 

    Lol do you also detect a hint of sarcasum


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    October 26, 2016 3:05 AM EDT

    I've done some digging, and I believe I may have found Noosphere's (The guys who actually obtained/partnered with Ning, it seems) website. I found both Noosphere and Noosphere Ventures, both of which appear to be run by the same people. Have at it.

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    October 26, 2016 3:39 AM EDT

    Good day ladies and gentlemen.

    I apologise to all those invested in this debate but I speak for the admin team when I say the discussion has run its course. We had a good run on Ning, generated many fond memories and formed our community there. Many people from that community have, over the last several weeks, put a great deal of themselves into this site and done their very best to make Tamriel Vault on the Social Engine platform feel like home. That project continues and will continue until the moment we all look around and say I am Cyrodiil Come.

    So many improvements have been made since we came over thanks to the efforts of those folks and the enthusiasm of the rest of the membership who's engagment and creativity have made all the hard work put in worthwhile.

    I cannot see what the future holds but I can say right now that future is not on Ning.

    The time now is 08:40. At 09:00 I will be closing this discussion. That timeframe will allow anyone who has any final comments and is in the middle of typing to get their thoughts in. I would ask that if anyone is thinking of replying to please refrain as I would very much like to have the final dick wave here.

    Edit: It is now 9 AM. Praise Reman and El-Estia.

    Have a good day all ;)

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