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Dungeons and Dragons - Let's discuss!

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    September 8, 2016 8:33 AM EDT

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone would like to discuss a bit of D&D, as it's pretty much the epitome of roleplay and character building which we all enjoy.

    So yeah, classes, races, funny campaign stories or even trying to set up groups to play are all valid things to discuss, and more, D&D is a big topic to talk about.

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    September 8, 2016 8:49 AM EDT

    Ah, DnD. Been a while since I've played.

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    September 8, 2016 11:17 AM EDT

    I've never played myself, but I discovered the awesome Critical Role series on Youtube and now I really want to play it, and I've got really into the Druid class. I've always loved nature magic in games and stuff, so D&D has got loads more appealing to me.

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    September 8, 2016 11:20 AM EDT

    In my experience, DnD's only really fun with a good DM. Otherwise, it kinda feels bland.

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    September 8, 2016 1:06 PM EDT
    I wanted this topic to be included in the Vault.
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    September 8, 2016 1:18 PM EDT

    @WuYiXiang From watching it I know what you mean. Matt Mercer, an amazing voice actor, is the DM in Critical Role and he really brings it alive, but another show I briefly watched called Heroes and Halfwits was just boring.


    @ShyGuyWolf It seems like the perfect fit, doesn't it? And it could get more people together as a community, as the games we all love are single player only.


    On a side note, can you reply in this format?