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Fallout 4 is about to get hardcore

  • Mr.
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    February 11, 2016 9:24 PM EST

     As many of you already know, Bethesda recently announced that in a future update we'll be getting something very similar to what we had in New Vegas' Hardcore mode: it's an overhaul to the game's "Survival mode" (That name will finally makes sense now!), with which they'll bring in needs: Food, water, sleep, diseases and "more".

      That's a massive game changer coming to Fallout 4, and it'll hopefully bring back people who couldn't get immersed in the game when it first released - myself included. A disease system for Fallout? I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!


     Pick a topic below or say what's in your mind, let's talk about it!

    •  How do you feel about this upcoming update?
    •  What else do you want to see in the game?
    •  Will you be playing this new, overhauled game mode? Or is too much for you?

     Thanks to Borommakot for bringing the information to the site in his status and Bryn for doing so with a video.

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    February 11, 2016 9:33 PM EST

    Eh, if it's as good as New Vegas' or even better some of the Modded versions for Skyrim/Oblivion/Fallout then I'm totally up for it but I don't see that happening. I'm just really not expecting that, I can see it too easily becoming another awesome feature that we're promised that turns out to be either underwhelming or plain crap.

    I'll give it a shot, but I'm not expecting anything great.

    As for what else I'd like to see - More Unarmed Weapons/Better support for going completely unarmed, better melee weapon mods, more melee weapons, more Settlement attacks, more settlement upgrades, more interaction with Settlers, more PA Mods, more interesting locations, less Radiant Minutemen Quests (It's just...horrifying to deal with) , less Shaun, less Vault 111, less restrictions on Roleplaying.

    What I expect - SUPER AWESOME WEAPON SKINS  (and yes...I'm really expecting weapon/armour paints inthe future)

  • Mr.
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    February 11, 2016 9:34 PM EST

     This might change the way I feel about the game completely. They also said we'll soon be getting some juicy new info about their plans for DLCs, all the more reason to get invested in FO again!

     I was thinking of starting to delve into Character building in Fallout 4, but now I may just wait until this new update hits..

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    February 11, 2016 9:46 PM EST

    I'll give it a go, I tried Survival in its current state and the slower healing rate just annoys me, so hopefully it doesn't do that 

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    February 11, 2016 10:08 PM EST

    Bows? Ala Daryl Dixon in the Walking Dead?  Not sure why there are no bows anywhere in Boston. I mean they have some pretty complex stuff for post-apocalyptic Boston, you'd think a bow wouldn't be beyond their capabilities?

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    February 11, 2016 10:35 PM EST

    I will, and this is AWESOME

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    February 11, 2016 10:43 PM EST

    Sign me up for all the Bows  Just all of them at once, I'd honestly play the game for another 100+ hours if I got Bows 

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    February 11, 2016 11:26 PM EST

    And crossbows

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    February 11, 2016 11:42 PM EST

    You mean a crossbow? Yeah that would be freaking amazing! Bows as well, could be a possible hunter build that way.

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    February 11, 2016 11:44 PM EST

    I love this update! This is what the game needs, an overhaul to a rather lackluster difficulty setting. As for new content, would love to see more armor and clothing, and more unarmed weapons! Just simply not enough in this game.

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    February 12, 2016 12:14 AM EST
    This is a yes and no situation. I have my own bow... They aren't as easy to manufacture as you think. That being said, they are also very fragile. From there, arrows are pretty tricky too. The draw weight of a bow varies, as does string length, etc, etc. These all create massive variables in power, and arrows have to be within reason, tuned to the weight. I once had a carbon fiber arrow shatter as I released the string. That hurt like hell xD

    However this is fallout, so seriously, where are they?
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    February 12, 2016 12:19 AM EST

    I learned how to make a bow from a survival guide. Though, most high quality modern bows are quite heavy to pull from what I read, which I why I would prefer a crossbow. Though, I actually would rarely use a gun IRL, I would prefer carrying a sword, if that is legal under open carry

  • Mr.
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    February 12, 2016 12:23 AM EST

     I think patch 1.3 improved a little on the Radiant Minutemen quests. Haven't played it, so I can't say for sure.

     Couldn't agree more with your points, especially when it comes to settlements. There has got to be a way to make them more dynamic and make the place feel more... alive.

  • Mr.
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    February 12, 2016 12:44 AM EST

    Exactly, bows and more rudimentary weapons should be way more common in the Commonwealth. In fact, they should be the standard kind of weapons, alongside some few, old fire ones.

     [FO4 minor spoilers]

     The impact would have been much bigger once the Brotherhood arrived with energy weapons.

  • Mr.
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    February 12, 2016 12:47 AM EST

     Didn't even try it after I heard it was kind of broke. Sponge enemies? Thanks, I'll pass.

     I'm really hoping they'll fix its current problems once they implement these shiny new features. If they don't, there would be no point in introducing this overhaul...

  • Mr.
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    February 12, 2016 12:50 AM EST

    Glad to have your input! Do you practice with your bow too? I always wanted to learn how to shoot with one...

  • Mr.
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    February 12, 2016 12:53 AM EST

    I can definitely get behind new armors being added, it feels like there are not enough sets to choose from.

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    February 12, 2016 3:34 AM EST

    Finally! This is what I have been wanting!

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    February 12, 2016 3:41 AM EST
    A disease system for Fallout!? Didn't we have that in Skyrim!? Don't get me wrong I love the idea tho.
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    February 12, 2016 4:18 AM EST
    The title rhymes! *squee*

    Not sure how I'd do in this Hardcore mode seeing as I'm still getting wrecked by Raiders and Radcritters on NORMAL.
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    February 12, 2016 7:02 AM EST

    The point is that hardcore mode needs to have a change in concept - from simply being a very much higher difficulty level, to being something that aids and bolsters role play.

    I don't want to go near a hardcore mode that means that I'm going to get blasted every time I set foot outside my settlement - which I would because I basically suck at any anything much that relies on trigger reactions lol.

    But if it introduces things like realistic sleep needs, diseases (and sensible cures), enhancements to the cooking station and so on, then I'm interested. It would enable me to immerse myself more in the Commonwealth, and that can only be a good thing.

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    February 12, 2016 9:27 AM EST

    Is survival/hardcore mode a separate setting to game can you use survival mode while playing on normal difficulty or do you have to crank the difficulty sky-high and put up with having to shoot a dog 10 times in the head with a missile launcher in order to kill it...

    I didn't play FONV all that much so I never got to really experiment with it.

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    February 12, 2016 10:15 AM EST

    I haven't played Fallout 4 yet, as I don't have any machine that can run it. But if this update comes out right, I might get an itch to upgrade my PC

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    February 12, 2016 10:19 AM EST
    I was wondering about this too. I know in New Vegas it was a separate mode so I hope they do the same on this one.
  • Mr.
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    February 12, 2016 10:57 AM EST

     It does, doesn't it?

     Há! Fallout 4 has certainly increased the difficulty compared to the other Fallout games, so it may take a while until you get used to it. Are you familiar with shooters?