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WELCOME New members please say 'Hello' here..

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    May 14, 2016 1:36 PM EDT


    Like so many others, I've been making use of this site for a long time--a couple years at the very least, whenever I stumbled upon it looking for better ideas for Skyrim. Since then, it has shaped the way I play and think about TES and Fallout, and so I wanted at the very least to give my thanks to all those from whom I've benefited.

    I began with Oblivion back in 2008 or 2009, and have had plenty of adventures since then. I've logged the most hours in Skyrim, but currently FO4 has been my focus. As someone who constantly likes to tweak or experiment with new ideas, it takes me a very long time to beat these games, if only because I constantly restart. The new survival mode changes have once again got me replaying without having completed it despite plenty of hours of investment!

    I'm looking forward to interacting more directly with this site!

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    May 14, 2016 2:37 PM EDT


    I am a Skyrim player since the game release, I've bought the PS3 version and shortly after the PC version (mods bring a whole new dimension to the game), I also enjoyed all the expansions, well to be completely honest I've barely touched the Heartfire dlc. Since last year I've been exploring role playing contents to develop my gameplay and this site quickly became my main reference along with the character crusade podcast.

    So I'm thankful for all this high quality content and perhaps I may collaborate with my insights.


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    May 14, 2016 2:40 PM EDT
    A fan of Survival Mode huh? If you need any tips, the Fallout Hub has a great discussion by Ponty with plenty of tips. Also, there's an ongoing discussion in Fallout Character Building about how to build for Survival Mode. Check em out when you want and welcome to the site Ovid!
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    May 14, 2016 5:06 PM EDT


    Yes, in fact after looking over those discussions I began to think, yep, now's a good time to join up. I've already benefited greatly from those tips.

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    May 14, 2016 5:54 PM EDT
    Glad to see you're enjoying the content :)
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    May 15, 2016 11:24 AM EDT

    Welcome! We used to have a chat box but it's hiding somewhere right now...*goes looking for the chat box*

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    May 15, 2016 9:59 PM EDT

    I'm currently roleplaying as characters from Poxnora, such as Hraken the Bloodbow. Maybe I'll make a guide over them. Also, hello everyone!

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    May 15, 2016 10:02 PM EDT

    Hey! I remember very briefly checking that game out a few years ago.

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    May 15, 2016 11:59 PM EDT


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    May 16, 2016 4:21 PM EDT
    Hi guys I joined yesterday.
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    May 16, 2016 5:14 PM EDT

    Welcome Decumus!

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    May 17, 2016 2:09 AM EDT

    Hi, I'm Scott! I've been lurking the build archives for about a year, and decided it might be fun to get an account! I mostly play Skyrim, but dabble in Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Oblivion.

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    May 17, 2016 2:15 AM EDT

    Hi Scott,

    I joined a few weeks ago in the exact same circumstances as you. Welcome to the vault my friend.

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    May 17, 2016 6:34 PM EDT

    Hi. Call me Bat

    I'm newish to Skyrim and Elderscrolls lore. Found this site after Googling for builds. Originally saw some build videos by ESO and then FudgeMuppet ( if they're known here ) and wanted to see some more builds. I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with. I've already been highly entertained and learned quite a bit as well. ( Looking at you 100% Fortified Shouts ). I have many ideas but as I'm about 4 yrs behind here. I'll take my time to survey some more builds just to be sure they haven't already been done. Still kind of mind boggling at the many ways you can play this one game. 

    I also like the way this site takes character building and presents it as an art form, You could probably build a random character with some dice ( or sim dice and ) and then force fit a backstory, but I like the builds that focus on cultivating an interesting play style/fighting strategy and it looks like some time and thought were really put into creating them. Bravo guys and gals, Bravo.

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    May 18, 2016 2:33 AM EDT

    Hi Bat,

    You flatter us vault dwellers. I really like your new ideas and the initiative you took to join us. Have fun checking out the builds and seeing the ones you make. Welcome to the vault my friend!

  • May 18, 2016 11:22 PM EDT

    Hello all. I started playing Skyrim in 2011 when it came out on my PC. Since than i have ended vanilla with all races. I came upon this site a couple days ago and i have to say that this site put me back in the game. 

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    May 19, 2016 2:08 AM EDT

    Hi Inquisitor,

    Glad that you like the site! I'm also glad that our humble site put you back into the harsh lands of skyrim. Welcome to the vault my friend.

    P.S. I would suggest that you get some mods that will enhance your skyrim game

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    May 19, 2016 11:46 AM EDT

    Thanks! Glad to be here!

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    May 23, 2016 2:57 AM EDT


    I've been playing Skyrim since 2012 and often come to this site for ideas on my character progression.  Being my first RPG having this site really inspired me to get around the learning curve of the genre and to start playing characters instead of powerplaying the game in order to 'win'.

    Thank you!

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    May 29, 2016 5:10 PM EDT

    Hi names Zoom3308 but if you want you can call me john

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    May 29, 2016 5:17 PM EDT

    Welcome to the vault John!

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    May 29, 2016 5:27 PM EDT

    cheers mate

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    May 29, 2016 7:06 PM EDT

    Hey-o! I've been stalking this site for Skyrim builds for about a year or two now, and after finally completing my first full play through, I figured I might as well join up. I'm a huge fan of role-playing builds, though I do tend to lean more (a lot more) towards stealth builds. 

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    May 30, 2016 2:43 AM EDT

    Welcome Jesse,

    Me and you are very alike. I really enjoyed the builds for skyrim and after stalking the builds for a while I decided to join...

    Anyway welcome...

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    May 30, 2016 2:52 PM EDT
    Hello all! I've been religiously checking this site out since I first bought the game. (Pretty sure every character I've had successful playthroughs with was from the Vault.) I've been checking in every day for the past few days waiting for some of my longtime favorite builders' takes on the new Event, and I figured now is the perfect time to quit procrastinating and start finally contributing to the site that's brought me such enjoyable gameplay for years.

    And now with the news of no new ES game until '19, looks like I still have plenty of time to catch up. Looking forward to joining the community