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Star Wars Icebreaker XD

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    May 2, 2015 7:06 PM EDT

    I think this would be an amazing idea.

    Aside from that, my question is: IF you could only be a master of ONE lightsaber form in the entire Star War universe and only be aloud to have TWO Force Powers, what would they be?

    Mine are:

    Lightsaber Style: I personally use Djem So, Juyo and Ataru when I sword-fight. I only utilize the spinning and speed of Ataru, the flowing strikes and emotional guidance of Juyo, and finally the brute strength and crushing counter-strikes of Djem So. So my style needs a very large amount of Stamina to uphold.

    The difference between Vaapad and Juyo would be that Vaapad utilizes the absolute control of your emotions. Ultimately, you will loose control using Vaapad. Juyo lets your emotions run free as you fight and guides your blade, and therefore you would never loose control. I let my emotions guide my blade and enhance my movements.

    Djem So utilizes the counter strike and keep a pressed offense through the use of Force enhanced strength and crushing blows.

    Ataru focuses on accuracy and speed along with a large amount of jumping and spinning. I only use the speed and spinning techniques.

    Light: Force Healing and Force Stun.

    The ability to Heal myself and pull my enemies toward me, SURE WHY NOT!

    General: Force Pull and Force Jump.

    I enjoy the ability to jump as well as pull my enemies towards me. This allows me to manipulate the motions of my enemies in mid-jump and  also jump attack with them in the air.

    Dark: Force Rage and Force Walk.

    The ability to increase my strength through the force as well as my ferocity with a lightsaber. WHY NOT! The ability to make myself immortal through the use of spirits and also use it to fuel all of my other force powers? Why the hell not!!!

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    May 2, 2015 8:15 PM EDT

    For me it's most certainly Vaapad as my Lightsaber style. It simply blends in with how I enjoy fighting in most video games (rapid, powerful attacks) plus it kind of works well with how I fight (in those rare occasions).

    As for Force Powers  think I'll split it up between the general, light and dark powers. The General Ones are the powers I'm most likely to want with the other two being runners up.

    General: Force Jump and Telekinesis... 

    These are two of the most useful Force Powers I reckon, these would easily be my two picks in any scenario because they can be used in any scenario.

    Light: Force Healing and Force Stun 

    The ability to Heal myself and stun my enemies...yes please.

    Dark: Force Lightning (predictable I know) and Force Fear

    I don't have to talk about why I would pick Force Lightning do I? But Force Fear just kind of fits together with a lot of stuff. I can't really explain my pick that well 

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    May 2, 2015 11:50 PM EDT

    Hey Dragonborn! Remember what Palpetine said to Anakin: "If one is to understand the great mystery one must study all it's aspects."

    So I will follow your format and change my icebreaker

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    May 3, 2015 7:11 AM EDT
    For me, if we're talking about the VII jedi saber forms, I'd say Makashi. It's quick and agile, just how I like it. If we're including other forms...Trakata is my answer. The concept is about igniting and de-igniting your saber. In other words, the main concept is about confusion, and that's why I love it. Now for force powers, I think I'll split them too. General:Force Repulse and Battle Meditation. Repulse is like a giant Fus Ro Dah in a circle, with you at the centre. Why not? And battle meditation because it makes everything easier. Light:Ugh. Mind trick and Force Stun. Mind Trick because confusion, force stun because why not? :P Dark:And here we have my favourite. Force Lightning and Force Crush. And Dark Transfer if I could have three, cos immortality :P Force Lightning cos pwetty colours and Fore crush because power! :D
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    May 3, 2015 8:26 AM EDT
    My choice is form iv Ataru for the speed that the style offers compared to others.
    My light force powers would be emerald lightning and force push for the versatility they offer.
    Dark would be deadly sight and morichro.
    The general ones would be push and saber throw.
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    October 28, 2015 5:17 PM EDT
    I would probably use Niman because it sounds appealing to me.

    General: telekinesis and force repulse
    Slamming enemies against walls with a wave of my hand sounds fun and repulse is awesome (and for stronger Jedi the repulse will power up with a tempest around the Jedi before use).

    Light: force healing and force concealment
    So I can heal my wounds and avoid detection if needed.

    Dark: force lightning and dark rage
    Lightning will just shock the shit out of everything and dark rage will power up whatever strikes land.
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    October 28, 2015 6:11 PM EDT

    Hmm, I don't actually have a preferred lightsaber combat style. As for Force Powers

    Universal: Stun and Force Persuade

    Being able to nonlethally disable foes, and be able to get out of sticky situations and whatnot with the Force are useful in my book.

    Light: Heal and Destroy Droid

    Being able to heal myself when needed, and take down Droids when needed, oh yes.

    Dark: Force Storm and Crush

    Having the ability to shoot lightning out of my fingers is somethive ive' wanted to do, I love lightning ,and crushing things with the Force is cool

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    October 31, 2015 10:11 AM EDT

    Just to preface this, I don't know much about Star Wars, but after a bit of research this is my answer.

    Lightsaber Style: Makashi,

    Closest to fencing and using an estoc, which is my style of combat.

    General: Battle Meditation and Force Listening.

    Though I'd rather avoid being in a battle, this combo is useful for battle awareness and staying out of unforunate situations.

    Light: Malacia and Force Healing.

    Heal myself and gain an advantage. by disorienting a foe and making them ill.  Heck yes.

    Dark: Force Slow and Drain Knowledge.

    Slow them down giving time to get away, and sapping what they know from their brains.  So damn useful.