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Goodbye Goombah:Neb

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    April 27, 2015 7:49 AM EDT

    I just wanted to say goodbye for Neb he is one of my favorite members in the blog who I liked and enjoyed Mamma Mia neb WHY WHY...

    Though it's only been a short while I've never had a friend like you 
    But soon you will be leaving me 
    And I don't know what to do 
    Your love and understanding 
    Have brought me a new hope 
    I wish that I could keep you here 
    Tied to me with a rope 
    Why do you choose to leave me? 
    I ask with confusion and pain 
    Don't let me go back to feeling alone 
    When will I see you again? 
    The miles soon stretched between us 
    What will happen to this bond? 
    Will we reunite to find 
    That this special tie is gone? 
    So many questions I have 
    My heart filled with fear 
    Dreading you will leave me 
    And never shed a tear 
    Unlike this desperate aching 
    In my heart that won't let go 
    Which leads me now to tell you 
    Something you must know 
    The friendship you have given me 
    The joy you bring my soul 
    Has filled me with such strength 
    And love once unforetold 
    How can it be so short? 
    This time we've spent together 
    I thought you would remain here 
    And love me 'til forever 
    Sadly, wishful thinking 
    As I now have come to see 
    But remember please this thought 
    When you think of me 
    We may soon be separated 
    But I'll remember, just the same 
    Forever in my heart 
    Is where you will remain 
    I wish that when you leave 
    We'd remain the best of friends 
    You'll be in my thoughts 
    'Till I see you again 
    How can I say goodbye? 
    No words, but just tears fall 
    From my eyes and sobbing heart 
    That knows you after all 
    The hours spent together 
    Will soon dwindle down to few 
    Forcing me to let go 
    And start this year anew 
    Without you here to talk to 
    Searching for a friendly face 
    That knows all too well 
    They can never be replaced

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    April 28, 2015 2:37 AM EDT

    I have not been on much lately, why did he leave? :/