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Dawnguard review - A look at Dawnguard and its content

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    May 22, 2013 6:06 AM EDT

    Dawnguard Review - A look at Dawnguard and its content 

    Hello everyone, ScoutMo here! So in this discussion we take a look at the Dawnguard DLC, focusing on the Dawnguard side. So I think the best place to start will be The Plot. I think it was quite good for a DLC. 

    The Plot 

    An an ancient clan of vampires seek to claim the legendary, Auriels Bow and use it to shroud the world in eternal darkness. This ancient clan of vampires are the Volkihar  the oldest and most powerful vampire's in Skyrim and possibly beyond. The clan is ruled by a Vampire Lord named Harkon who is married to another vampire lord, Valerica. Their daughter is a girl called Serana. Harkon stumbles on to an obscure prophecy that says that The Vampire would never need to fear the sun, and the requirements were a Daughter of Coldharbor's blood and Auriels Bow. Serana and Valerica were both Daughters of Coldharbor so they fled their castle which they had called home for every Era Tamriel had passed through. Valerica sealed Serana away in a catacomb called Dimhollow crypt and Valerica fled to the mysterious Soul Cairn. 

    Thousands of years later a Vigilant by the name of Adalvald uncovered Dimhollow crypt and the Vigilant's of Stendarr began to explore it, convinced it held a mysterious vampire artifact. They were right, well not exactly but on the right track. Even after thousands of years Harkon was still searching for Auriels bow and his daughter, that meant that word of the vigilant's discovery reached his ears. He then sent his clan of vampire's to wipe out the Vigilant's of Stendarr and find Serana within. An order of Vampire hunters by the name of the Dawnguard had started rebuilding and found out about this and investigated. They found Serana and delivered her to her home as she requested as they were both oblivious to her importance. Serana also was in possession of an elder scroll which told of the ancient secrets of the Sun. The Dawnguard began to rebuild further then Serana  found her way to the Dawnguard and needed to read the Scroll.

    They then set out to find a moth priest. They returned successful and the Moth Priest reveal  to them the secrets  of the scroll. Then they needed two other Scrolls. One was located in an ancient dwemer city while the other in the Soul Cairn. The Dawnguard managed to retrieve the scrolls. However the Moth Priest had been driven to blindness. The Moth Priest told them about a ritual they could perform to read the other scrolls. All this was done by one of the Dawnguard's first members. They then traveled to a huge cavern where they met a living, untainted snow elf that had retained his sight. They were told to perform the Rite of Touching the Sky, a rite that involved traveling to several way-shrines and filling a Ewer with holy waters. They completed the rite and headed to a palace where the bow was kept. However the Snow elf had demanded that they kill his brother, Arch Curate Vyther before they could claim the bow. They fought there way through the palace killed the Snow Elf's brother and claimed the bow. Then they, with the help of the Dawnguard, assaulted the vampire castle and killed Harkon. 

    This is a work in progress and will take a while! 

    The next part will be content! 

    1. Plot 
    2. Content 
    3. Magic, Shouts and the one Blessing 
    4. Thoughts, pro's and cons

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    May 22, 2013 6:08 AM EDT

    That is the indepth version of the plot. The short version is this: 

    • Vampires want to turn of the lights 
    • Dawnguard say NO and find auriels bow. 
    • They then beat up the vamps and say YAY!
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    May 22, 2013 3:44 PM EDT

    I like this more.