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Nelaf's Random Skill Generator!

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    July 1, 2013 3:15 AM EDT

    Because you use a mix of the two?

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    July 1, 2013 3:22 AM EDT


    1+2 handed, block, alteration, sneak, conjuration.

    Seems like those would have poor synergy together

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    July 1, 2013 6:38 AM EDT

    Yeah... that doesn't seem like much of a combination.  I think it's 2H and Block that are the monkey wrenches... the rest of that could probably work.

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    July 1, 2013 8:23 AM EDT

    One Handed, Light Armor, Two Handed, Heavy Armor, Heavy Armor, Heavy Armor, One Handed, Smithing, Destruction, Block


    I rolled so many times because I kept getting double results....

  • July 2, 2013 2:27 AM EDT







    Actually not bad at all! I haven't played as a vampire yet. So the smithing is only for bows, but that's fine, I do sminthing always anyways. 

    Can conjuration compensate lack of armor skills? If I hide behind my minions?

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    July 2, 2013 2:33 AM EDT

    Heavy armor, block, destruction, restoration, lycanthropy, conjuration, and lockpicking. Meh

  • July 2, 2013 2:36 AM EDT

    Haha, this is truely for intriguing roleplay round!

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    July 2, 2013 2:43 AM EDT

    One handed, speech, heavy armor, archery, and vampirism... Fuck ya haha

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    July 2, 2013 4:31 AM EDT

    True... but with the magic in there, and Sneak, it just seemed weird to me.

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    July 2, 2013 4:33 AM EDT

    I imagine a slick Imperial Vampire who used to be a soldier...

  • Tim
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    July 3, 2013 2:16 PM EDT


    Heavy Armor





    How the hell do I kill people?! 

    Shield bashing I suppose =p

    I'm going to reroll Speech I think-> Two-handed! now that gives me something to work with

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    July 3, 2013 2:22 PM EDT

    Poison Runes, Fists, Bashes 

  • Tim
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    July 4, 2013 12:59 AM EDT

    That sounds so badass I may actually not replace speech with 2h after all =p

    Also, I could enchant some stuff and convey damage that way! The odd staff now and again will be helpful as well

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    July 4, 2013 1:14 AM EDT

    A Shield-wielding Unarmed build?!  With Poison Runes?  Where do I sign up?

  • Tim
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    July 4, 2013 1:36 AM EDT

    Right here! Maybe I should release this one as a character build =p

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    July 6, 2013 10:01 AM EDT

    Isn't that the same effect as searching for a rare item in every chest, but the one chest you skip out of laziness being the one that holds it? 

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    July 6, 2013 10:05 AM EDT

    Smithing Heavy Armor, Block, Lockpicking, Illusion, Sneak, Enchanting. 

    Redguard and Apprentice Stone. 

    Well... I guess noone will fear me as a Dragonborn, not with their lives anyways, but how exactly do I kill quest targets like dragons? 

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    July 7, 2013 10:32 PM EDT

    Two-Handed, Pickpocket, Lycanthropy, Alteration, Alchemy, Sneak

    This is definitely viable in my books.  And randomisation says use an Argonian, and play him evil. Hmm...

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    July 9, 2013 5:53 PM EDT

    I would understand having both if I had sneak as one of my skills.

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    July 9, 2013 7:45 PM EDT

    Heavy armor, one-handed, block, smithing, lock picking, and restoration. Sounds popular

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    July 9, 2013 8:44 PM EDT
    Destruction, Enchanting, Light Armour, Conjuration, Two-Handed, speech and sneak

    Definitely something... new for me.
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    July 13, 2013 4:47 PM EDT
    Smithing, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, One Handed, Alteration, Pickpocketing......
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    November 2, 2013 6:16 PM EDT

    Restoration, Enchanting, Smithing, Speech, Archery, Pickpocketing, Light Armor, Lockpicking

    Sounds like a rogue who spends a lot of time locked up, without sneak 

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    November 8, 2013 6:05 PM EST

    Illusion, Block, Restoration, Two Handed, Conjuration, Speech. 

    Calm/Fear opponents summon battle axe and atonochs/undead/deadra and heal afterwords.  

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    December 3, 2013 6:41 AM EST
    Light armour, archery, one handed, illusion, smithing, vampirism, alchemy. Three words, MY NEW BUILD!!!!!