TCOTCD Seeks-many-stars BLOG Chap. 1

  • "Wake up Theron, its Seven o'Clock and we have a world to save", Pallas said as he shook Theron from his sleep. Pallas was a male Redguard and he was slightly lighter than most Redguards. Pallas was a trained assassin, him being in the Dark brotherhood and all. "What is it?", Theron said as he satup in the bed they rented at The Sleeping Giant. "I said get up, ya Lazy bum". As Pallas left the room, Theron got out of bed and put on his homemade Ebony and leather Laced boots. Delphine was serving breakfast and Pallas wanted Some homemade Sweetrolls and Cooked Beef with Grilled leeks. At one time he would have avoided the leeks because of the Green Pact, but Theron had abandoned it because of the lifestyle he chose, So Theron was thrilled about free food. As Pallas and Theron were eating, they talked to Sven the bard. "So yer headin' out to Whiterun?", Sven asked Theron. "It's because i used to know Jarl Balfruuf, and I want to hear from him on the state of Solitude", said Theron. Sven looked shocked,he couldn't believe that they hadn't known. "Don't you know? Whiterun has been taken over by Otar The mad!". Theron looked at Pallas and he looked like he had seen a ghost. "Whiterun has what?!", Theron said. "Ya, happened about a week ago". As soon as they got finished with their Breakfast, Theron and Pallas thanked Delphine for the food and left, taking the nottheastern road to Whiterun. Theron told Pallas to stay behind while he took a look. As Theron reached the tree line, Theron liked to his right only to see the fangs and paws of a wolf on top of him. He tried to get the wolf off of him, when all of the sudden an arrow goes through the side of he wolves head, sideways. He pushes the wolf off o him with all the force he could muster, as turned to the right to see a Young Bosmer female with a wooden bow. "Havin trouble are you?", the opposing Bosmer asked. "No, thank you for killing the wolf, I appreciate it, I would have killed it nevertheless, but it might have taken a bit loner if you had not been there, My name is Theron. As you see I am a Bosmer also, What is your name?". "My name is Sevria, and if you're looking to get into Whiterun, good luck, Otar has guard all over that place". Theron looked at this woman, seeing that she was pretty young, and he himself wasn't old, so asked her a question. "What are you doing out here"? "Same as you, just seeing what's going on", She said. "You can follow me if you want, I have a friend with me and his name is Pallas". "Oh I don't think I should, I would just drag you guys down". Theron started wondering why she said no, but because of his mission ahead, he told her "Well if you want to, you're welcome to". Sevria looked scared, she didn't want anyone to know about her secret, but he looks so strong and you're so tired, she told herself. "Fine. I'll come along for now. So there is this Mage inside of Dragonsreach that he is beating, I heard one of the guards talk about it", Sevria told Theron as they peeked out of the tress. There were guards all over the wall. So Theron and Sevria, the newest companion, went back and introduced Sevria to Pallas. "She seems nice", Pallas said. Ha! You haven't met 'me' yet, she thought to herself. Theron said "Sevria says that there is a Mage in the Dragonsreach dungeons who might be of help, Otar has got her chained up". Pallas perked up, "Well? What are we waiting for? Let's kill us Otar and save the Mage!" Theron agreed. "Let's go get this Mage, first, then we will take Otar out, because Tyra reanimated them and they are powerful now, so we should strike him from the back, right under his nose". "Good idea", Pallas said as he turned to Sevria who looked confused. "I thought the Dragon priests came back on their own", she said. Theron explained what was going on and Sevria was furious, but she had to calm herself down. "Let's kill Tyra Snakehand!" Alright guys, this was my first Chapter of TCOTCD (The Cult Of The Cursed Divinity) and this is the finished version. Thank you to those who have read this, and commented. My Dad once told me "Ita not about how you start, it's about your effort and how you finish". That means so much to me. In the next chapter, you will see Theron, Pallas and Sevria are saving Korisara and Defeating Otar the Mad (Or so you think) Haha I'm just kidding. You'll just have to read the next chapter, and the next and the next and the next etc. Thank you for reading and plz comment below :) TOC and It has a link to the character that will be in the story along with the TOC


  • Seeks-many-stars
    Seeks-many-stars   ·  June 29, 2015
    Thanks Idesto! It's apparent that I have some rethinking and revising to do before we post Chap. 2
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    Gah! Sorry for typos! You can see why I have to edit myslef so much!
    Should read: "While no-one expects us to write in Anglo-Saxon as it would be unintelligible phrases like these do seem to me to be out of place. 

    Sorry! Hope that makes sense
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    As I said this is a great idea, and I'm enjoying the story so far. 
    I think this does need more editting though. There are stray capitals in the middle of sentences and missing ones at the beginning of sentences, for instance.
    In my own writin...  more
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    Ah, there's a prologue? I didn't know that.
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    Good advice Markus. Otar's appearance is further explained in the prologue, though
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    Thanks Markus, I guess I have a lot of thinking and editing to do.
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    Not bad, but as an experienced writer I do have some criticisms to make. Not to tear it a new one or decry your efforts, of course, but to provide constructive pointers for future reference so that your skills as a fellow writer can improve.
    I kind ...  more
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    Nice =D I like it so far! Waiting to see what the next update has in store 
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    *Fight's    It was just a surprise to see you thats all. Have you checked my home page lately?
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    Edited the bottom of my story. :) Thank you guys (Adn girls) for helping