the Tale of Mathias Wulfe Entry 13 so many bodies

  • Jake: hey Mathias, do you have the same feeling about today?

    Me: yeah, and I don't like it.

    Entry 13

    We headed out to Treva's Watch, me and Jake has a weird feeling about the Journey. we ran into some Imperial Soldiers, they were heading west. they had their Patrol dog with them, the dog is a Bloodhound. Bloodhounds are a good breed of hunters, my father took care of one when I was younger. Melissa gave the bloodhound a piece of the venison that we had saved, while me and Jake chatted with the soldiers. they were heading to Markarth to fight a group of Forsworn near there...

    we said goodbye and good luck, and we headed to the Ruins of Helgen. we had a feeling that we will be running into trouble on the way there. we ran into two warring tribes of Goblins, both have frost magic in there arsenal. the tribes were the Ice-Blades and the Frost-Bites. they seen us and teamed up to fight us. we fought them tooth and nail with our blades, their chiefs were carrying a staff of Frostbite and some of their soldiers had Orcish swords that were enchanted with frost magic. we raided the corpses for there stuff and we found a abandon bandit camp...

    The camp's fire is still burning and there were sleeping bags still around it. I found a chest near a tanning rack and as soon as I emptied it some bandits showed up.. these bandits most be the owners of the sleeping bags and started the fire, and they were not pleased with us being here. One bandit is a Conjurer, and she summoned a bound warrior to fight us. there was a Sickly looking bandit carrying a Steel Battle-Axe. there was another bandit that was called a Schemer wearing leather armor. I killed the bound warrior with my Orcish longsword while Jake Decapitated the Sickly with his Battle-Axe. Melissa killed the schemer with her ice spike, that one didn't really stand a chance. I killed the conjurer and then we stayed the camp for a while..

    Jake and Melissa fixed us up some food while I watched. a Redguard lady showed up and sparred with Jake before Melissa stopped her and we chatted with her. Kiara is her name and she said she was sorry about fighting with Jake, she was just scarred since her family fought Orc raiders in the past. Jake said that she is not bad with her Iron Axe and offered to have her under his wing. we decided to rest up and head out in the mourning, me and Melissa shared a sleeping bag and Jake shared with Kiara.. My team is coming along nicely.


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    Sotek   ·  August 9, 2015
    Now you're in the word count. I've added Mathias Wulfe as a tag to your post.
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    Hello Mathias
    I'm sorry to say this. Your word count is off. You are 50 words short. It shouldn't be too hard to add to it.
    As before if you are a bit stuck then give me a yell.