the Tale of Mathias Wulfe enteries 11 and 12: what a Day.

  • Jake and Melissa: Hey look a Dragon!

    Entry 11

    We arrived to the Hunter's camp near Moss Mother Cavern, the camp was small with three hunters inside, there was a buck on a table about to be ripped open. there was meat on the fire. the smell of meat stirred something inside me and I started to feel real hungry. there was freshly cut logs near by waiting for their doom when the fire burns out. Then a Dragon showed up. This Dragon was big and brown with red stripes, it was flying around in a circles before landing five feet from the camp. it breathed fire at us, and we kept slashing it with our blades while Jake and the hunters were pelting it with their arrows. Melissa gave the dragon a fatal blow and killed it. I took it's power, it felt great and rejuvenating . I grabbed some of it's bones and took the unburnt scales from it and I was surprised it carried 159 gold pieces...

    We headed back to Falkreath. we ran past a Strange Mill, it didn't smell right to us. the Mill smelt like death and destruction. Melissa threw up in her cute mouth a little. we found an old watchtower that a Necromancer lady called home, she wasn't happy with us...

    We took care of her with ease. Ran into a Ruin which included a Spriggan. this Spriggan was kind of pretty, but I killed her with my Fire-Breath and my SkyForged Steel Sword...

    We made it to Falkreath's Cemetery and headed to the Jarl. it was glooming and Melissa kneeled down on a grave and placed a red mountain flower on the grave. Jake and me placed a hand on her shoulder and prayed.

    Entry 12

    The Jarl was Pleased with the Work that we did and gave me permission to purchase land from his Steward.. I accepted his offer and offered my service to the rest of the town's people...

    I went to the Jarl's Enchanting Table and disenchanted some jewelry and weapons I found. I went to Lod's shop, he was working on his forge. I bought some leather and leather strips. I picked up my ingots that Jake was carrying. I sharpened my Orcish Long-Sword and some of my armor pieces. I sold Lod the rest of the ingots I had. we rented a room and ordered some food and ale before we went to bed.


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    looking better Mathias
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    Your word count is still too low... Write this in your own words and add it to your post.
    The smell of the meat cooking stirred something inside me and I started to feel hungry. Nearby there were various sized logs stacked in a pile. No doubt their ...  more
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    1 We arrived to the Hunter's camp near Moss Mother Cavern and then a Dragon showed up.
    Describe the camp. Who was there what did it look like, any smells of fur and meat? What of the area itself?
    2  This Dragon was big and b...  more
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    Hello Mathias.
    Ok, now we have your post in the right location we have a new issue. Your word count is out. Don't panic, I'll have a read and make some suggestions for you to consider.