the Tale of Mathias Wulfe entries 7 and 8 : A Toast to a Great guy

  • Skjor: Ready to enter for your Gift?

    Entry 7:

    Jake and I entered the Under Forge after Skjor... Aela was already there and in her beast form.... Aela's Fur was Ginger and she was three inches taller then I am... Her breath was foul and she was sweating.. I accepted the blood, it felt weird and nice at the same time..

    I woke up near Gallows Rock and I was in may underwear.. I felt Energized and powerful... Aela told me how much trouble I was in and that being a werewolf is awesome... Jake and Melissa where right beside me ... Melissa was glad I was safe and sound... we fought outside before we head on in, the Silver hand never had a chance with Jake's Bow skills and Melissa's Flames... we fought our way to the leader of the Silver Hand... "The Skinner", Aela called her, I set her in flames.. They killed Skjor, and Aela was Pissed.. I offered my help in any way I could... me and my companions headed off for a fragment of Wuuthrad at Redoran's retreat...

    we made it to Whiterun, I had enough money after I sold what I took from the Silver Hand for a House there and I had it refurbished... Melissa was jumping for joy when I finished buying it... we decided to check it out later... we ran past a Giant Camp, Melissa was scared until the Giants' waved goodbye to us and made it to the location... there was a guard dog in side, I let out a ball of fire to the dog and killed it... felt bad, though.. we wiped them out after I stabbed the leader in the chest with my blade...

    we made it back to Aela, I caught her sleeping in her bra and panties... Aela was glad I didn't see her naked... I apologized for waking her up and took another job from her... as I just left her room, I bumped into Sotek and  it was awkward...

    Entry 8:

    we decided to go to the inn and grab a bite to eat and some mead... I met the cutest orphan named Lucia who was wearing a green robe and leather shoes and I adopted her, Melissa was proud of me and gave her a set of leather armor to wear... I bought a round of Mead for me and the gang and some milk for my Lucia to raise a toast to Skjor and for our health... we left the inn and where attacked by a Vampire and his thralls... Melissa protected Lucia while Jake and I handled the Vampire and his thralls... we made it to my home and chilled before we went to sleep.. Jake slept in the same room as Lydia, and Melissa slept in my room... I love Melissa...


  • ShyGuyWolf
    ShyGuyWolf   ·  July 17, 2015
    thanks bud, I am going to take a brake from writing and play my new games.
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  July 17, 2015
    Now that’s more like it... It's come a long way from when you first posted it Mathias.
    Remember, describe what your experiencing. The characters emotions the smells and sounds of the areas they visit. Don't forget the way other characters interact w...  more