The Outlander Pt. 1

  • Journal Entry 1: 30th Frostfall, Sundas

    Solsthiem, what a boring place. Full of despair and arrogance. The nords call it The Ashlands, because a small portion of the island is just covered in ash. The island is considered alien, and hospitable, due to the fact that we live on dirt food and scraps. I don't like it, but this is all I have. I've been living in piece of imperial waste for all my life, and to me Blacklight is just a dream. I don't know what Skyrim or Hammerfell is like, I imagine the places having Tall towers with gullible yet funny people. Then again, just a dream. 

    Recently, an outlander has just come into our docks. I've lived long enough to know that no one likes outlanders, especially House Redoran. By Boethia, I heard there just awful, selfish people. The outlander was mysterious, I couldn't see his face. His face had a mask that just looked awfully scary, it was black and had these red lines streaming across his helmet. When I was helping Delvin around the forge I saw the mysterious outlander enter our docks. He was talking to the helper around House Redoran, he was incredibly rude. The guards spread rumors that he was this "Dragonborn". Whats a Dragonborn? I thought to myself. I didn't ask, the guards are rude, so I asked Delvin

    "Excuse me, Delvin, the guards were talking about this know anything about that?

    Delvin's a pretty smart guy he knows his facts,"The Dragonborn?" he asked," Who ok...who came in the docks?"

    I didn't know what to say,"A strange man, I don't know but the guards were mentioning it." 

    Delvin looked past the docks, "He's a gonna be a good buyer."

    Good thing my husband has books I can read, thus I learn more about the outside world. I recently read this book on the dragonborn. It was extremely interesting, and I wanted to learn more about it. The Dragonborn is a warrior that has the blood of a dragon, which some dragonblood warriors can even thu'um as a weapon. And it said here that dragonblood once was passed down from emperor to emperor until the Oblivion Crisis. So only one dragonborn remains. I was interested.

    After a long and hard day, I was going to my shelter. It was an abandon house near Delvin Mallory's shop.

    I still ponder of what the dragonborn can really do. I might even ask him tomorrow...

    Pt. 2: Mother loses to Ash warriors?


  • Dawnbreaker1021
    Dawnbreaker1021   ·  April 9, 2014
    Delvin is there for buisness, and so is Glover. Sorry, I wanted to put action into my stories but I wanted to start off with an introduction. I promise the next part of my story will have a rising actioin
  • Aela The Huntress
    Aela The Huntress   ·  April 9, 2014
    Very nice, altough there wasn't much action involved in this first part. Also, what race is the main character? To me, it sounds like a Dunmer, but I'm not sure... btw, I really like the fact that you put Delvin in the story!
  • Tae-Rai
    Tae-Rai   ·  April 8, 2014
    Why is Delvin in Solsthiem? Do you mean Glover? If it's the former, you should explain why he's there.