Fallout Equestria: Legends-Prologue

  • A little over two centuries have passed, since a Pipbuck technician by the name of Littlepip left her Stable. It is thanks to her that the Equestrian Wasteland, while not completely healed, has begun to return to some semblance of Pre-War glory. Already, a fair amount of the blasted, irradiated soil has been coated in fresh, if somewhat discolored, grass. Even after all this time, we still thank the sacrifice she, and those of her merry band of friends, took so that the Wasteland could have some semblance of a future. It is said that the Stable Dweller still watches over us even now, with the blessings of the goddesses Celestia and Luna.


    A mahogany hoof shut the book, smiling. The small amber Pegasus filly snuggled under her covers even more. ¨Is that all true mama?¨ The filly, Shooting Star asked, her eyes sparkling. They lived in a small, two story home made of rough steel and concrete. Thin, enchanted, glass-like material covered the windows, keeping out the chill. The mother, a half-Unicorn, Half-Griffon mare by the name of Wind Slider nodded, a small smile forming on her face. Even if the Equestrian Wasteland had begun its transformation from a Megaspell bombed, mutant infested hellhole, into a semblance of its former self, there were still quite a few dangers. Raider and slaver gangs were still quite common, though not as they rampant as they were two hundred years ago. A number of mutants, each stranger or more dangerous than the last, still roamed, though they only really attacked isolated towns with few, or no guards. The only real place one would run into a virtual hive of these Megaspell created beings would be underground, in caverns, deep in the remnants of the Everfree Forest or in the deep crags of the nearby mountains. That, and the elderly have begun spreading rumors of sightings of the remnants of the old Enclave. Wind glanced behind her, at the well-used, polished rifle/crossbow hybrid that hung within her easy reach, just above the weatherbeaten iron door. The hoofmade clock ticked several times.

    Wind smiled, lovingly pecking her young daughter on the forehead. She glanced out the window, seeing that the incandescent sun was setting. The few patches of barren, vegetation and grassless ground were highlighted by the remaining light. ¨Good night sweetie.¨ She smiled, tucking her daughter in. Shooting smiled, yawning cutely, and snuggled with her pillow, before she slowly fell asleep, snoring quiety. Wind Slider ran a hoof through her mane, and got out of her chair. ¨Sleep tight.¨ She trotted out of the room, gently shutting the maple door behind her. Carefully, methodically making sure the locks on the front and back doors were in place, Wind went to her own room, just across from Shooting Star’s. Making sure her alarm, a series of chimes was set, she quickly felt under her pillow. Wind breathed a quiet sigh of relief when she found her serrated dagger, and her weathered pistol were still in their place. Taking a moment to relieve herself, the tired Wasteland mare climbed into bed. Whispering a quick prayer to Celestia and Luna, she fell asleep, snoring.

    Outside, in their sleepy town of Broken Hills, a harsh wind blew through. 


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