Of Blood and Steel-Prolouge

  • Hello, dear reader. Today, I have decided to create a blog saga of my current character, Jacen Marek. A name I use quite often. Now, let us begin, shall we? Day 1-The 17th of Morning Star, 4E225 Curse you Adamadus Quintilius, you coward. You an all your men. If you are to find this, it means to things. One, is that I am dead, which is quite likely, and the second, is that i have turned and discarded this journal. Let me start. My name is Jacen Marek, I am a Breton. I was born in Daggerfall, the capital of High Rock, to an ancient noble family. My father, Arcturus, was an Imperial merchant Lord, and a part time spellsmith, able to imbue forged weapons and armor unlike any ordinary man, descended from the Akaviri spellsmiths of yore. My mother, Serene Marek, was the great, great, well, you get the picture, grandniece of High King Emeric. I was tutored in swordplay, enchanting, smithing, and a bit of herbology from my Aunt Maria, among other skills. When I turned seventeen, I left to join the Legion with my half-brother, Arceus. I enlisted, and found myself as an Imperial Ranger, and, in time, became the second in command to Quaser Faux Artorias. The reason I am writing this is coming. You see, just a week ago, we, alongside Legate Quintillus' regiment, had been sent to the Niben side of Cyrodill, to deal with a group of bandits calling themselves, the Brothers Without Banners, they were composed of deserters, turncoats, and sellswords from all over Tamriel. We, we're not so lucky. On the fifth night, we had set up camp on the side of the road. A new auxiliary, a young Dunmer, well, young by Elven years, named Sorisia Athleuh, who had been sent to gather firewood, came running to the camp, scratch marks on her body, her armor in shambles. We readied our weapons, knowing that whatever had attacked Sorisia was bound to have followed her. Each of us thought it was perhaps one of the bandits, or a bear maybe, but we were wrong. A band of vampires, perhaps ten to our seven, rushed out of the brush, blades held in their grasp. We rushed to meet them. Sorisia was felled by an axe to the gullet, severing her head. I blocked a strike from a tall Altmer's blade, until the fiend blew me to the ground with a bolt of lightning. Before I could move, his fangs were tearing into my next. Screaming, I shoved my gladius into his chest, and pushed him off me. Adamus' men had fled long ago, leaving us to die. Grabbing out things, we mounted our steeds, and galloped away, the vampires cursing us. The seven, had dwindled to five. We took shelter in a cave, and not a moment too soon, as a fierce storm kicked in. Our stomachs growled, and we only had some bread, a few slices of Horker meat, some apples, and three water skins. We lit a fire, and began eating. In two days time, I had fallen ill, and we had to eat our horses. Both the men and I knew what my illness meant, I would soon turn into a vampire. We all hoped that when the time came, I would keep my sanity. Day 2-18th of Morning Star 4E 225 We've lost Artorias. He had managed to hunt some deer, and a rabbit, for our lunch, when he was sent to the ground. A sabrecat, about as big as a cow, had followed the smell of his meat. We managed to slay the beast, but Artorias was too badly mauled. His skin had been shredded, and his ribs broken. I was the one who gave him mercy. I call still recall the blade descending into his skull, a faint smile on his face. He whispered a "Thank you" before he perished. I had to hold back my vampiric urges to drink his blood. Well, Dawn is breaking, I have to sleep. Let us hope I can control my....cravings.


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    ShyGuyWolf   ·  November 13, 2014
    man, good read