Question of Blood

  • ‘By what right should Mede rule? By right of his blood and lineage I declare: The Blood of the Dragon flows strongly in the veins of Mede! We have seen the scrolls and even the greatest of our scholars could not deny their authenticity – Titus Mede has claims to the throne by right of blood given to him by Attreba Septim, sister to Emperor Uriel V! Fellow members of the esteemed Council, need I remind you to Saint Alessia and of her pact with Akatosh? Need not, I say lest we count the fools amongst us!


    … Let me speak for I am not yet done. Some of you may grumble of a diluted blood and I shall give you that. But let not our memories be so short as to forget Emperor Martin I – he, who wielded the mantle of the Avatar of Akatosh. He, who the bastard son of a commonborn maid. He, who is the saviour of all that is good in Tamriel! Let us not forget to the wonders and horrors we have seen in the passing years. Let us not forget that Akatosh found he, a bastard, to be worthy enough to bear his divine blessing.


    Fellow members of the esteemed Council, I ask you again: by what right should Mede rule and I shall say this again – by right of the Blood of the Dragon that flows in his veins!’


    - Councilor Tulius Maro in The Elder Council meeting of 4E20. Scribed by Verita.


    ‘Blood? Blood? You wish to speak of his blood? Very well, I too shall speak of it!


    For true, there be a drop of Dragon’s blood in his veins but what of it? Dare you drink a cup of sewage when but a drop of spring is spilled in? Dare you claim a murderer be godly when he but drops a coin in a beggar’s hat? Nay I say, nay!

    Mede’s blood is too impure, too diluted to bear the gift of Akatosh! And what say you of his parentage? Or the parentage of his father and his father before him? May you claim that there be no bastards in the house of Mede? May you claim that the line has been unbroken in these long years? Oh, so convenient that only now most of us have ever heard of House Mede, this Colovian warlord of the West! Speaking of bastard’s blood; Emperor Martin was a direct bastard of Emperor Uriel VII – his blood is not too mixed – not like Mede.


    Perhaps I am overruled. Perhaps this esteemed Council shackled reason for madness – how do you prove that this warlord, that this Mede does truly possess such a holy bloodline? The Amulet of Kings? The relic was devoured by the flames of the Daedra lest you forget. Light the Dragonfires? A great risk that is, never forget the actions of the Fool-Emperor, Varen Aquilarios that with his impure blood, nearly sent the world hurling into Oblivion!’


    - Councilor Jylia Gaerford in The Elder Council meeting of 4E20. Scribed by Verita.