Denounce the Imperial Knights!

  • To he who calls himself a proud citizen of the Empire of Tamriel, to he who is a learned man, to he who cares for what is right in our sacred traditions, listen all and listen well. We, the esteemed members of the Elder Council, we who are charged in ensuring the stability and the prosperity of all hereby publicly denounce the formation of the institution of the Imperial Knights with spit and bile for the institution is unjust and redundant.


    First, that the stratification and enforced staticity of the Imperial Knights to a class of warriors cum craftsmen is a violation of Imperial Virtues bestowed to us from the mouth of Saint Alessia, Queen-Mother of Cyrodiil and Progenitor of the Dragon Blood. From the prophetess came the virtue of social freedom, where all men are born free and their fates and futures unbound by the laws and structures of mortals. Thus, to bind freemen to a caste is an unthinkable atrocity and it must be corrected.


    Second, that the Imperial Knights are given full tax exemptions is a highly uneconomical and discriminatory practice. Without paying taxation to their local governor, the Imperial Knights’ unjustly and inconsiderate use of public resources such as roads, law enforcement, and other services will burden the county by their presence alone. Also, a tax exemption will also encourage strife and an uncompetitive spirit amongst the gilds, where having an Imperial Knight House as a sponsor is an unfair advantage.


    Third, that the Imperial Knights are even considered a member of the esteemed nobility at all is unthinkable. In all of our history, commonborn nobles of merit who bear the titles and prestige of noblehood without respecting or understanding the burdens and duties of the true aristocracy have always led to civil unrest. We acknowledge that nobles of merit can also be of the true aristocracy but as the Imperial Knights are forbidden in the participation of policy making and rule, the trapping of nobility is a farce.


    Thus, to correct this mistake, we hereby suggest three rectifications. First and foremost, the abolishment of the Imperial Knights as a special caste restricted to only limited aspect of life in the free Imperial society. Second, Imperial Knights are to be given only tax reductions and not full exemptions in exchange for their military service. Unlike their namesakes in the feudal kingdoms of the old High Rock, Imperial Knights need not fulfil a feudal obligation that requires them to levy peasants as soldiers for the formation of the professional Imperial Legion rendered that service inconsequential. Third, that the Imperial Knights are stripped of the titles and prestige of noblehood. Their military service may be invaluable but like the loyal centurions and legates of the Legion, Imperial Knights need not be bestowed with nobility for what is their divine duty to serve the good of the Empire.


    To he who calls himself a proud citizen of the Empire of Tamriel, to he who is a learned man, to he who cares for what is right in our sacred traditions, speak all and speak well. Speak and let His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Titus of House Mede know of your discontent and concerns. Speak and we, the Elder Council will make sure your words will be heard!


    - We Denounce the Imperial Knights! by the Elder Council, 4E20.