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    Unappetizing as it may look, the Bleeding Crown is an edible mushroom that is commonly found near the mouth of caves in Skyrim. Related to the Clouded Funnel of Cyrodiil, the fungus is so named for the unique forms it takes during its lifetime. Sprouting with brown bell-shaped caps, the mushroom will slowly flatten and bleed red before eventually disintegrating. While Bleeding Crowns themselves are not poisonous, they do weaken the body’s resistance to poisons when consumed and as such should not be eaten with alcohol.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Bleeding Crown by Vigilant Torvan


    The Creep Cluster is a stinkhorn, a family of fungus known for their carrion-like odour and slimy texture. The Creep Cluster itself resembles roots made of raw meat that combined with the smell, attracts swarms of flies which is how the fungus spreads its spores. The fungus grows plentiful in sulphur heavy regions such as the areas surrounding springs although it does not thrive in the ash choked landscape of Morrowind. While not deadly, the Creep Cluster is not safe to eat and is known to cause symptoms of fatigue as the body attempts to expels the carrion-like fungus through the natural digestive process. Despite its near disinterest in chemical alchemy, the Creep Cluster has known magical properties – that on consumption it grants the user a lowered resistance to the flow of magicka.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Creep Cluster by Vigilant Torvan


    Any parent would do well to teach their children to keep their distance from the morbidly beautiful and aromatic violet petals, the dull green leaves, and the black berries of the Deadly Nightshade if the flower’s choice of growth: graveyards are not any indication that these flowers are not to be trifled with. If consumed, the victim will experience a fire in their hearts and stomach, hallucinations, the ringing of the head, severe vomiting, paralysis and soon – death. The berries, which are green before ripening to a shiny black have the highest concentration of toxins in the plant. This also makes them the most valued component of the plant for medicinal and herbal use. Nefariously, the berries of the Deadly Nightshade have been described as sweet in addition to resembling blueberries to the uninitiated. The roots of the Deadly Nightshade bear the second highest concentration of toxins and are also used for similar purposes as the berries however as they are weaker if only relative, the tinctures of the rotos are used as beauty agents, dilating the eyes of maidens and courtesans. While the violet petals and the dark leaves are the least toxic of the plant, they are by no means safe for consumption and the mash has been used as blade coatings to deliver a poisonous cut. If consumed, administer either a cup of warm vinegar, a bezoar or a fistful of charcoal immediately to expel the poison from the bowels.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Deadly Nightshade by Vigilant Sibella Loche


    Antlers have no known alchemical value, only finding use in decorations and rituals. And no, grounded antlers are no cure for impotency.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Deer Antlers by Vigilant Falrielle, scribed by Vigilant Carcette


    Not of this world, Fire Salts are the remains of Flame Atronachs, an Elemental Daedra and thus must indeed be handled with great care. Highly unstable, career alchemists know better than to handle Fire Salts bare handed or face uncovered for inhalation or worse, consumption of the mineral will lead to death. Physically, Fire Salts are warm to the touch and are highly energetic when ignited finding applications in weaponcraft, forging, and as a purifying agent. Magically, Fire Salts are treasured by practitioners of the arcane – especially in the creation of potions to regenerate magicka reserves. Depending on the distillation process, Fire Salts are also used in imbuing items to either resist the cold or paradoxically, the heat.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Fire Salts by Vigilant Geoffry Mark


    Where the air is thin and the winds blow cold, the blue petals of Kynareth’s Kiss are a common sight on many a mountain in all of Tamriel. Barely growing larger than shrubs, Kynareth’s Kiss can be identified with their distinctive five-petaled flowers, thin green stems, and shallow roots. Kynareth’s Kiss is so named for their boon to travellers and novice herbalists – that the flowers have respectable healing properties without any significant preparation. When grounded into mush, the flowers serve as simple but effective poultices to ward infections and rashes of the skin. When consumed or served as tea; remedies for stomach pains and other minor afflictions. However, the flower is not known for being tasty earning itself another name: Kynareth’s Spit.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Kynareth's Kiss by Vigilant Torvan


    The Milk Thistle, easily identified by its purple flowerhead is well known by herbalists for its medicinal properties. Found at lower elevations in the Imperial Heartlands and in Skyrim with higher concentrations surrounding the Jerall Mountains. The branch, woody and bitter has purifying properties when drunk as a tisane in addition to improving circulation to increase body heat. The seeds are by far the most valuable component of the plant as it can be used to brew an antidote against White Caps and other poisonous mushrooms. The rest of the plant is edible from the roots, the shoots, the leaves, and even the flower.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Milk Thistle by Vigilant Delia Thorne


    Symbols of remembrances, mourning, and resilience by the Nords, the Purple Rockfoil is a mountain flower that grows just below the snowline in Skyrim. These flowers cluster between the cracks of boulders and make themselves known with their flat petals and short thick stems. The flowers have minor relaxant and recuperation properties and are drank as tisanes in their homelands as remedies for muscle aches after a hard day of work.


    - Excerpt from Alchemical Collections: Purple Rockfoil by Vigilant Iona






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