SotF: Codex: Beggar's Poultice

  • Here’s some seemple foc remedy! Colect sum blu mountain flowers, wheet, and water - mash them together and apply it over a freshly closed wounds of steetch, glu, or scab. The poultees weel protect the wound from infections and will speed up the healing. Rember the reapply a fresh laer of poultees when the old one dries. In a peench, you can make the poultees by chewing on the ingredients but make sure you haven’t been drinking any Bleeder.


    If you have bread that has turned, keep it. The mould is also grate poultees material and can be peeled for stomach echs.


    - Exercpt from Alchemical Collections: Beggar's Poultice by Senior-Vigilant Falrielle, Master of Combat edited by Senior-Vigilant Carcette