SotF: On Soldiers of Fortune: Hedge Knights

  • In common speech, ‘Knight-Errant’ and ‘Hedge Knight’ are two interchangeable terms. However in professional soldiering, a distinction is made. Knight-Errants are drifters who wander Tamriel to enforce justice and other ideological concerns. Knight-Errants are generally not professionals and anyone may be a Knight-Errant without any training. The most famous example of a Knight-Errant is Mazoga, Grandmaster of the Knights of the White Stallion of the 3rd Era.


    When a knight who has seen better days decides to turn mercenary, such a knight is then known as a ‘Hedge Knight’. Well sought after by those with coin, Hedge Knights are a cut above the common class of mercenary for their special training. For example, Imperial Knight infantryman are valued as shock soldiers and are expected to be masters of the polehammer, battle axe and the three swords while the Imperial Knight rider and the Knights of Daggerfall are elite heavy cavalryman.


    ~ Excerpt from On Soldiers of Fortune: Hedge Knights: Introduction, by Militus Soldator, Loremaster of the Fighters Guild








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