SotF: Codex: A Brief History of the Vigil

  • The accursed events in 433rd year of the 3rd Era is not one that can be lost to the sands of time. In that year, the barriers between the mortal plane and the planes of Oblivion were at its weakest triggering the Oblivion Crisis when the unholy Daedra spewed forth from the Gates to ravage the provinces Tamriel. The war between mortals and the Daedra lasted for a year before it was finally ended through the sacrifice of His Divine Majesty, Emperor Martin Septim I. But it was during that year that everyone, from the highest of mages to the lowliest of slaves believed that the world was coming to an end.


    Hopeless as it may seem, we did not give up. Throughout Tamriel, pockets of resistance emerged to drive the unholy hordes back to the abyss. At the Chapel of Stendarr in the city of Chorrol of Cyrodiil, a pact of warriors, mages, and thieves was formed. With but a prick of the finger and a drop of blood, these people renounced their past lives to take on a new mantle. They were no longer ordinary men: they were now Crusaders of Stendarr.


    Whilst the Imperial Legion held the barricade, the Crusaders would take the fight to the Daedra. While the Imperial Legion was the shield of mortals, the Crusaders was their sword, driving back the Daedra, reclaiming lands that were lost. While each victory came at a heavy price, the Crusaders brought back the one thing that was sorely needed in Tamriel: hope and their numbers swelled in turn with their reputation. When the last of the Gates were finally closed and dismantled, the Crusaders was disbanded and these brothers in blood went their separate ways. However some saw things differently for to them, the closing of the Gates was not the end of the Daedric threat.


    Brother Valerius was a former guardsman of Kvatch and was also among the first of the Crusaders. He knew that the Oblivion Crisis marked not the end but a new beginning. Thus he and a few like-minded warriors made a new pact, thus founding the Vigil of Stendarr: an order of holy warriors who would remain vigilant, ever looking into the distant horizon and ever prepared for the eventuality when the ever hungry Daedra return.


    ~ Excerpt from A Brief History of the Vigil: The Founding, by Sister-Vigilant Adella, Keeper of the Vigil





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