Sign Here

  • "Sign Here" Unsheathed blade, steadied on the canvas He contemplates the terms, pen in hand Spur of the moment; blade draws blood and He inevitably signs his own warrant with it The gates have broken, unhinging wildly Irresistibly tempting the next in the ranks Of the chosen few. He gravitates toward it, As reversal is futile- after all, it was He who caused this, a series of self-aware Choices burning another's pages beyond Repair. Marks of blood are permanent. He crawls into the void, reborn Pages torn from the book Reassembled anew, bound and Sealed. This book will never stain Nor tear. Sithis returns to the gate Which he had unhinged, silently Approaches and forges a new lock From the ashes, a lock that will Never fail. It is locked from the outside And has no key, the only escape Is to leave the living body, become Formless as Sithis, and join him In collecting the next prisoner, The next name signed in blood, a guilty Soul on its way to salvation Or eternal servitude, yet Each having the same destination. The choice is yours. Will you sign?