The Aftermath: Chapter One ~ Part One

  • The man in front of Jorin collapsed, a dark elf whose skin was almost white and his eyes grey. The elf shuddered one last time the breathed no more. Two soldiers picked up the body, throwing off the road, the light reflecting of their golden armour, blinding Jorin. The body of the dark elf rolled off into a ditch.

    Shoving him forward, Jorin fell to the ground, before they pulled him back up, a shuffle of feet alerted him, not belonging to the elves that held him. A muffled thud behind made him look behind, one of the mages lay there a knife protruding from his back, his comrades continued on unalerted. Three men came from the trees, throwing knives in hand. The one in the lead motioned for Jorin to fall to the ground. Doing as he was bid, Jorin pretended to stumble over, the two soldiers who began to pick him up cried out as a knives lodged into their backs. The soldier in front of Jorin spun around and collapsed about just as fast as a knife pierced his throat. The last three soldiers started to charge at the killers.

    Jorin tripped one over and put his knee on the Thalmor Soldiers throat. Quickly looking up Jorin saw two more men came up behind the soldiers and quickly slit their throat. Putting a bit more weight on the soldiers throat, Jorin heard a snap and rolled off the soldier, breathing heavily.

    “You alright there?” asked an Altmer standing above him.

    “I need a drink” replied Jorin groaning.

    “That could be arranged” chuckled the Altmer.


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