Dreadfall (Skyrim Fanfic) part II

  • Riften

    Well, we managed to scramble down safely, and the rest of the night was spent getting back to the city. I didn't miss the smell, almost forgot, since I'd gotten used to it before I left. "Hey!" Maul grunted, and chucked his head. He stood up from his usual post, and uncrossed his arms, "Maven's been asking for you."

    "I've been out of town." I shrugged.

    "Yeah, well, she wants a report as soon as possible."

    "Tell her I'll be in the B&B," I started that way.

    "She wants you to go see Her," he followed, "Now."

    I turned to him, not all that comfterble with him behind me, even if Jenassa was watching my back. Another thing I'd forgotten. Where I was, and what that means about my continued survival.

    "She's waited till now," I crossed my arms, "She can wait for me to make myself, Presentable." I held up a hand, "If you must, tell her she doesn't want me stinking of the road when I walk into her nice clean house."

    "Fine!" he grunted, not unlike Farkas, but a lot less friendlier, and if anything, at least as scummy. "I'll give her your message, but you owe me. I'm not your courior."

    No, of course not. We both know who's boot he licks. Got to wonder what she has on him? Can't be his familly, because Dirge doesn't seem to have that problem. I just poured myself into a tub, tried to scrub the stains from my eyes, at least it hid the fategue in them. "Huhh."

    I got some clothes in all my travels, so I figured that would be better than my filthy Scaled armor. It had all kinds of blood, fur, spider muck, and Gods knew what else all over it from fighting over here. I lent my guild set, but that would probably look bad, going into her place. I mean, everbody knew, but that doesn't mean she wants to hang a sign out front.

    "Hmh," I layed it all out on the bed, the dress I got from the Tavern was probably a bit too much, exposure. Nice, and cool, but I was used to a tighter chest. I settled on a nice red padded doublet, and an Amulet of Kynareth. Some high black cuffed boots, and plain gloves. A copper, and garnet circlet to top it off, and keep the unruly chords in place, I even shaved the stubble off the sides.

    "All freshened up, princess?" Maul, real sense of humor. 

    "Don't you have a wall to hold up?" If he was to be my escort, I certainly wouldn't be enjoying myself today. 

    "Watch yourself." He warned me.

    Despite heading in for some more boring talking, I was actually a bit excited. With any luck, this would finally earn me the information I need to get in with the brotherhood. I actually Hoped, a little.

    "Miss," the Mer at the door looked me over, "Dread Fall, is it?"

    "Yes?" I rolled my eyes.

    "This way," he looked back, and forth before allowing me in. "She left instruction for you to meet her in the basement." He pulled a key on a gold chain from the pouch at his hip, and carefully unlocked the door. I heard it click behind me, and noted that while the bar was up, there was no keyhole on this side.

    "Is that you," she turned to me, "Dreadfull?"

    I didn't correct her, merely nodded.

    "Have you seen one of these before?" She stepped aside, revealing a ring of candles, with some objects on the floor. Objects of death, obviously, a dark ritual of some sort.

    "You're a," I shook my head, "Necromancer?"

    "Uhahahahaha." she laughed humorlessly, "Of course not. If I were, you would think I could conjure up some results." Obviously used to people laughing at her attempts to joke, I tried to smile, but not all that hard. "No, this is, was supposed to be the Black Sacrament, but it seems no one is Listening.'

    Ahh, the Black Sacrement. Right. Uh. "So, what's this got to do with me."

    "You know," she turned away, "Your ignorance, and niavetay cease to be charming." Okay? "Why, there are children who know of the Sacrement, the ritual to contact the Dark Brotherhood?"


    "Here." she pretty much hit me with a piece of paper. "I want you to to take this to my contact, Gabriella, in Falkreath."

    "Uh?" really? Another Fetch Quest?

    "Go on, now," she waved, "We've wasted enough time already."

    I turned back at the stairs. She just picked up a dagger, and knelt on a pillow on the floor. "Sweet Mother..."

    I sighed, and hoped the Carriage went to Falkreath. At least I had a room for today, and some money, for some Mead.

    Ratway Warrens:

    While I was in town, I swung by the Flagon to see Etienne. He thanked me for loaning him the Armor, and told me what he knew about Esbern. He had to be farther down, in the Warrens, so we headded that way. Me, and Jensassa, that is, he wanted nothing to do with the whole business. Anyway, there was a door in the back of the Flagon, so we headded down, and immediately heard Elf accented voices searching.

    Sneaking down, we came to this big room, with one of those gold armored guards on a walkway below. It was a low drop, so I just slipped down beside him, and killed him quickly, but not quiet enough, because I heard a shout, and the SNAP of magic through a barred window across the room. 

    Then, that sound from Oblivion, only instead of a little sword, a large globe of dark violet energies whirled on the floor below, and faded to reveal a giant frozen statue. WHAP! A spike of pure cold struck me in the shoulder, so I fell back to the tunnel behind me.

    I seen a Flame Atronach, once, fighting what turned out to be a conjurer in the wilderness, but Jenassa just shot it. WHAP! WHAPAP! It continued firing out there, and I tried not to think about the explosion of Fire when it died. Too bad I can't figure out a bow, but at least it was distracted. I chugged a potion quick, and blew one of my precious Vampire Dusts to slip invisibly down to it's level.

    It towered over me, and I could feel the chill coming off of it like a solid wall of Ice. How was that even possible? Damned magic. "HUAH!" I got a good THUNK!, but it just turned on me, barely even scratched, and took another swing. It's arm looked like a club as big around as my waste, and came down in a powerful smash. Then it stabbed with the other arm, as sharp as a spike. Thank Stendarr for Armor!

    "Nerevar Guide Me!" She must have set herself on fire, and charged in with a torch. I just kept swinging, chipping away until it disappeared in a gust of Frost. "There they are!" Jenassa was brought to her knees, but I just chugged another potion, and turned to the sound. 

    And a face full of crackling lightning. "YuaAH!" the wizard stopped, raised his hands, turned, and fled! I charged after, but he was so fast, I finally caught up around the corner. I didn't bother making it pretty, just brought my blade down, again, and again until he was brought down to the floor. Panting, I just needed one more potion to recover, and found the other Thalamore soldier, searching frantically.

    "There you are!" he brandished his nasty hooked mace. Jenassa just put away her sword, and started drawing her bow, but I stepped in, and raised my blade. "Come on," I sneered, "Lets see what you're made of, little Elf." He ran in, mace high for an overhand swing, but I simply swept his legs, turned under to follow through with a spinning backhand that sent him skidding across the floor to a corner.

    "Think that's the last of them," Jenassa tucked her arrow back away.

    "Careful," I dropped back into a crouch, "This is still the Ratway." Never hurt to be cautious, but the only other encounter was a Thug, standing with his back to the door like an idiot. Especially with the small horde of loot he was guarding. I had to pull his slumped body off the table to get all the scattered coin, Jenassa helped me with one of the Strong Boxes, and took the bow from the chest.

    Then, it was down to the real depths, where some lady was muttering to herself. Now, this guy was being hunted, no doubt as paranoid as Delfine so it had to be that heavy Vault door that looked out of place in this stinky skeever infested hole. He pulled back a slot, "Go away, I have no business with you." I could barely make out his voice.

    "Esbern, is that you in there?"

    "Esbern?" He shook his head, "No Esbern here, go away!" He shut the slot.

    "Come on, man." he wasn't much of a liar, "I just fought through the Thalmor to get here, now let me in."

    "I don't know who sent you, but go back, and tell them I'm not here. Now, go away, before I have to call an Atronach." A chill ran down my back, but I needed to get him. What did Delfine say? I had to check my notes.

    "Delfine sent me," Uh, "She sayed, 'Remember the 30th of Frostfall'?"

    "Delfine?" the slot slid open, "I, You'd better come in." it took forever to unbolt the door. from the inside, it hung with more chains then the Helgen Torture Room. 

    We talked, but I won't detail the whole conversation here. For one thing, there are secrets I won't even write down. He agreed to join me only when I told him there was a Dragonborn, and I could take him to him. He started packing, and before he was done, I heard the Thalmor busting in outside.

    "Dreadfall," Jenassa called from the door, "We have Company!" SNAP! So much for stealth.

    "Shoot the wizard first," I charged past her, switching to the bow. "HrRaAGH!" The first fell with a crunch, and I ducked, rolling past the next to turn behind him. "Rugh!" a couple quick sweeps, and I turned looking for the wizard. The loud crackling magic stopped, and he crumpled full of arrows. "You know the way out of here?" I called up to Esbern. He nodded, ""Then let's go."

    I snuck him out through the cistern, and graveyard. Some lizard attacked, apparently ment for him, by the note, but fell to his Ebony dagger. I stood back at the crackling flames at his fingertips, and armor spell clinging to him like a magical skin. Great, why did he have to be a wizard. "Careful with that magic," I put my blade away.

    Now, I'm not into daggers, but his looked wicked. Black, with runic curls of metal shining through, and a lovely curve to it's sharp looking edge. He tucked it away, and let the flames die in his hand. Noone else attacked until we left Riften, but wouldn't you know, halfway to the ruin of Helgen, and a shadow passed over. SNAP! An Oblivion violet globe appeared in Esbern's hand, and expanded in front of him with that otherworldly sound.

    I stepped back, blinking at the Flame Atronach, his Atronach, floating on a trail of fire. This close, I could see how beautiful it actually was, or she, judging by the shape. "Rrhh!" The dragon's roar in the distance snapped me out of it, then the bolt of lightning jumping from Esbern's hand.

    Wow, okay. Along with the firepower of the Atronach, they outdid even Jenassa until it came down where I could reach it. "Jöl," it took a breath "Toor'shuullLL!" It snarled as I batted it's face. Snapped at me, but I stood firm, and struck again, and again until it reared, and roared it's last. 

    "What?" Esbern put away his magic, and looked at me, as if expecting something.

    "Legends tell of a Dragon's roost near here." He pointed to a pass just visible through the blowing snow. "And the treasure it guarded."

    I patted at the flames still clinging to my shoulder. "Well, then what are we waiting for?" I led the way, and presently came to a weird wall with scratches around it, and an ornate chest. "Ooh!" Must be my lucky day, because from within, I pulled a long handle attached to a heavy head, studded with leafy flakes of green glass.

    "What do you make of this?" Esbern stood, studying the weird wall.

    I joined him, studying the strange wedge shaped indentions around the base. "Idunno, looks like chiken scratch to me."

    He crossed his arms, "It is the written language of the Dragons," he sayed, "A word of power, the basis for a Tu'um, or Dragon Shout."

    "Oh, right." I shrugged, "So?"

    "So," he scowled seriously, "Where you truly Dragonborn, as you told me, you would absorb that word of power, just as you would have the Dragon's soul when it died."

    "Okay," I admitted, "You got me, but I do know the Dovakiin, and I can take you to him."

    "Why should I trust you?" his arms uncrossed, and fire crackled in one of his hands.

    "Woah," I backed up, hands up defensively, "Careful with that fire, now." Somebody could get hurt. I knew I could never pull either weapon before he could blast me now. "Look, he's in Riverwood, with Delfine, in the Sleeping Giant inn. Go see for yourself."

    We parted ways there, and traveled on sepretly. I wasn't comfortable around all that magic, any way. It's not like he told me, or anyone else, and that was almost as bad, right?

    "You better leave," he said on his way down, "Before the dragon comes back." I followed him as far as the valley floor. "Only a Dragonborn, a true Dovakiin can permanently kill a Dragon." 

    Arcwind Point

    He took the southern pass, so I decided to take a side path West to see if we could get around him. This led high into the mountains, and eventually, to a Ruin. Just skeletons, at first, I unhitched my Glass Hammer to break it in. Took some getting used to, the head's so heavy, it really slowed me down, and they even got some hits in because of it.

    Thankfully, they were just Skeletons, so it didn't hurt much through my armor. I'm sure with a little practice, I can learn to swing it faster. It hits like a Log Trap, so it's sure worth it, if I can learn the timing. Anyway, there was a lot of them, at least, and at last, we came to a big valley with an Iron Coffin in the middle of great triangular arches over it.

    As we approached, the lid burst off, and a big Ice Mummy stood to challenge me. At last, a real fight! I pulled my trusty old blade, thinking it would be good for swinging speed. Jenassa got a few arrows in, but the mass of the fight was just me, and him. He shouted at me! I staggared back, but he was slow to swing with his old iron battle axe, so I took a step back, and struck him down when he missed. Nothing fancy, just a regular stickball swing, but it got the job done.

    After that, we looked around for more loot, and found a chest, plus a couple more boneys. These had bows, but still didn't last long. Looking around, I spied a tower on the ridge, and found a broad staircase up to the side of it. It stopped at a great barrow arch with a door, and a Log trap. Think of the Daedra, indeed! I popped one of my healing potions, and proceeded cautiously.

    A coffin burst open behind me, and I jumped, whirling around to face another mummy! "Zun," it spoke in a dry cracked voice, "Haal Viik!" It startled me so much, I dropped my blade, which clattered off the edge. I pulled my new hammer, and watch with dread as he drew his Handaxe. Instead of the same old rusted iron of the Ancient Nords, this was black, and decorated with steely swirls of an Ebony weapon.

    "HrRAGH!" I charged in, but he blocked, and backhanded me, staggering a step. Then, he followed through with a vicious hack to my shoulder, which bled like a severed neck. 

    "Zun," I gripped the haft tight, "Haal VIIK!" It blew from my hands, and I ran to the cliffs edge. It's not fair! I can't die like this, before acceiving my destiny with the dark brotherhood.

    "No," Dread Fall, "Not like this." Don't give in to dispair. "Thrue Nords neverh brch drhn!" My blood boiled, and I hunched with fury. The sky, and snow Turned Red with my Rage, and I raised my clawwed arms to roar!


    Jenassa turned, mid swing, and ran. Good, he was all mine! He staggared back as I pounced from all fours. "HURH!" I struck him like a Troll, "HURH!" jumped on him, and tore at his chest. Then the hunger overtook me, and I chomped down, ignoring the dry rotten taste. Despite not gaining anything from it, I tore him apart until there was nothing left, and my rage subsided.

    I cought up with Jenassa, over by the base of the tower. "Wot was that?"

    "Here," I handed her the axe, "Sorry if I scared ya."

    "I was wondering why you didn't get sick from those Vampires," she took my gift, and studied it. After the statue of Clavicus Vile, she shot down a Hawk for it's feathers, and offered me some, but I didn't need them, of course. 


    We skipped past Riverwood, and just followed the southern ridge from the foothills. Same safe boring valley, a few bandits, lots of wolves, and venison for dinner ever night. I never did find my Blade, but got enough practice with the hammer to catch wolves mid-leap. Never had to hit them twice, and once, it even got swatted dead over my shoulder with the power of my swing.

    I asked Jenassa if she wanted to leave, but she stayed loyal. Unlike most of the people she'd worked for, I gave her a share of the spoils, and she patted the axe on her hip for emfassus. My heart warmed when she sayed "You're more than a mere employer to me, I consider you a dear friend."

    I took the first watch, and had some meade to keep awake though the morning. Sure, this hold isn't very dangerous, but Bandits have a nasty habit of showing up whenever we raid one of their camps. It seams we made a name for myself, in those circles, some of the thugs had notes to scare me, it even sayed "Dreadfall" specificly.

    The next night, we got to Falkreath, and the only things open were the Inn, and the Jarl's Longhouse. It's not like she had a sign on her door that sayed [Gabriella's House], so I guessed we had to ask around. Nobody in the Inn never heard of her, and despite not being very Well Rested, I chose not to get a room, and asked about work in the area. 

    The bartender sayed the Jarl often puts bounties on Bandits in the area, so I figured it would kill some time overnight. He was up, slouched on his throne, and suprizingly not much older than me. First, he wanted me to get him some Blackbriar Meade, and I laughed. "Hold, a moment," I turned around, and asked Jenassa if we still had any left. Only a couple bottles, but he accepted one, and I drank the other with him.

    He seemed impressed, and told us where a bandit gang was holding out his cut. Such disrespect! The steward had one too, so I guessed that aught to fill up the night. I yawned, seems I don't get much out of sleep anymore, not that I need to, but I still do it out of habbit, and to pass the day.

    Heading out, I looked North, but saw that the way is blocked by a mountain. The guard said that there is an old Nord Tomb, Shriekwind Bastion, that leads through the mountain, but to be careful. "Word is the dead aren't as dead as they should be in there." I refused to be creeped out. I know, the last time didn't work out so good, but that was no normal Draugr. Must have been a Lord in life, or a Jarl to have such power, like that shout.

    Hopefully there was nothing that bad, because I was out of Vampire dust. Anyway, there was even some outside, but they were almost as easy to swat down as the skeletons. Jenassa liked her new toy, unlike all the bows I tried to give her. I finally understood why she prefered that old Hunting Bow, I sure missed my blade. Farkas was stupid to give it up, and just leave it on the floor like that.

    Oh! That reminds me there was this hidden door in there. I pulled the chain, and when it came down, a sword clattered off. Green curved, and jagged, with a good long grip for both hands, it sizzled warmly when I picked it up. {Orcish Greatsword of Embers, I swear that's where I found it.} I gave it a few swings, and hung my hammer back on my back.

    It worked great. The skeletons still burst to peices with 1 hit, but now on fire! And, a few Vampires near the top that survived still burned to death, except their leader. More Dust, yay! Jenassa just looked at me, so I calmed down, stopped jumping up, and down, and giggling. The burning really seemed to help taking him down.

    Then, at the top was one of those weird walls, and another boss Draugr. Thank Meridia he only pushed her back with what sounded like Foos Rho! I popped a dust to sneak behind him, and sawed his head off with a single clean stroke. "Show off," Jenassa shook her's, and chuckled.

    I saw the ornate chest by the light of his still burning body, but it just had a big golden armor, and some jewelry. I let Jenassa take the silver stuff, but she didn't want the suit either. "Dwarven," she said, "Very rare, and valuable," but we had enough money. And a big jug of blue juice neither of us have any use for, though the neck was long enough, I could probably smash it over someone's head. The way those things work, it would probably give them Magic, so I didn't try it.

    Anyway, we must have taken a wrong turn, because the door led out to an arch overlooking the town of Falkreath. Great, we had to backtrack, all the way down, through all the skeletons. I switched back to the hammer, for practice, and because the glow was starting to fade on my new sword. Jenassa explained that we needed to get some of those weird purple gems, and fill them with souls to charge it. Great, I never picked those up, because there ugly, but trapping souls sounded pretty fun, so I started grabbing them whenever I found them.

    I knew we must be getting close when we got past the trap room with the 3 gates, and started encountering Bandits. One of them was actually pretty tough, and blocked a lot, but my hammer smashed through his hide sheild with eaze. Finally, I was learning how to use this clumbsy thing effectively.

    So anyway, it was still dark, but one of the moons set when we finally got out, so we headded for the first camp. It turned out to be a mine, full of Orcs, hunters by all the skins, and meat they had on them. The Chief we was there for was way down in the bottom, but wandering around, muttering to himself. 

    I took a torch, and crouched behind the corner. He just walked right past me, and I drove him down into the floor like a fencepost. That done, we went on to the next camp, and I sneak struck as many as I could. One saw me, just a moment, but I ducked quick, and before he finished grunting "huh?" I was behind him, taking his head. I laughed, and kicked it off the wall.

    There was a green bow, and arrows, which Jenassa took, saying they were "Fine Orcish Workmanship." I sure could attest to the swords, especially with the enchantment. I guess magic isn't all bad, if I'm on the handle end of it. To late to learn spells, though, as if I wanted to. He had a good chest too, with some scrolls in it. Turns out you don't need to know magic to use them, like Onmund's staff, whenever we played Magelight tag. It seemed so long ago. 

    Dead Man's Drink

    It was getting light when we got back, and a Courior met me at the gate with a letter.

    quote Gabriella
    Meet me in Dead Man's drink, I will be waiting for you.


    I could use a mead, any way, so I looked around the tavern, and try to pick her out. She stood up from a bench on the back wall, a Dunmer, in hooded blue robes, great.

    "Dreadfall?" I nodded, "Good, I got a room, where we can talk." She closed the door, and sat on the bed. "The Jarl told me you were looking for me, you have a message from Maven?" I hadn't changed out of my Guild Armor, since we only just got back in town. "Hmh," she looked it over, "She doesn't sound pleased, but it says nothing about the contract's target."

    "She told me," not to write it down, "Someone named Ellen Whenn, at the Thalmor Headquarters, in Solitude."

    She blinked, "Elenwen, seriously."


    The Embassador from the Aldmeri Dominion to the Empire!" she squeeked, and clapped her hands, "Oh my, this is, why we haven't, I must tell As," she looked up, and sobered conciderably, "Our Mother, about this." She got up, and tucked the note in her pouch. "Wait here, I'll tell the Innkeeper the room is yours for the day., I'll be back as soon as I can."

    Oh well, I shrugged, and yawned, "Might as well get use for the bed."

    "It's all right," I lay back, and put my hands under thr back of my hood, "I'm not very tired." Jenassa went back out to the bar, and I heard her ordering, more like demanding a drink, loudly.

    She came back, and woke me up. Gabriella was back, with a woman covered to her eyes in black, and red leather. I looked down at the hilt at her hip, it didn't look quite Ebony, could it be Daedric? I could almost feel the blood hunger from it across the small room.

    "This is her?" I could see the disbelief in her blue eyes, "How old are you, child?"

    "Sixteen," in a few months.

    "Well, Maven must have seen something in you I can't." she sighed, "am I to assume that you are the 'someone else' she mentioned in her letter?"

    "What?" I shook my head, "I didn't READ it!" It's not like I want to die.

    "Yes, of course." her hood moved in what I hoped was a smile.

    "Look," I pointed to Gabriella, "She dressed as a Mage for our meeting," now she was in matching robes with a Black Hand on the front, "That's her cover. I much prefer people assume I'm just a petty bandit, all right?" I brushed down my scaled leather skirt.

    "Of course," she sighed, and turned, "What do you think, Daughter?" Even through the mask, I could tell by her voice she was a Nord, and not at all Elven.

    "A test?" she suggested hopefully.

    "Yess," she turned back, a frightening smile in her eyes, "Of course. Prepair yourself, and wait in the Graveyard East of town. Your contact will meet you there at dusk."

    I lowered my eyes, and nodded, "Yes, mistress."

    When I looked up, I thought I saw a little impressed expression in her eyes.

    The dark brotherhood! I waited for them to leave before giggling, and jumping with glee. Finally, my chance to make something of myself! I didn't know if I should take Jenassa along, but this was my test, and she gladly took over the bed. "I'm not a Vampire," she reminded me, "You know?"

    Yes, of course. I didn't let her deadpan sarcasm get me down, but practically skipped to the Graveyard. "Dreadfall?" I jumped, and turned, then looked down. 

    "Uh," I blinked, "You might not want to be here, little girl." It might get dangerous, "I'm waiting for someone."

    "Ahahaha!" she slapped her leg, "Never gets old, does it?"

    I smiled, and looked around, "Come on," she turned, and waved, "It'll be dark soon."

    "You're my contact?" I mean, her little kids clothes matched, I guess, but.

    "Babbette," she didn't offer her tiny hand, "Try and keep up."

    "Oh," I sprinted a moment, "kay?"

    "It takes all kinds," she grinned tight lipped, "But some disguises are better than others." Why, she didn't even look 12, the minimum age to be considered more than a child. How could she even have enough experience to qualify as a Dark Brotherhood assassin?

    But as we left town, her light childish skip changed to a smooth silent glide, as if her feet weren't touching the ground under that black skirt. I sniffed, picked up an odd oder at odds with her appearence. I couldn't place it, but it seemed somehow familiar.

    "Uhm," I thought, Where're we going? 

    Sunderstone Gorge

    "Ahh!" the creepy little girl stretched, and sighed as the sun set, "That's much better!"

    "I'm not much of a daylight person myself." I made conversation.

    She sniffed, "No," and her teeth flashed palely in the darkness, "Of course not." As we crept up, she went on. "Of course, our kinds haven't really gotten along since the Oblivion crisis," funny, she didn't look at all Mer, much less bestial, "But there's no reasons for the animosity. Since then, I've met several like you, and we get along fine."

    "Uh huh?"

    "Sh!" she stopped in a crouch, "We're here." Where else would we be? "Wait here, I'll take care of the guard out front."

    I nodded silently, and watched as she stood up, and walked out. Once again, her posture changed, I swear she even looked scared. "Mommy?" she cast about, "Have you seen my mommy?"

    The witch at the cave relaxed. "Are you lost little girl?"

    "Uh huh!' she nodded, "She said not to wander off too far, but then it got dark, and I got so scared!"

    "I'm sorry," the witch shook her head, "But I can't help you child." She looked back at the entrance, "It's not safe for you here."

    Before she could turn back, Babette raised her hand, and hit the witch with a ball of teal light. She stiffened, glowing slightly, and relaxed. "That's right," Babbette advanced on her, "nothing to be afraid of," and pulled the blood from her body to her tiny outstretched hands.

    I gasped, immediately remembering her odd odor, and where I had smelt it before. No longer any other threat around, I stepped from the shadows to join her. "You see," she grinned, and licked her teeth, "I remember the Oblivion Crisis, and these days, we can use any friend we can find." Her eyes flashed redly in the torchlight.

    She didn't mean my "kind" as in Nords.

    "Shall we continue?" Bright, and chipper again.

    I shook my head, "sure," and followed.

    "Here," she handed me a couple bottles, "This one will protect you from Magic, and you can coat your weapon with the other to drain their's." For herself, she chugged a large bottle that definitely wasn't milk, and grinned with a pinkish glow. {Resist Fire 150%)

    "careful," she stopped me with a whisper inside. "traps." She pointed out a pressure plate, and I looked up to see the hanging mammoth skull. Good eye.

    Carefully stepping around it, I went behind to grab a coinpurse, and good sized healing potion behind it. Bait, this triggered it, but it missed me in my crouch, and the childlike assassin was safely past it. Then, there was another, with oil pooled on the floor. She threw another ball of teal light at it, and a firepot fell, igniting it. With a whoosh, a ribcage blew in front of the tunnel with an iron shield.

    "Your turn," she pointed. I crept out onto the still warm sand, and looked ahead. Then back, but she had dissapeared. Right, Vampire. Dust, I used up all my doses sneaking past the bone chimes, spiked wall trap, and first robed figure. THUNK! Armor spells SNAPped all around me, and I rolled around a pillar.

    "Gulp!" Flames burst all around me.

    "Gah!" someone cried, "AhhHH!" then screamed. The fires turned like bull's eye lanterns, and I crept around the other side to see another robed back. SLHKT! I charged another, and cut him down before he could react. "KAIA!" the others turned, and fled, straight into the waiting arms of the horror child. One fell to her embrace, and the last to my burning blade.

    "Not bad!" she grinned wickedly, and nodded, "The old divide, and conquer."

    "Thanks," my face warmed.

    She giggled, "Cummon," and skipped up the ramp. Opening the door, she crouched, and waved me foreward. "the leader's in there," she whispered, "i'll wait here while you take care of him." 

    "ohkay," I snuck in, but she paced boredly. Fortunately, there was a pillar to hide behind, but I wished I'd saved a Vampire Dust. No, I wouldn't have made it this far through that firefight, and almost ran out early as it was. I wish I'd had more of it.

    "Where are those Imbeciles?" she turned back, and stamped petulantly over to the potion table. A quick roll, and I was behind her, coming up with my blade pointing down, back grip to stab through her chest, and she slid down to the floor, flames licking up around the wound.

    "Nice!" I jumped, and whirled, but she just looked up as me, hands clasped in front of her. "I guess I can take you home." I looked at the weird wall, while she was grabbing some Fire Salts, and other stuff lying around. Some purple book with the Ωblivion symbol on the cover. I checked out the chest, lots of blue juice, a staff, and scrolls. 

    The Black Door


  • Zonnonn
    Zonnonn   ·  April 15, 2016
    Solid story Ruby, +1 from me.
  • Lyall
    Lyall   ·  April 14, 2016
    Yeah, like other's have mentioned, you didn't put a title, resulting in this mess. I like the story though! 
  • Curse Never Dying
    Curse Never Dying   ·  April 14, 2016
    It's an interesting title if a bit long...
  • Rüby Psiberzerker
    Rüby Psiberzerker   ·  April 13, 2016
    I'm working on it...  Since I have to wait 24 hours anyway, I'll go back to editing the first one...
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    Hello Ruby
    I hate to be the bad wolf of the blog but I’m afraid I have to ask that you change the time stamp of your post as you have already posted one less than twenty four hours ago. Members can only post one blog in every twenty fo...  more
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    Shorten the title, please.