What can I do?

  • I hear a voice deep within

    "Will I ever make you happy again?!"

    I can't see past the addiction

    The power of depression

    Turns to the drug of anger and causes deep ascension

    A transcendence from man to beast

    With no semblance of mercy to say the least, 

    All it cares about is who it will feast upon.

    Another loved one... Afraid... Lost... Gone..

    But when it's all over, I feel so hollow and cold

    My body feels like it is aging... My mind rotting... old

    I lost myself to power... She feels betrayed... She was the cost

    I then enter a state of comatose

    But I am awake I suppose...

    I wake up in the flames of your heart

    I enjoy it, but I also feel torn apart...

    What am I supposed to feel? What can I do?

    To prove to you I will always love you

    I kneel and break down, can’t you see?

    That I am driven to the brink of insanity

    I feel your love and kindness

    And it gives me hope and happiness

    But I also cannot stop feeling guilty

    For causing you so much pain and despair

    For causing you so much torture

    I’m sorry for being such a failure

    But what can you do when

    You are not a man but a burden

    Tell me what I can do…

    To become human to you…