Wizard's Servant - Chapter 1-4 - A New Dawn

  • Masser and Secunda were already high up in the sky when the caravan reached the weathered stone walls of Helgen. The soft glow of the moons reflected from the metal bits of guards’ armor giving them an eerie and imposing look. The city looked absolutely impenetrable which was not unexpected, considering its strategic importance – the one who controlled Helgen, controlled the only road to the Rift Hold for many miles. This was the reason that instead of regular guards of Falkreath Hold the city was protected by battle-hardened Imperial soldiers.

    “You sure this is a good idea, Ahdani?” Chiran nervously glanced on the high sturdy walls with patrolling Imperials.

    “You know we don’t have a choice, girl! Ri’saad’s contact should meet us in Ivarstead in two days and we both know we won’t be able to get there in time with our usual route. Now stop shaking like a leaf in a breeze and help Zarrina and Ji’har to muffle the horses” caravan leader motioned to the other Khajiit wrapping cloth around horse hooves.

    Then she threw a glance on Scrag and waved him to come closer. “This one has a favor to ask of you. As you have heard we need to get to Ivarstead as soon as possible and that means passing Helgen. Now, no city in Skyrim will let Khajiit inside their walls, Helgen – even more so with all the Imperial soldiers guarding it. Lucky for us this one knows a narrow path around it but we need to turn guards’ attention from it.”

    “What do you want me to do, Ahdani?”

    “We have light Imperial scout armor in our wares. Wear it and pretend to be a scout wounded near Falkreath in a Stormcloak ambush. This one has heard that General Tullius is in Rift now; tell them that Ulfric that prepares to attack Falkreath and you need to bring news to the General as fast as possible.”

    “You think they’ll believe me?” Scrag shook his head slowly.

    “There indeed were skirmishes near Falkreath and General Tullius was in the Rift Hold two days ago. The only thing that will not be true in your story is Ulfric's location – something neither us nor they have any information about. It might as well be true..." She stayed silent for a moment and added, "This one is sorry, Scrag, but this is the only way...”

    “All right Ahdani, I understand. I will do as you ask. Now where is this armor…?”

    * * *

    Half an hour later Scrag, clad in severely damaged light Imperial armor covered in a blood from a deer he and Ji’har killed earlier, stood before the massive wooden gates of Helgen. What a great idea, went through his mind, they’ll figure me out in a minute… The owl hoot sounded from his left – the signal indicating that the group was ready and it was his turn to act. Here it goes… Hope you’re as good a sneak as you think you are, Ahdani…, he thought and ran to the gate.

    “By the name of the Emperor, stop right there!” came from above the gate and an arrow stuck in the ground right next to Scrag’s feet.

    “By the Eight, what are you doing?!” he shouted angrily. “Can’t you see I’m one of yours?!”

    “I’m not taking any chances with you, Orc!” the guard replied, but motioned to the others to lower their bows. “What’s your business here?”

    “Ulfric plans to attack Falkreath! I need to get the news to General Tullius as quick as possible! Let me through!” Scrag exclaimed. Hope this works, let this work… he repeated to himself for few agonizing seconds until the wooden gates started to open with a load squeak. Well, that worked out better than expected…

    “Come in. The captain will want to speak with you.”

    Double owl hoot sounded from farther away while he, escorted by the same guard, was walking towards the inn serving as captain’s quarters. So, Ahdani and the others made it. Hope they’ll wait for me…

    The captain was a dark-skinned Imperial woman with long black hair wearing almost a full set of heavy armor. Her helmet and broad Imperial sword were lying on the massive wooden table next to her serving as the only indication that she was off-duty. She attentively listened to Scrag's story her keen blue eyes thoroughly studying him in the process...

    “So you say Ulfric is currently near Falkreath with his troops and they are preparing assault on the city?” the captain asked after Scrag finished his tale.

    “Yes, I saw him with my own eyes!”

    “Too bad your eyes are as deceitful as your tongue then!” she quickly waved her hand and two soldiers grabbed Scrag’s arms and immobilized him.

    “You see, I just received a note from the General. Ulfric was captured outside Darkwater Crossing and is being brought here to be executed. Though I have a feeling that he won’t be the only one to meet the headsman tomorrow…” she added with a cruel grin and nodded to the soldiers holding Scrag.

    The next thing Scrag felt was the handle of a sword hitting the back of his head and sending him to the saving darkness of unconsciousness… 



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