Cold Shadows - Introduction

  • This is an introduction to a story I'll be posting here on the Skyrim Blog.

    The story is set in the time before the Oblivion Crisis, in High Rock, though I'm not yet sure as to which locales it will eventually progress. It deals with a renegade group of witchhunters, a band formed from the only survivors of a battle between two local merchant princes' militias, which went horribly wrong along the coast. They are three in number;

    • Jon, a young Nord fighter with a somewhat reckless nature and history.
    • Alec, a middle-aged Breton mercenary with a good eye on battle tactics.
    • Geor, an elderly Breton mage. Though formerly a priest of the Nine Divines, after a terrifying incident in his past, he has renounced his ties to the Faith and turned to a mercenary spellsword.

    These three have, after the horrible experience they shared (which will be unveiled as the tale progresses), formed a group dedicated to hunting any practitioners of dark magic they might learn of. They have sworn together an oath to destroy foul warlocks, witches, necromancers and daedra worshippers.

    Their dedication, however, lies yet untested, and therefore this tale shall begin by detailing their first undertaking together...

    A month has passed since the destruction of the two militias and the forming of the group. After learning of ghastly happenings at a small village far north of Evermor, they have journeyed to a small, apparently long abandoned farmstead reputed to be the source of ominous rumblings and strange lights in the night.

    A brave lad had three nights ago followed a shambling, tattered human figure from the village graveyard to this very farm...