Mufasa. The story of the hate filled downtrodden Khajiit

  • Mufasa the Khajiit
    Hated in Cyrodiil just for being a khajiit, now so bitter and full of hate (and just a bit insane) he enters the frozen north only to be lead to execution for the murder of a rich noblewoman on the road into Skyrim. Escaping the fate of the criminal to tear down the civilized world and watch it burn.
    First mission is to find a way to join the thieves guild so I can sell my ill-gotten gains and buy sharper and more vicious blades with which to rend and maim my victims.
    Because of my tainted past and questionable heritage (fore-father was Maiq the liar) the soul of Dovakiin long since abandoned my body, just another reason to steal and murder my way through the land of the Nords and ignore their miserable plight.
    oooh... shinies!


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  • Jim Bakkum
    Jim Bakkum   ·  October 24, 2011
    sounds delightfully evil! 
    The name reminds me of Lion King.