Skaldsong #3

  • Dark the star-girt sky when

    World-Eater woke you - but

    ice-bright elf-blade bought my

    victory, Vuljotnaak.

    Maw sword-stuffed, man-slain, you

    tread tundra, stride skies no more.

    Sleep, soul-swallowed one: your

    immortal spark I eat.


  • Exuro
    Exuro   ·  May 1, 2016
    The last line tangentially brings to mind for me 'divine spark.' While more related to Lorkhan and Nirn, it does show odd ways Bethesda has used the term before.
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  April 30, 2016
    You're so damned clever Paul. This is marvellous use of language and lore. I have no problem with "immortal spark I eat". It is honest and matches the whole, or brings it down to earth. If you got any cleverer with the last line it could bring the story i...  more
  • Accursed
    Accursed   ·  April 30, 2016
    They were created in the image of Akatosh (whom they call Bormah- Father). I think one could definitely make the argument it is a gift from him. At the very least, it sounds better.
  • Paul England
    Paul England   ·  April 30, 2016
    Thanks for the suggestions!  "Soul" would be redundant, unless I changed "soul-swallowed" in line 5 to something else.  I like "gift".... Is the dragons' immortality a gift?  If so, from whom?  I was under the impression that they just existed sort of ind...  more
  • Accursed
    Accursed   ·  April 30, 2016
    Keep it up! These just get better and better. If your really want to replace spark, the only words I can think of would be "soul", "force", or possibly "gift" could work.
  • Paul England
    Paul England   ·  April 29, 2016
    Vuljotnaak is one of the scripted encounters of the main quest.  Follow the road west of Whiterun after meeting Delphine at Kynesgrove, and you'll see Alduin opening his tomb at the intersection of roads to Markarth and Rorikstead.  
    My skald encoun...  more