Uncommon Race 2: Rocky Waters

  • I groan, feeling weak. My eyelids struggle to open.
    Eventually through much effort, I begin to awaken and take in my environment. I hear the sound of water crashing against the side of a ship.
    I see many men and women walking around and working their stations on the ship. I try to stand up, but I can't move. I struggle, hoping to find the strength to stand up, but as I look down I see the ropes tying me to the mast.

    A crew mate sees that I have awoken and opens his eyes.
    "It... It's awake!!!" He screams, pointing to me. At this, the entire crew stares at me and approaches closer, but they stay at least a few feet away.

    "Who... Who are you?" I voice, looking around at the crew. One member walks even closer to me, but the rest stay away as if they were afraid of something.

    "We are a fishing crew, we found you a day or so ago. You were floating on a piece of wood." The man explains.

    "Then why am I tied to the mast?"

    "Because... Well..."

    "Don't listen to her! She's a vampire!" A random man shouts.

    I look utterly confused at this. "What?! How could you think I'm a vampire?!"

    The man who was nearest to me started circling me. "You can't fault us for worrying... Your skin is incredibly pale, and we didn't find any other survivors. The stories we've heard about vampires... They set the crew on edge."

    "I am no vampire, I am a Maormer!" I explain.

    They all look to me, confused.

    "A what?"

    "I think I remember stories of them... Sea elves. Said to being able to control sea serpents."

    I nodded at his explanation. "My people's skin color is almost colorless. It looks like this normally."

    The man who was circling me stood still in front of me. Seeming deep in thought. "Hmm..."

    "Captain! You can't believe her! She's just trying to lower your guard to feed from you and the rest of us!" A jumpy crew member theorized.

    "I am going to look more closely at her teeth, if I die, Skellig is in charge." The captain walks up to me, kneeling to be at eye level. Some of my long, black braided hair covered my face, he brushed some of it away to look at me. "Show me your teeth ma'am."

    I comply and open my mouth. He looks closely for a few moments and then stands up. He heads away for a few moments, what could he be up to? He returns with an iron sword unsheathed, heading towards me. He raises the sword and then drops it with a mighty swing, freeing me from my bonds.

    "Captain?! Why would you-?" The jumpy man asked in confusion and fear, but the captain interrupted him.

    "She is no more a vampire than you or I. Just cause her skin and eyes have no color is no reason to condemn her. I take responsibility over her, we are near port already, afterwards we will allow her to enter and decide what to do."

    "To Oblivion with that! I'm not helping some vampire!" He pulls out his own sword and then readies it against the captain. "I won't allow you to sacrifice us all!"

    My eyes widen as I see what is happening and rush towards the captain and grab his sword from him and then quickly counter the other crew member. He doesn't seem very skilled.

    I parry his strike and then disarm him, and then keep him at a distance. "I am not a vampire! I am no threat to you! Stand down." I stare at him intensely and he soaks in my words, and then complies, putting his blade away.

    I return the blade to the captain. "Sorry, I couldn't let you get hurt for defending me."

    He smiles and nods his head. "Thank you ma'am, you helped save my life and spared a friend's who simply was a little too scared. How may I repay you?"

    "Some gear wouldn't hurt...  And a ride to wherever you all are heading."

    The captain nodded. It was at this moment I noticed the rest of the crew members went back to their jobs and left me alone. The captain ordered two men to head to the armory and give me an extra leather armor and iron sword. They return after a few minutes and hand me the gear, I equip it and bow my head in thanks. They then return to their stations.

    "We have an extra bed since one of our crew members had to stay behind thanks to being sick. So you may have it."

    "Thank you Captain. I greatly appreciate this."

    "I didn't want to ask in front of everyone... But when we first found you, I noticed a... Strange marking on your neck, what is that?" He points to the back of my neck.

    "That is a ceremonial tattoo given to us when we reach adulthood."

    "I see... It looks pretty. Well, goodnight, your bed is over there." He points to the empty bunk in the dark. I give quick thanks and make my way to the bed, I lower my head, sigh, and rest my eyes. This port hopefully will have a more friendly start.


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  • Gollum
    Gollum   ·  June 21, 2015
    "who simply was a little to scared" 
    It should be "too", not "to"