Glimpses - Gray

  • Glimpses - Gray

    By: Shimazu

    An icy wind whistled through narrow stone alleys of the Gray Quarter, downtrodden Dunmer head to the bars or home for the night, after a days, almost futile work.

    In the orange glow of the dying light, three drunken Nords announced their presence with loud nonsense and the clinking of tankards. They headed down the steps to the darker, silent, eerie corner of Windhelm.

    A Dunmer lay in the slush that lined the filthy floor below the Gray quarter. Small and thin, his eyes did not hold the crimson vigour the rest of the Dunmer had, and his face was rife with bruises and gashes. He lay still, feint wisps of breath trickled from between his lips, clothed only in rags, stained with blood and mud.

    On the steps opposite, the three Nords continued merrily chatting until the Dunmer caught the eye of one. "Look who it is lads, the one forsaken by his own, if you aren't even fit to breathe the same air as those elven bastards, tell me, why are you alive?". No reply followed and the Dunmer lay motionless, as the three Nords approached with a sinister swagger. "Good... you can't tell me, you shouldn't be alive, you are a disgusting waste". One of the Nords threw his empty tankard at the limp frame of the lying elf, it connected with a crash to his face. The 'leader' of the group knelt beside the elf, reached out, grabbed his tatty knotted beard and dragged him onto the stone steps. The Nords beat the Dunmer, an evil delight painted their faces. After a while they stepped back and admired their work, the elf lay, a bloody mess, spread on the steps. The Nords laughed, this was not new to them, it could be considered part of a routine.

    The wind stopped, a deafening silence descended on an already quiet alley. Ash and embers began to fall from above, the Nords tilted their heads upwards in confusion; behind them, an ash covered silhouette appeared then dissipated. They jumped in fright and glanced toward each other. The silhouette emerged again, from the floor between the Nords, ash swirled around its figure, a fiery dagger plunged into on of the Nords jaw; a blink, and yet again the figure was gone.

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  • Jeremiah Myers
    Jeremiah Myers   ·  April 27, 2014
    I agree with dawnbreaker it is amazing and I really enjoyed how u made the dark elf more powerful than he seemed to be
  • Shimazu
    Shimazu   ·  April 11, 2014
    Thank you ! Delve deeper into the story corner, I'm sure you'll find plenty just as, if not more detailed !

    Don't worry, you'll find out... when I want you to !
  • Dawnbreaker1021
    Dawnbreaker1021   ·  April 10, 2014
    Wow! I've never heard of a fan fiction with this much detail and words.

    Question, was that a ash spawn that killed those drunken nords or ash guardian?