Judgement of a Slayers Son - Chapter One - Part Five

  • Judgement of a Slayers Son

    By: Shimazu

    'The feint clatter of hooves and distant grunts of a horse caught Gnaeus' attention, he collapsed flat to the ground and tucked himself into the base of the wall, the cold stone piercing his thin tunic.'

    - JOASS Chapter One - Part Six

    After a long ride Allian, Ukawei and Azaril arrive at a secluded settlement nearer the Northern reaches of Cyrodiil. 

    Upon entry to the cluster of abodes, the three are met with confused looks from the locals; going about their daily business it seemed strange to them that three mounted and armed men would arrive at their small, humble piece of Cyrodiil.

    Allian called to a hardy looking man "You there, who is in charge around here?"
    "There is no one 'in charge'" the man replied, friendly enough.
    "Then who sent this this note?" Allian held up the note, hints of patronization creeping into his voice.
    "I have no idea, we have no need of mercenaries here my friend"
    "Vampires hunters, not mercenaries"
    "Interesting ! Never-the-less, your swords are not needed here..."

    The three exchanged puzzled glances and made their way back, down the hillside that the settlement was nestled upon. They stopped for some bread, water and contemplation on their situation they found themselves in at an ancient Ayleid ruin they had spotted whilst on their approach earlier.

    Ukawei was the first to remark "Something was not right with that courier all along, but still, this doesn't make sense"
    "I know, maybe it was a mistake, a first time on the job for a new courier?" Allian replied.
    "No, the man was intimidated by something, we must hurry back" Azaril stressed.
    "Afraid not, Azaril. It took us half the day to get here, there's no use travelling at night" Allian stood, leant on the remains of a well. "We will go at first light then" Ukawei advised.

    5 minutes of silence passed and was only broken by the faint howl of wolves and the occasional tear of bread.

    "No, I can't sit here, I'm leaving, follow if you will but I'll not sit and eat bread when something is afoot" Azaril grabbed the reigns of his horse and in a swift jump was mounted and moving. "I will head to your place Allian, I will see you there in the morning." No reply followed.

    "Shouldn't we follow?" Asked Ukawei.
    "If you wish, no use though, he'll be blind on the roads and we will catch the fool before he arrives anyway" 
    Ukawei chuckled "I could see him itching to set off as soon as he set himself down. He'll never learn. Remember his rather abrupt duel at the college of Winterhold?"
    "Haha! Of course, when he fancied himself a Pyromancer, that wood elf soon taught him a lesson" the two, as it were now, continued to chatter late into the night.

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  • Vazgen
    Vazgen   ·  October 2, 2013
    Nice to see it continued Shimazu!