Judgement of a Slayers Son - Chapter One - Part Four

  • Judgement of a Slayers Son

    By: Shimazu

    'I condemn you in the name of Stendarr, you, all of you in your foul practice, we will not rest until you perish to be tortured by those souls with which you manipulate'

    -Vigilant of Stendarr

    Gnaeus made his way straight to the back, a little target practise before bed. He climbed on the small wooden structure which sheltered their grindstone and up onto the thatched roof, there he stood shooting arrows at the trees of the forest, testing himself to see how fast he could shoot accurately without giving too much thought to the world around him. 

    Below, inside the cottage, Allian, Ukawei and Azaril discussed the note, it seemed fairly standard but they could not let the thought of the nervous courier escape them, something was not right.

    Darkness seemed to creep through the forest, until Gnaeus could no longer see the arrows he had shot into the trees. He climbed down from the roof, but there was something bothering him, he took another glance toward the forest. Something was in there, he couldn't see it, he couldn't hear it, but he was sure something was watching. Regardless, he forced himself to shrug it off and head to bed, picking up his things he made his way to the back door. 

    When he entered the cottage he found his uncles asleep and his father was sat next to the fire.
    "We have another contract for tomorrow. Three days in a row now, but i suppose we will be able to buy some more iron and cut some fresh wood to make the stable a little more secure, the old thing's looking worse each day." Said Allian, "we head out at dawn son, as I said earlier you will stay here."

    Dawn came and Gnaeus' father and uncles departed, once again Gnaeus was left alone.
    It didn't take long for Gnaeus' mind to wander back to yesterday, and he longed to prove to himself and his father that he was capable of following his footsteps. 
    He grabbed his bow, quiver and sword then made for the forest, he said to himself he would not rest until two deer lay at the back of the cottage slain by his arrows. 

    After many unsuccessful potshots at moving targets he manages to connect, a fairly young animal was taken down by Gnaeus' arrow to its knee, he approached it and slit its throat, slung it over his back and made his way back. It wasn't the two deer he wanted, but he was content with his prize.

    As dusk set in Gnaeus climbed upon the thatched room of his fathers cottage and maintained a glare toward the horizon. Hours past and soon his dreary eyes shut. He often slept below the stars and the well kept thatch was a comfy proposition.

    A loud noise woke Gnaeus from his slumber, it came from within the house but surely his returning father would have spotted his resting son lay above the front door. 

    Alarmed he slowly turned over and wrestled his arm in between the thatch he sat upon and created a small hole to look through.
    Below, an Orc, two Nords it seemed and a tall hooded figure stood, armed to the teeth with various weapons.

    Listening closer Gnaeus heard the Orc speaking to the others. "Well.... this is the place isn't it... where is the fool. I can't wait to drain the blood from their filthy mortal necks"
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  • Kynareth
    Kynareth   ·  August 19, 2013
    I certainly did notice!    Which is why I wanted to get reading ASAP!  
  • Shimazu
    Shimazu   ·  August 19, 2013
    Thanks for all your feed back Kynareth! I have two more parts written already, I like to be four parts ahead preferably, in case I want to change anything retrospectively. Hopefully you enjoyed what you read and will read the rest next week sometime :D! I...  more
  • Kynareth
    Kynareth   ·  August 19, 2013
    Great bit of suspense here...