Judgement of a Slayers Son - Chapter One - Part One

  •                                                 Judgement Of A Slayers Son

                                                                 By: Shimazu

    'Condemn me in the name of Stendarr? It seems ridiculous that a simple clergyman can condemn me in the name of a divine he has never met. If I am worth condemning let the gods do it themselves.'  


    Growing up in rural Cyrodil was easy, no trouble from locals or hassle from guards. A small but comfortable cottage was their home, planted right next to a heavily wooded forest on one side and a rather large but shallow hill on the other. Their garden, in contrast with anything outside of their small stone wall was lush and planted with neat rows of various vegetables. In the corner of the garden was a small wooden shed filled with many tools and utensils, not unexpected at a isolated cottage occupied by two men.

    In the back garden was a modest workshop this was where Gnaeus spent alot of his time, when not practising his swordsmanship or hunting. He stood admiring a bow his father had recently made for him, alone, as he was used to, he picked up a leather quiver packed with arrows and proceeded toward the forest. Gnaeus was rather tall and broad for an imperial teenager. He had neat brown hair that reached to his shoulders and a wide, defined jawline. He was sporting a simple brown tunic and green linen pants, 'anything light and comfortable' whilst hunting his father always taught him. Gnaeus fastened the quiver around his belt and picked up the gilded short sword his father gave him when he was just a child. He was a gifted swordsman and he dared not leave his cottage without it.

    Gnaeus jumped over the back wall and proceeded into the forest, it wasn't long before he spotted some game. An elegant Deer hopped across the the ground swiftly, Gnaeus pulled an arrow and drew his bow, taking aim. Before he got a chance to release his shot an arrow whizzed past his ear and  flew straight into the neck of the Deer. A man, grey beard and short grey hair walked out from behind a tree. "Gnaeus.... what have i told you about hesitation? This may have been a deer but what if it had been a target that could fire back?" the man said in a disappointed tone. "Hello to you as well father, I have missed you also" joked Gnaeus. Gnaeus walked toward his father holding his hand out, they embraced and headed back toward their home.

    Gnaeus' father, Allian, was a previously a mercenary, travelling tamriel in search of adventure, gold and the odd skirmish. Gnaeus was often told tales from his adventures, some of them rather tall and hard to believe, none-the-less he took his fathers word for it.

    "I believe the time has come son." Said Allian, glaring out of the window. Gnaeus was preparing a fire at the time, but took the time to kneel and ask "to come with you?".

    Allian had made his coin domestically since the birth of Gnaeus and the pass of his mother, working as a vampire slayer along with an Argonian named Ukawei and a Dunmer named Azaril.

    "Yes, I received a note this morning, a rather... mild problem, perfect for your first time." Stated Allian, "we will wait for your uncles, they will be staying here tonight. Then we get some sleep, we leave at dawn." Gnaeus referred to Azaril and Ukawei as uncle, they had been around all of his life and he was ignorant to the prejudice and problems surrounding races in some of the larger cities in Tamriel. "First things first of course son, you should head to bed. Ukawei and Azaril won't be arriving until late and I believe they will not be any fit state to tell stories" Allian told Gnaeus.

    Gnaeus gathered his things and went to bed, the cottage only had one room, Gnaeus had his bed in the corner and his father had one in the other. It didn't take long for Gnaeus to fall asleep.

    It was around midnight before Azaril and Ukawei wandered through the door. "Sober, brothers?" Remarked Allian. "Yes my brother, we decided to bypass the inn when we found we would have company tomorrow." Said Azaril. "You say this as if you are concerned for the safety of Gnaeus brother, but we all know you are just afraid of your old frail body being out performed." Said Ukawei jokingly. Allian stood "I believe its time to get some sleep, it's been a long day and we have another long day beginning at dawn".

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  • Kynareth
    Kynareth   ·  August 19, 2013
    I have been meaning to get to your tale, Shimazu, and this is a very nice start.  I like the potential you have in this group of characters, and you have deftly outlined the father and son's character very well.  I look forward to their development!
  • Joe The Epic
    Joe The Epic   ·  July 1, 2013
    Usually I hate reading, but this is perfect :)
  • Shimazu
    Shimazu   ·  July 1, 2013
    Thank you ! I have more written already, going to continue, then fall back to part 2 to perfect that and then I'll post it. 
    I am glad you enjoyed it, definitely gives me more motivation to continue ! :)
  • Joe The Epic
    Joe The Epic   ·  July 1, 2013
    Love it, hope to see more. You are a very good writer!