Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 98

  • The sounds of clashing came ahead, but nobody had answered when he had shouted. Slitter frowned as he hurried on the hill. He hoped he’d know what to do when he arrived. He had found that he ran faster despite his age. It was an odd thing. It’s like I’m young again.  And this sole direction, it is as if something is guiding me. These are strange times. Maybe it’s time to retire after all.

    The cold bit his bones as he arrived on the hill. Only to see the two Daedra Lords vanishing through the portal. Slitter shivered. What had happened here? He wondered and pushed his fear away. He looked around for the young mer. His heart raced. What would the spirits do to him if he failed in his task?

    There was a young reaver with a sword thrust through his side. He had bled to death. Slitter shook his head as he passed the corpse. It was a painful death. But each of us call out  to our mother in the end. He grimaced at the memory of his own mother which was almost nonexistent.

    Slitter felt his heart jumping to his throat when his eyes found Ciel’nn and Teldryn. Both of them down. Ciel’nn looked worse for wear. Shit! This isn’t good! He ran to them and knelt down next to Ciel’nn. He’s out cold and… bleeding!  And he had left without any health potions and he couldn’t cast a single spell. The old mer gritted his teeth and looked to Teldryn.

    “Hey! Can you hear me, mercenary?”

    Nothing. Slitter began to fear the worst had happen. He then looked back to Ciel’nn and tried his pulse - it was faint. There is still something I can do! He ripped his scarf from the chitin armor and began to bind Ciel’nn’s arm. He must have tried to block the sword with it, the old mer thought. He shook his head again. The young mer had another wound in the shoulder, but Slitter didn’t have enough of the scarf to bind that. Ah, shit. He’s gonna hate me anyway.

    A sudden cough startled the old mer. He looked to Teldryn who was coming around. Praise Azura! Then he stilled himself. He didn’t know in what mood the mercenary would be. Slitter slowly backed away from the young mer and waited.

    Teldryn grunted at his wound, but realized it had started to heal. It still ached. It had been a near fatal slash and his last thought had been Ciel’nn. His other injuries were flesh  wounds and some bruises. Still his body ached. He pushed himself, supporting himself up by his arms and saw his partner next to him. “Ciel’nn!” He shifted closer to study him, finding his arm was bandaged, albeit poorly.

    “He’s barely alive.” Slitter said, looking concerned.

    “What are you doing here?” Teldryn grumbled. “Did you do this? Where’s the reaver?” He gently touched Ciel’nn cheek. Hang in there, Ciel’nn!

    “I did nothing! But bandaged his arm.” Slitter said coolly. “As for what I’m doing here. Would you believe I was sent by the spirits of the Temple?” The Mercenary stared at him. “It’s true. They told me to find Ciel’nn. What kind of a shit storm have you two went through here?”

    Teldryn shook his head. “I need to get him away from here.” He then ripped his scarf from his armor and carefully bandaged his partner’s shoulder, and noticed a few vials on the ground. He used all that on me? Not one for yourself? Frowning he said, “It should do until we reach the town. I think you should carry him. I’m not able to carry anything but his sword.” He paused to look for it. “How was the situation at the town when you left?”

    “What? He’d kill me if I did that for sure.” Slitter shook his head. The idea of carrying the young mer was horrifying.  “I’d guess the situation is very bad.” Slitter replied as he stood up. “The Reavers are the worst sort out here. Organized and shit like that.” He sighed. “Who is this Sildras you asked about?”

    “Never mind. He’s behind you. It seems Ciel’nn did a quite some work on him.” Teldryn pulled himself up and winced at some minor pain. “Well, you were sent to help us, right? Take your chances and carry him! We can’t waste anymore time.” He then sighed and walked to the reaver youth.

    Slitter stared at the bloodied reaver. He never had seen so much rage work before, but it also reminded him of his younger days. That blood work was done in a rage. He shivered. It never was good for you. He turned to the mercenary. “Alright. I’ll carry him. I don’t want to face angry spirits.” Oh Azura help me to do this right. He shifted to pick up the young mer into his arms.

    “Be gentle with him.” Teldryn murmured in a low tone and stared at the sword thrust reaver youth. He left the sword on purpose as the reaver kid had left the dagger in his leg. Without further thinking, he placed his  foot on the reaver and grabbed the hilt of the sword, pulling it out. Again a minor injury made him grunt.  

    “Alright, let’s hurry up.”

    The cries and moans of the injured filled the market area. Ondren’s heart still raced when he let out a deep and shaky breath as his eyes wandered around the battle ground. So many of them had fallen while defending their town. He and Raryn had aided Helain Elms with the inner town defense when Captain Veleth had been injured.

    Helain had taken the command as if he was born to the role, and they had been through tight formations to block the reavers advancement. He had shouted his commands each time they had moved, and Ondren and Raryn had obeyed. The Spear Master himself then had taken on the female reaver with the ebony battle axe. It had been a sight to see. The young Redoran guard never had seen a battle like that.

    “This isn’t a victory, Ondren.” Raryn stated from the other crate close by. “Ack, I need to see this wound tended.” He was barely standing as he had gotten a wound to his leg.

    “No, it doesn’t feel like it, Raryn.” Ondren glanced at his friend and then he observed the Spear Master who was talking to the Redoran Guard that remained. He didn’t seem to have any serious injuries, or if he had he didn’t show the pain. The young Redoran guard leaned on his knees and held his head with his hands. What a disaster.  His chin trembled and he felt his throat aching. This is too much for me to bear.

    With drooped shoulders Tenaru cried at the severed body of Brivan. She couldn’t believe it. He had been an outstanding Redoran soldier and now he was gone. She admired and loved him even if he was annoying and stubborn at times. She’d miss his voice and caring check ups for her well-being.

    She vaguely heard someone shouting that Captain Veleth had perished to his injuries. The series of voices belonged to Adril Arano and the Counsilor, but the words faded for her. What will I do now as you’re gone, Brivan? Who will check up on me now? What I’m supposed to do? I don’t know what will happen next.

    Someone touched her shoulder, but she didn’t look up. Tenaru wanted to be alone. Then the Alchemist heard a gasp. It was Aphia who was standing next to her. “Oh no, Tenaru. I’m so sorry.” She heard the healer saying and allowed Aphia to wrap her arms around her. “I’m really sorry, Tenaru. He was a good soldier.” And they both cried hard.

    Tight lipped and feeling numb, Avoni stared at her Captain. His death had been painful due to numerous wounds and possible inner bleeding. She shook her head vigorously.  You’re just sleeping, aren’t you, Captain? Tell me you’re just sleeping! You’re not dead yet!  But the Captain was still and silent. The lead archer drooped and lowered her watery eyes. Deep inside her she knew that Captain Veleth was gone. What will become of the Redoran Guard now?

    “I no longer feel him. The others have fallen too.” Dram whispered into the air as he stood by the fire. He should have felt sorrow for his father’s fall, but he didn’t. He felt hollow as he had been estranged from Sildras. He sensed that the mer’s death had been violent. Each of us just try to protect their own.

    Casseth… I’ll miss you, brother. You were the only one who cared for me.

    The young reaver now realized what possibilities he’d have ahead of him. Endless possibilities. Dram always had dreamed of the ways of magick. Yes, perhaps he knew what he’d do.

    And the strange storm finally ended. It might become a calm day after all, Dram thought. The Skaal Village felt desolated. It felt like an unreal dream come true.

    “What will become of us now?” Selvura sobbed as she wrapped the fur cloak tighter around him. She missed the Reaver Lord. A part of her wanted to avenge his death. Anything to stop her pain. “I want you to go and hunt whoever killed Sildras.”

    “Us? I’m not responsible for you.” Dram replied without looking, his voice cold. The anger from the woman washed over him before her words reached him. “No. Do it yourself, woman.” He finally turned to face her. “I’m leaving.” He couldn’t deny the satisfactory feeling that he got from her horrified expression. Then the young reaver pulled out a scroll, read it and vanished.

    Selvura stared, unbelieving what just had happened. She was all alone and with a baby. Collapsing on her knees, she wrapped her arms around herself and screamed into crying. Abandoned and left to die.

    After some time, she collected herself and felt a presence near her. Selvura looked up and before her stood the White Stag. Next to it stood a young Nord girl with some fetishes in her hair. The reaver woman blinked as the girl extended her arm to her.

    “Come with us.”

    She hesitated and looked at the White Stag which gave her a nod. Selvura took a deep breath and nodded back. If it keeps my baby safe.

    Your child will become my champion.




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