First Blog Post & Progress Log

  • Well i'm new to this site but of course not new to elder scrolls. Expect misspellings since I don't have my word check on. I played Arena when I was youngish since it was a relatively simple game. Swing sword, dungeon dive.

    Then I played morrowind a few year after it came out and I can safely say I hated that game more than anything i've never played. Every worm and rat kills you, dexterity is the only important stat period since you can swing 50 times and only hit twice. I hated the quests because they didn't even come close to making me beleive in the story, draw me into going further or care about anything that was happening. I know that'll piss alot of people off and they'll give me some long-winded explaination of why Morrowind was the best of all the elder scrolls but save it. I played long enough to become a werewolf in the expansion pack and that was the redeeming feature of gameplay. But enough of that.

    Then I played oblivion and it was a great game. At the time the graphics seemed amazing to me since I had only owned an Atari and Ps1 before that. Now looking back I see lots of flaws with the game but it was great the first time. I had an awesome vampire kajiit and I played the game until there was literally nothing left to do.

    And of course now I have Skyrim and it's the best game possibly ever. So I'll post a summary of what I've been doing so far on there. Level 32 Nord. I'm doing the whole stealthy throat-cutting assassin thing right now. 100 sneak, 80 something one handed. Duel-wielding swords. I know daggers are better for the assassin thing but I like my swords too much and I like the risk of it not being completely silent. I also did the werewolf quest but I don't use my power too often. It's hard finding enough defenseless humans to link-kill to keep my health up and to keep it going. It does come in handy when you're getting screwed by too many bandits or whatever. It's also wonderful being immune to all diseases. I'm only ankle deep in the Dark Brotherhood quest and I'm a Nightingale theif. It's possibly the COOLEST armor ever conceived next to Daedric armor. I'm working very hard on getting my Enchanting skill up and it's taking forever. Smithing is easy because you can hunt a lot of shit and spam make leather bracers. I've been running around willy nilly soul trapping everything that looks at me wrong. So that's it basically, I guess I'll update with more crap I do or find.