C.o.t.W Chapter 118: Into the Void

  • Inigo lay sprawled on a blackened pathway with strange plants growing on either side of it. He got to his feet and squinted into the

    complete darkness where he saw a glowing blue orb under an archway with icicles depending from it. Inigo walked towards the orb

    and tried to touch it. Immediately, the falcon spread his wings out and squawked incessantly forcing the khajiit to ignore him as he

    felt a wave of unease washing over him like a wave of Coldharbour. His fur on the back of his neck stood at attention.


    He turned around and came face to face with one of the giant wolves he saw in the simulation. It was, however, bigger and more

    terrible than any wolf the blue khajiit had ever seen. It was big as a frost giant. Its ebony dagger-like claws slashed through the air,

    intending to cut the khajiit open like a locked chest full of red gold.


    The khajiit unsheathed his dragonbone sword and slashed at the wolf. It deftly dodged this attack and whacked the khajiit with its

    huge curled tail. Inigo somersaulted through the air and hit a bookcase full of human organs and skulls. He got to his feet, a little

    dazed. He turned as he heard a familar voice and saw a green Argonian.


    Hasir extended a hand and helped him up.

    "As mud is my mother, you look like shit." He said, chuckling, embracing the blue khajiit


    The argonian glanced around him and saw the great wolf, Cu'sith.

    "This is where we fight him? What a dump!" He said, screwing his face up in disgust.

    A figure moved in the shadows. Hasir and Inigo looked at each other, confused. Hasir turned to the darkness and unsheathed his

    flame whip. A dark green tenacle shot out from the shadows, forcing Inigo to shriek as his sword was sent skittering across the floor.

    "Forget about me?" The figure said as his squid-like mask and maroon robes came into view. "Molag Bal entrusted me with one of his

    trusty wolves." Miraak walked over as leaned against Cu'sith's silky fur. Hasir snarled and angrily told him that he was still serving

    Hermaeus Mora, that he didn't need another master. The dragonborn laughed. "I served whichever master is stronger. That's all

    there is to it."


    Flame whip raised above his head, Hasir ran at Miraak. The nord enveloped himself in an invisibilty field surrounded by a living

    storm. Hasir phazed straight through it and crashed in an echanting table, sending candles and various bottles to the four winds. The

    argonian got to his feet and lashed his whip out at the falling bits of fire and snuffed them out like the wind. His eyes narrowed at

    Miraak and lashed out at the tenacle-like blade, sending it in an arc toward Inigo. The blue khajiit leapt into the air, caught it and

    marveled at the sword. 


    Inigo smiled and swiped the sword through the air. the blue khajiit's eyes went wide as the blade extended into a dark green


    "Perfect." He said swining the sword back and forth. "This will even the playing field quite nicely."


    He swung at the huge wolf. The green whip lashed across the wolf's neck but, the cut it had created healed over. Inigo gulped and

    looked at his sword. Worried, he glanced over to the Argonian battling with the new servant of Molag Bal. Inigo tossed the sword at

    Hasir who caught it. With both sword and whip raised, he lashed out with both. Both the fiery and shadowy streamed crossed and

    drove Miraak to his knees while the fire burnt his immobilized body to a crisp.

    Hasir knelt down, ignored the acrid scent of burnt flesh and searched the scorched body for the squid-like mask. Finally extracting it,

    he smiled and put it into his bag. He sheathed both weapons and walked over to the khajiit. He stopped halfway when he saw a glint

    of ivory. He picked it up. The khajiit yelped as Hasir punched him in the shoulder.

    "Thanks for lending me that sword. I'd be dead without it. Here. You shouldn't leave things lying around. You are getting careless in

    your old age."


    Inigo glanced sideways at Hasir and smirked while he gazed at the whip-like sword again.

    "I am three years older than you. I would hardly call that 'old'." Inigo's pumpkinish eyes narrowed as he sized up the remaining

    threat before them. "Now let's finish this." He said as he unsheathed  his dragonbone sword. He heard the telltale sound of a mini

    volcano erupting as he knew the Argonian had unsheathed his flame whip. 


    The wolf's tail soared over them like a giant with a club. Hasir rolled out of the way and lashed out with both weapons. The single

    stream hit the wolf's furry head with such force that it stumbled backward. Inigo ran, sliding beneath the wolf's furiously swiping

    paws and stabbed upward with the sword. The cavern shook as the wolf howled out with pain. 


    He nodded at Hasir and the argonian formed the singular fiery shadow stream and was about to lash out when the wolf regained its

    bearings and dodged out of the way. It roared with pain as the khajiit yanked the sword out of its pallet. He snarled and slashed it

    across his throat, cutting through thick white fur. 


    The wolf's snarled and batted Inigo toward the nearby wall like an annoying fly. Hasir watched as the khajiit flew threw the air like a

    speeding arrow and thudded into the grey rock wall. In a fit of anger, Hasir grabbed the flame whip and the whip sword tightly and

    flung himself at the giant wolf. It was too busy eyeing the tasty khajiit laying on the floor to notice the Argonian. 

    Cu'sith saw this too late as the argonian lashed out again with the volcano and shadow of death. The stream connected with the

    wolf's flesh, making it scream in agony. Hasir glanced over to Inigo as a orangish-red field erupted from his outstretched hand

    drawing the ivory sword close to him as if it was borne to him on the wind.


    Hasir pointed his outstretched hand toward the wolf's heart. The sword flew, blade first, into the huge creature. Severely weakened

    by the conflicting blades, the giant wolf fell heavily to one side like a tree falling in a forest. Hasir sheathed both sword and whip as

    he walked over to the deceased wolf and exracted the sword. He ran over to Inigo and shook him, fearing he was dead.

    "Inigo, come back to me. Don't go to the endless gray. Not yet." He said shaking his head, sobbing.


    The blue khajiit's eye's fluttered open to see his scaly friend crying over him. He reassured the Argonian that he was fine.

    "Hasir, relax. I am not dead, yet. We've still an overgrown goblin to defeat." Hasir smirked as he gave the khajiit back his sword. He

    explained that the first of the wolfish nightmares was defeated.


    The khajiit smiled as the Argonian lent down and helped him to his feet. 

    "Okay... that's one problem solved. Now, how do we get to Coldharbour?"


    Hasir raised a hand to silence the khajiit. He had a thought floating around his head like a bouncy ball.

    "We can focus on that later. We need to find the final nature conduit. If we do that, we can finally halt, or even stop, Molag Bal's hold

    on Hircine's childern's food source."   

    The smart blue cat nodded, even though he had no clue what in Oblivion the Argonian was talking about. Hasir stared to explain the

    details of his plans but stopped when he heard a machinacil humming coming from atop some steps to his right.

    "Inigo, do you hear that?" The khajiit nodded and followed the Argonian up the stairs.


    At the top, they same a stone hallway and a faint bluish glow reflecting of the wall. Inigo sent Courage to investigate the source of

    the strange light. As the falcon flew towards the object emitting the strange light, a portal opened to the left of the bird.


    A horses hoof, black as midnight and painfully thin stepped out of the bluish portal. Hasir, sensing something was amiis, rocketed

    along the hallway toward the manic shrieks of the falcon. Hasir unsheathed his flame whip as the the hoof stepped further into the

    room. Hasir could smell the putrid scent of death eminating from the horse's black nostrils. 


    Hasir snarled as a nordic skeleton with flesh hanging off of him like a dying salior trying to escape the crushing waters of the sea

    shambled toward him. The skeleton snarled and raised its broadsword ready to attack. Instictively, the Argonian rolled to the side

    just as the blade crashed into the stone floor. Hasir dodged yet another murderous blow from the draugr's sword and slid between

    the undead creature's legs and raked the whip across the creature's back. 


    It howled in pain. Hasir smirked and lashed out repeatedly with the flame whip. The fires of Oblivion engulfed the undead creature as

    it writhed on the ground. It painful screams slowly died away as the corpse started to break apart like ashes from a dying flame.


    The argonian's tail swayed back and forth behind him. Unnoticed by him, a skeletal hand shot out from the still open portal, grabbed

    the falcon and pulled him into it with the portal becoming solid wall once more. Hasir turned around, expecting to see Courage

    perched on the machine behind him, but he wasn't there. A flood of negative possiblities bombarded the Argonian's mind but, when

    he turned to the wall where the opening was, he understood that he had been taken to Molag Bal's castle; for what reason though,

    Hasir could not be sure.

    Hasir rounded on the horse standing near the wall, kicking the ground and snorting small plumes of death smoke. He raised his flame

    whip to attack. He lowered it, however, as an idea came to him. Looking at the black skeletal horse, he envisioned himself riding it;

    crushing the machine or whatever was making the glow, underfoot, or more precisely, under hoof.


    He walked over to the horse and felt its skull with his scaly hand. The horse did not pull away but allowed him to mount it. Taking the

    reins, Hasir turned it to face the final nature conduit. He knew this was but a hollow victory if he succeeded for he would still have to

    deal with Molag Bal. The horse ran full out toward the dwemer machinism. Hasir pulled the reins back, causing the horse to rear up

    and batter the machine into scrap metal by its unrelenting hooves. 


    With that done, he rode back over to his feline companion. Immediately, Inigo began shaking like a leaf and cowered before the

    unholy horse's hooves.

    "Please, don't kill me. I will do anything you ask."


    Hasir slid from the jet black creature's back, laughing at Inigo's stupidity.

    "Relax, it's just me." He said, punching the khajiit playfully in the shoulder. "I dispatched the undead rider to spare you from

    screaming like a little girl. I use him, let's call him... Tenebrous. I used Tenebrous to destroy the last nature conduit. Now the other

    Tamrielians can, hopefully live their lives with fear of Molag Bal's death shroud enveloping them." 


    He bent down to help Inigo up and turned to the undead horse.

    "Thanks for your service. Now go back where you came from." The horse grunted once and disappeared in a plume of bluish-black


    Hasir gestured Inigo back downstairs to continue with their unfinished business. The khajiit nodded and followed Hasir down the

    stairs to the main chamber of Molag Bal's retched lair.  Hasir squinted as, behind Inigo, he saw a portal open and vomit forth four

    Nords, one Imperial and a khajiit.


    Hasir raised an eyebrow as he eyed the khajiit, someone he'd not seen since Cidna mine. He walked over to the khajiit and ebmraced


    "Amahka, glad to see you again. What are you lot doing here?" He asked


    Amahka shrugged and gestured between here and the companions.

    "I-we are here to help you put an end to Molag Bal. We have no dogs in this race but, if we can help your dog run faster than it's a

    win-win." She said, smiling.


    She went to embrace Hasir but Aela pushed her aside like a bogblight.

    "We were going to come sooner but miss scale-for-brains conjured a portal to Sovngarde when we specifically told her to open a

    portal to Krovaxis." She paused and sighed, "but, we're here now. Let's end this stupid war once and for all."


    Aela walked over to a bookshelf, pulling a book and cracking it open. Instantly a stone portal appeared. Hasir and Inigo gasped as a

    sky-blue swirl dominated the null space in the stone portal. The nords, Imperial and khajiit set foot into it. Inigo looked at the portal,

    seeing the shimmering outlines and waved as the outlines rapidly vanished.

    Inigo walked over to the glowing blue orb in the center of the room. He shook his head as Molag Bal would not put an easy exit to his

    realm in his temple. He and Hasir scoped out the whole temple looking for a portal. Hasir saw a book laying on a nearby table that

    look like it was made from the same material as the other stone portal he'd seen. He cracked open the book and began reading.


    Inigo gaped in awe as white stones with intricate symbols flew from the book and started to assemble themselves a few feet from

    him. More stones flew from the book's pages until it formed a giant archway made of white stone. When the portal was constructed,

    the top of the arch glowed the color of glow mushrooms as a matching swirl dominated the vacant space of the portal. Hasir closed

    the book and walked with Inigo and the falcon toward the portal. The argonian and khajiit felt like they had just stepped through a

    ghost as they hurdled through darkness while blurred images of unknown landmasses flew past them.


    As the blurred images rushed past, Hasir wondered where Aela and the others would emerge. A thought rattled around in his head of

    Amahka and the others getting turned around or, at the worst, getting grabbed by the same black skeletal hand that he'd seen back

    in Krovaxis.

    After a long time of traveling through the black of night, They slammed onto stoney ground. Inigo and Hasir got up and saw an

    Altmer female smiling at them; only she was somewhat different than they thought Altmer should be. They knew that the elves were

    tall in stature but what surprised them were the eyes - they were somewhat larger than their Skyrim cousins. 


    The elf smiled at them as Hasir and Inigo wondered where they were.

    "Greetings. My name in Norianwe. You stand in the Keywright's Gallery. access to all of Tamriel can be granted through the many

    portals around here." 


    Hasir screwed his face up in thought as he pondered on what the golden-skinned stranger said. It was only when he look around him

    that he understood. About a dozen shimmering portals depicting various pictures of different desinations were fixed in archway set

    into the greystone walls of the parculair area.  He could also hear faint music coming from each one.


    He walked over to Norianwe and asked when in time they were.

    "My dear Argonian, you are in Tamriel. We have a spot of bother with various threats to Tamriel; the larget of which is the Prince of

    Domination himself." Again, the Argonian fixed her with a look of confusion, "Right, my apologies. This may be different from the

    reality you know wherever you came from." The elf thought for a bit. "Right, I guess for you lot, this would be... Tamriel's distant

    past. One thousand years in the past to be precise. It could also be as little as six hundred years, depending on the time you arrived



    Hasir walked over to a portal that depicted a city dominated by pyramid-like buildings with vines crawling all over them like snakes.


    Beyond the strange buildings. the Argonian could just makeout a village wiith houses on stilts. He called Inigo over and showed him

    the strange sight and asked if he'd seen anything like this. The khajiit shook his head and turned to the hiigh elf.

    "Erm... excuse me. What are these shimmering images and, more importantly, what is the giant column-looking thing behind you?"


    Norianwe crane turned her head and, seeing what Inigo was refering to, told him that that was what was powering all the portals.

    "That is called the Nexus. Without it, we cannot travel across Tamriel." Hasir narrowed his eyes at her. She sighed deeply, "Fine, let's

    call it 'the other world' so as to not confuse you from where you came. The question is which portal do y-"


    Hasir impatiently tapped his foot and gestured to the portal he stood in front of. Inigo, on the other hand, was too busy checking out

    the place as a whole as well as the other portals to care.

    "Okay, looks like we have a winner. Just a reminder before you go, once you go through the portal ahead of you you'll no longer be

    able to get back here. Are you sure that is the portal you want?" The Argonian nodded and called Inigo over to him. Begrudgingly,

    the khajiit walked over to him, tail hanging like a dead snake behind him. "Very well then." The elf said, clapping her hands together.

    "The portal you are about to enter is the realm of Black Marsh. It is an inhospitable region to all but the scaly residents of the region.

    Deadly flora and fauna inhabit that region. Be care-" 


    She stopped dead when she saw the fire in Hasir's eyes. 

    "Right then. I'll leave you to it, shall I?" She watched them disappear into the portal before going back to her business.

    The Argonian and Khajiit found themselves in a paculiar looking ayliend run. They look around to see that chuncks of stone

    aquaducts above them were falling apart. The argonian noticed several portals like the one they passed through in Krovaxis dotted

    across the strange ruin. He guessed the portals served as some sort of puzzle that they need to traverse to reach the end of this

    stone maze. 


    Inigo tested this theory by runnining toward a portal, disappearing into it and reappearing a level above the Argonian. Hasir followed

    his lead and, together, the leapfrogged between connecting portals until they came out into a rather dank cave. They navigated

    through the cave, dispatching any creature they came across. After hours of navigating the cave's many twists and turns, they exited

    the cave into a stone walled building. They dodged the many traps presumably set in place to deter wary adventurers. Hasir and

    Inigo stopped short as arrows shot passed them. They ascended the stairs and exited the structure.


    They found themselves in a village like none they'd seen in Tamriel. The village looked like it hadn't been inhabited for a long time

    given the run-down look of the stone buildings and the vines crawling all over them. Hasir looked around and saw a lone Argonian

    tending to a large tree in the center of the village. 


    Cautiously Hasir went over to strange tree. His head suddenly became a volcano of images. Hasir shook this rather odd phenomenon

    off as he drew nearer the tree. He felt like it was planting roots in his mind, almost as if it wanted to control him. He tried to block

    this out and focus on his objective. With much effort, he arrive at the tree. The argonian smiled and greeted the newcomer.

    "Greetings, egg-kin. It has been a long while since I saw another Saxhleel." Hasir asked her what she was doing. She let out a long,

    slow hiss. "Where are my manners, I wouldn't notice a shadowscale sneaking up on me. My name is Talen-Jush." She gestured to the

    big tree, "Egg-kin, this is called a Hist tree."


    Hasir grinned sheepishly at the Argonian while staring at the majestic tree and trying to remember the instance when the black

    dragon bled yellowish blood.

    "I know. It kind of planted images in my mind as if they were seeds." Talen-Jush smiled at him and nodded as if she understood as if

    they were telekinetically linked. "I, er, was seperated from the marsh when I was an hour old so I do not know much about Hist

    trees. I, however did recieve the hist sap, for an ebony dragon statue, no less. Crazy, huh?" 


    Talen-Jush exhaled and looked up from the ornate offering bowl full of a brown wing from a native avian from the region and a scay

    pelt of a Wamasu to the gigantic hist tree

    "No, that does not seem crazy at all. It seems quite normal." Hasir screwed up his face in shock. Talen-Jush giggled. "What I mean

    by that is the hist always finds away to find a saxhleel and deliver its sap. It sometimes infuses an inanimate object with its sap to

    compensate for having one of its own far from Black Marsh. As for the images you saw. Those were just the Hist's way of connecting

    you with Black Marsh... well, in an attempt to share its culture anyway."

    Hasir saw a blue male Argonian walking toward Talen.  

    "Talen, Erm... who is this?"  He asked, gesturing to the strange Argonian.


    The argonian female dressed in robes that seemed to be fasioned from the Hist with white marks smiled as she put a claw around

    the oceanic Argonian's shoulders.

    "Hasir, may I introduce Aqaurius. He is my dear friend and has been with me since we were hatchlings. His wife Aquafina and I

    became fast friends as soon as we'd met." 


    He and Hasir's eyes met as they shook hands. Aquarius opened his mouth to greet him to the village but the green argonian blanked

    him and looked, instead, at a blue light that seemed to rise out of the tree's bark. Hasir and Inigo shielded their eyes from the

    blinding light. The glow increased in intensity until int formed a see-through cyan body, hooves and, finally a trunculated head.


    The pale green Argonian's mouth dropped open as Uricanbeg - at least, he thought it was Uricanbeg, cantered toward him.

    "Greetings, my hound, I see you arrived here with no problems." Hasir nodded. "good. At you soonest conviniece, I require your

    prensence for a... personal metter, in my hunting grouds." Hasir and Inigo looked at each other, confused. The argonian wanted to

    ask where it was located but the stag had gone.


    Hasir raised a spikey eyebrow as he glanced at the light green Argonian tending the Hist tree.

    "Tulen, what... just happened?"He asked


    The scaly tree-minder looked at him non-plused.

    "I do not know marshfriend but it seems that the lord of the hunt has offered you any oppurtunity few mortals experience. Best not

    to squander it." He smiled and thanked her as she took a trowel and laid more soil around the tree.


    Hasir turned toward Inigo to ask his opinion when a portal appearedd in the midlle of the giant, vertical rooted tree's trunk; the same

    one that Hasir had seen before he had 'jumped' to this dimension. A jet-black hoof appeared followed by a skeleton astride an

    equally bony horse. This time, however, two more horses joined the first. To his horror, Hasir could see they were wielding torches lit

    by otherworldy bluish flames. A shadow slithered out of the portal like a snake and formed a furry black khajiit with red eyes. Hasir's

    blood turned cold as ice.

    Hasir snarled; eyes narrowing as he drew his iovry sword and ran toward the Doomstrider. The khajiit barked a laugh as he

    unsheathed the stole bow, noced an arrow and fired, not at the foaming dog before him, but at the glowing orb hanging above them.

    Everyone froze as the sun turned red as blood and the sky surronding it become black as night. Hasir ripped his eyes from the

    darkened sky and shot daggers at the khajiit.


    The Khajiit  marvelled at the sky and then ran the bow through his fingers; feeling the intricate metal on his fur.

    "Magnificent, isn't it?" He said, gesturing to the sky. "I suposse I have you to thank for this wondrous sight. After all, you gave me

    this beautiful bow. It was only fitting that you, the gifter, witness the bow's true power." He said, smirking. 


    Hasir snarled as he angry stabbed his sword into the ground and called his fire whip to bear. Seeing this, the frightened Argonian fled

    into their homes leaving the Argonian and the khajiit to face each other as the horses canterer of to set the stone homes ablaze. The

    Argonian looked around as the skeletal horse riders set torch to astone trading hut not too far away. He saw one horse set fire to a

    plant that looked like a cross between something found in Dagon's realm and Azura's. Altough none of them would have a plant that

    looked like it had tiny spindly arms sprouting out of a sickly Argonian head that looked like it was submerged in the waters of



    The Argonian saw this and, like a fiery snake ensnares its dinner, the whip wrapped around the draugr's throat; burning him like a

    particular vocal chicken. With him gone, Hasir mounted the riderless steed and sped up the many steps of the pyramid-like structure

    and snuffed the undead's life out like a candle in the wind.

    He rode over to the Dommstrider, his flame whip trailing behind him as the black horse emitted a terrible whinny and reared up,

    making its new rider seem like some sort of scaly ghost rider. Black plumes assaulted the Doomstrider along with the heat of a

    thousand suns as Hasir leapt off the horse.

    "Your minions, "Hasir chuckled at his own mistep, "I'm sorry, I meant to say Molag Bal's minions are destroyed. Any last words

    before I slit your throat?"


    The doomstrider laughed as he pointed to the sky where the red sun still shined brightly.

    "Interesting theory but ask me this. How am I, as you say destroyed if the sun is still blotted out, hmmm?" Hasir knew he was right,

    "Also those creatures." He said, gesturing to the piles of blackened ash, "are not the only minions Molag Bal has. They are just his

    footsoldiers. He has many more minions awaiting at his castle in Coldharbour."


    He smirked as bluish-black flame leapt to life in his hands. Instantly, Hasir saw this energy was different. It was not akin to embers

    from a fire but more like a Teeba-Hatsei ball. He flung the orb toward the Argonian, who dodged out of the way, and saw in horror

    that as the ball soared through the air toward the many structures. In a matter of minutes, the entire city was aflame. 


    The black khajiit smirked as he stepped back thorugh the portal. The Argonian was joined by the blue khajiit as they both mourned

    for a city they had not yet known well. At least the sky was clearing as Hasir and Ingo glanced upward. They thought all hope was

    lost when  a voice called out to them from the burning wreckage.


    "Hasir, over here, my wife need assistance." The green Argonian walked over and saw that the blue female Argonian had numerous

    burn marks on her body and could hear her shallow breathing. 

    "I thought everyone was done for." Hasir said, in a choked voice.


    Aquarius shook his head and he gazed solemnly at his wife signalling there may be some more brave souls that may have survived

    the storm.

    "No. It dries my scales that someone chose to do this to our peaceful village but, hearing that other had survived brings the sun in

    such a stormy time. My wife, Aquafina saved most of them but I fear she may succumb from the smoke inhalation. She was a brave

    Saxhleel to have brought the sun to many of the residents' darkened scales." He looked up at Hasir, "please Marsh friend, can you

    save her?"

    Hasir nodded. His hands glowed with the brightness of a miniature sun as he concentrated his magic. Aquarius' eyes went wide as he

    watched as his wifes burns seemed to disappear. He sighed with relief as she opened her eyes. She stood up as a spear peireced

    heart heart.


    The two argonians looked up in horro as a skeletel horse stood before them; a draugr clad in jet black armor was astride the hors

    e that was blacker than and Hasir had ever seen clad in the same black armor, red eyes shined like the fires of Oblivion though the

    slit in its helmet. 


    The draugr dismounted and extracted the spear from the Argonian's limp body. Suddenly, as though oout of nowhere, the

    Doomstrider's voice sounded.

    "Hasir, Inigo, may I introduced you to the draugr deathlord, the general, well one of them at least, of Molag Bal's etheral army. I

    apologize that you had to find out like this but that's just how the lizard falls. Tell her husband I wish him the best."


    Both Hasir and Aurarius snarled as the voice faded like clouds on a sunny day. Inigo walked over to them and asked what they were

    going to do.

    "I don't know" Hasir said, shaking his head. "Hircine summoned me to the hunting grounds but I feel like we need to go sat in

    silence, mourning the lost of his wife. to Lilmoth and see if Molag Bal's minions are there."


    Aqquarius sat there in silence, mourning the loss of his wife. When he got up, Hasir was taken aback by his expression of white-hot


    "We should be going after that bastard! We should wring Stone-fire's neck for what he is doing. First the Hist get sick, then, my wife?

    What next? No, we have to go to Coldharbour and finish this before any more villages get burnt down and more lives are lost!"

    Inigo waved the angry Argonian down as if he was an insolent child.

    "My friend, calm down. We will go end his life but first, we've got to deal with this armored nordic corpse." He said with more

    bravado than he actually felt. He wanted to head for the hills. He turned to Hasir, "Hasir, you're correct in wanting to check on the

    Argonians at Lilmoth." He waved a hand in the blue Argonian's direction, "don't worry about him. He's scales are just dry because

    one of Molag Bal's minions killed his mate."


    Hasir called for Inigo and the blue Argonian to form up as the draugr deathlord inched closer to them. The undead behemoth stoppe

    d dead as he smelled the aroma of stell, iron and magic on the air. It unsheathed its long ebony spear. The argonian raised his flame

    whip above his head and was met with the others unsheathing their weapons as they ran at the undead Nord. 


    The draugr tossed his spear forcing Hasir and his comrads to scatter like scribs during a hackwing attack. Hasir scanned the area and

    saw two rocks near his poisition.

    "Aquarius. Inigo. Wait here." He yelled. "I have a plan." His tail swayed like a snaked that sighted a rather tasty mouse as he darted

    from rock to rock like a tiny scrib. 

    Inigo and the Argonian crept behind a rock and watched as Hasir scurried on the ground, narrowly avoid the undead Nord's furiously

    jabbing spear. When he got a foot away from the draugr, he howled out. Black fur blossomedd like tiny flowers all over his body, his

    feeet, muzzle and hands lengthed and became more wolf-like. 


    Aquarius' mouth hit the floor. He didn't think those of his race could become werewolves.He turned to Inigo in shocked amazement.

    "You're friend is a... werewolf? Why did? How did that happened?" He spluttered


    Inigo looked at him with a grin as his pumpkinish eye glowed brightly.

    "I know. Pretty neat, huh?" Aquarius nodded. He askedd Inigo how Hasir became a werewolf?"


    Inigo told the blue Argonian the rather long story as Aquarius hung on every word  Inigo made sure not to leave an detail out,

    including how Hasir once served Molag Bal before he defected to serve the wolflord. Aquarius' sky-blue eyes stared at the black and

    white werewolf squaring off with the armored draugr.

    "Inigo, should we help him? That draugr looks like it could raze a whole swamp just by itself."


    The smart blue cat shook his head; leaving the young Argonian feeling somewhat disheartened. He wanted to help in some way.

    After all, that monstrosity did murder his wife. Aquarius ignored Inigo's advice to stay put and let Hasir handle the undead menace

    leapt over the rock to join the fray. Inigo swore to himself and, despite his mind telling him that his courage had flown the coop,

    quite literally. He shook this voice of self-doubt off and ran at the creature sword held tightly in his claws.


    The dragur narrowed it's crimson eyes as he raised the blackened spear and threw it at the advancing creatures. They scattered like

    numerous tiny flies from a wamasu; all except for Tiwilght. He snapped the spear as if it was a twig someone had carelessly thrown

    for him to catch. The draugr growled at the massive creature as it lunged forward and pin the draugr on the mossy earth, cutting

    himself off from any leverage he may've had. Hot gobbules of silava dripped fron the werewolf's maw and he mercilessly bit down on

    the draugr's throat, ripping it out like fat from a chicken. 


    Inigo came over, put his hand on Twilight's shoulder.

    "Ok, my hairy friend. He's dead, can we get a move on?"


    Twilight seemed not to hear him. His eyes lit up electric blue as he relished his meal. Inigo retched as he saw his wolfish friend tear

    the draugr's body to shreds. He sunked his sword-like fangs in the creature's neck and tore it free from the body and munched on it

    as if it was a juicy apple. Only when he was sure the creature was dead did he turned to Inigo.


    He howled; both as a warning to Molag Bal that he was not one to be messed with, and as a felling of having his hunger sated. He

    returned to his reptilian form and mouted up on the armored stead the undead creature had left behind and rode toward Lilmoth,

    with Inigo and Aquarius following close behind him.