B.O.T.B Lupine Part 5 Icy Indifference

  • The two nords gasped. They told Majni that they knew nothing about this 'unholy union'. The male Nord walked towards the mouth

    of the tent. Akar asked him where he was going.

    "I am going to consult with Hircine and see if he knows anything of this 'unholy union' that you and Hjordis spoke of. Keep a close

    eye on Rakel until I get back."


    Majni left the tent and the bewildered Nord behind as he climbed the snowy slope to where the shrine of Hircine sat. Majni knelt

    down on the brown patterned rug; before which was a small lectern with assorted meats on them apparently left by those who

    wished to gain his favor. He bowed his head as if in prayer.

    "Wolflord, I require audience with you." He saw, eyes on the small statue of the horned daedra mere inched from his ribbed shrine.


    He heard nothing except wind blowing past the shrine. Suddenly, the statue spoke in its deep, ethereal voice.

    "Hound, I have heard you pleas. Yes, I know of what you inquire." Majni stared blankly at the statue. "This unholy union is what

    came about when Molag Bal thought he befouled his bloodline by having his servant become infatuated with one of my ser-er I mean

    followers. He know seeks to befoul my children by killing that which is precious to us, muxh like a bear fells a tree just to gain access

    to the beehive hidden within or a wolf bats a helpless rabbit around as if it was a dog playing with a stick." 


    Majni's face screwed up as he herd the statue make it seem like they were simply sheep to the slaughter.

    "You see us as mere servants?" He said thumbing the lectern. "You are no better than Molag Bal! You know what? Fuck you Hircine. I

    no longer wish to spend the afterlife in your hunting grounds." He stood up and spread his arms out. "What else are you not telling

    us? Are you in league with more daedric princes than Molag Bal? Mehrunes Dagon perhaps?"


    The statue's eyes erupted with the flames of Oblivion.

    "You forget your place, hound! I can easily dispose of you with a snap of my fingers." The statue's eyes returned to their stoney grey

    as the frightened Nord knelt down again. "Good. Now, I am not in league with any of that lot. I should have never said you are my

    servants. For that, I apologize. Molag Bal call his creatures 'servants', not I. Molag Bal's aim is to destroy my children by sucking the

    planet dry and creating a perfect paradise for his vampires." 


    The Nord looked up at the statue and considered asked what his plan was.

    "My hound, I want you to head northward to the village of the Skaal. They hold the key to a prophecy that deals with an Argonian

    that you haven't met. Go there and set out a shaman that should shed like on this prophecy. He is the key you seek."


    The Nord nodded and went bk inside the tent. Akar looked up at him with a smiling Rakel in her arms. 

    "So what did Hircine say?" She said while the tiny Nord grabbed for the male Nord


    Majni drew a deep sigh and smiled at Rakel and tickled her under her chin.

    "Hircine told me of what the Unholy Union entailed and that we have to go to Skaal Village."


    Akar looked at him concerned.

    "Skaal Village? Why?"


    Majni shrugged. He only know what Hircine had told him.

    "Dunno. All I know is it involves a prophecy and an Argonian."