B.O.T.B Lupine The Silver Hand's Downfall

  • As the bright sun shone overhead,Majni trudged though the snow for what seem like ages with nothing but snow, rocks, dirt and a

    multitude of trees to keep him company. He passed a ruined tower which was destoryed by somone...or something. He drew his one

    handed sword and shield and raield, raising it just as a fireball came hurling in his direction. Majni braced for impact as moved his

    feet in a boxing stance so he would not be easily toppled.


    His eyes lit up bluish-yellowish as he scanned the darkness which was ablaze with color. He finally saw the source of the attack, a

    being composed of what looked like volcanic ashPoor bastard, must've been leftover from the eruption of red mountain he thought

    as he ran to meet this new threat head on sword at the ready. The ash spawn flung fireballs in quick succession at the nord but the

    nord answered each one by raising his iron reinforced s and grimaced as the fireballs hit the shield three times, each time, bring the

    wooden shield that much closer to burning up. Majni bit his lip and hoped that this would not happen. To his surprise it held up when

    he reached the top of the topple tower. Four ash spawn advanced towards him with their spells charged.


    Thinking quickly, the male nord sliced each on in half with one slice of his blade. He had no time to do a victory howl as he had to

    reach the ruined fort's interior and stop this silver hand threat once and for all. He slid down the backside of the tower using his

    shield as a surfboard of sorts, when he reached the bottom, among the rubble that littlered the once proud fort's courtyard, he

    encountered fivee silver hand members training on dummies. One poor 'soldier was stabbed in the eye slit of the helmet it was

    wearing and another of the 'soldiers' had its side sliced open by a one handed elven sword and a third was stabbed in the chest by a

    nordic claymore.


    Majni's body began to enlarge, grey fur sprouted over his body, he grew sharp fangs and his eyes turned a dull yellow. He did not

    need the moon to transform because he had learned, from his father, how to change at will. Something only werewolves with

    superior mind over matter control could do. The wolf padded across the snow, trying to try and not attract unwanted attention as he

    inched closer to the fort's main door, if it could still be call that because of how in disrepair it looked. He huffed in relief as he slipped

    inside the fort, ready for whatever threat lay within it's walls.


    Majni padded across the threshold and noticed two paths-one of which lead to a dead end with only rubble and the other lead to a

    door, on the other side of which was a spider-infested cavern. Majni swallowed hard, let out a tiny whimper as he closed the distance

    on the door with the spiders. He ndgued the door open with his muzzle as the acrid smell of death overwhelmed him; he could smell

    the corpses of five forlorn adventurs who had long since turned to dust as well as the spiders hading above him in spiderwebs the

    size of kickballs that had all of the air let out of them.



  • Delta
    Delta   ·  May 1, 2020
    Checking on the pages here: is there a Part 3 to Lupine or do I just head to Prowl?
    • Hasir
      Checking on the pages here: is there a Part 3 to Lupine or do I just head to Prowl?
        ·  May 1, 2020
      Head onto prowl for now I am working on expanding Rakel’s story so it is more about her upbringing and so it makes more sense.