End of an Era - Part.4/Epilogue

  • Fire raining from the sky, it was all they could from the shelter of the Fallowstone hall.

    Burning trees, cattle running on fire and the sound of screams. Great winged beasts were descending from the skies, setting the forests ablaze. This was not expected at all, today was supposed to be a good day, the companions were having a nice time sparring, taking a walk through the forests.

    All that was standing between them and the bolts of fire from the sky was a ward… cast by Erarik. He had spent great time studying about the different types of magic. Most of the companions had hatred in their minds for him for this. But, also respect, for he was their leader, ever since Steivaror died.

    “Zu'u honah lot suleyk ko qiiv, Bo Ahrk Frolk!” Sounded a great voice out of nowhere.

    A loud thump nearby indicated the coming of something very heavy.

    The rain of fire had now stopped, all of the winged creatures circling the hall with the exception of one. 

    The companions panicked. Flying beasts was something they never saw. “Stay behind me…” Erarik muttered as he slowly opened the gate.

    “Moorus, daar gein krilon wah kriz mii?” Again a voice came from the sky.

    In a minute, more than 40 companions were outside, all of their weapons unsheathed.

    “Fun zey, joor. Wo los hi? Druv dreh Zu'u honah sil do dii fron ko hi?” Erarik looked up to track the source of the voice, only to find… two colors… Crimson and Black. This was a beast that outmatched all of it’s kin in size, one that terrified all of the companions.

    Erarik stood there, confused. “I do not know what are you speaking of, creature. But know this, me and my brothers will finish you if you try to harm any of this land.” No one there didn’t know that their leader was in fact, bluffing.

    “This is amusing… We are the children of Akatosh, the Dovah! Bow before us and accept us as your masters and you may live!” Sounded the deep voice.

    They all stood there, frozen with awe.

    “… Or die!”

    A tiny screech was heard as one of the companions flew off to the sky, grabbed by one of the beasts in a split second.

    “Take that as an example…”

    “WE WILL NEVER BOW TO YOU!” Exclaimed Erarik with an heavily enraged tone “Men, FOR THE MOTHERLAND!”

    The “Dovah” roared as blades of countless companions dug into it’s skin, but endured.


    Shouted the beast and brought down many. Erarik raised his ward to protect some of his comrades. The rest dead.


    “YOL, TOOR SHUL!” More words were heard, fire started coming from different directions… all the dragons except the black one had started letting out this devastating breath.

    The ward was even bigger now, resisting all of the breaths. But it’s caster’s condition was not well at all…

    “Grab your shields… and trigger the trap…” He muttered.

    “Shellbug formation!”

    The remaining companions formed around Erarik and raised their shields, a big circular ward surrounding it.

    “Lot birgah nol Lovok, fah joor...”

    As they reached a certain point in the field in front of the fallowstone, All the men stomped their feets. The dragon roared again, but this time there was no other sound besides it. A huge blade, coming straight from the ground penetrated it’s chest. The ward was still doing, deflecting the fire.

    “Vuth!” A voice commanded.

    And the flames were no more. Erarik collapsed, everything dizzy in front of him, he only saw a blurred vision of the flying black dovah, which had an impression of laugh in it’s face.


    He felt a humongous amount of energy flowing through him, as if he was in Aetherius itself. He watched a shape, it had hands, which were moving around another little shape, it was gleaming. Erarik felt as he watched it for eternity, then, the gleaming shape moved a little.

    “YOU ARE JOORLOSAAK! I HEREBY GIVE YOU THE DUTY TO GUIDE THE MORTALS!” The same thunderous voice that Erarik heard in his dream almost 20 years ago, was heard.

    The shape now moved a little forward, then revealed what it truly was, A dovah… with golden wings and it’s body as white as snow.

    “As you wish, Thuri.”


    Erarik suddenly woke up in the middle of the field, All his exhaustion vanished, he felt more power in him than usual. A hand grabbed his own and pulled him up. As he rose, he saw the last of his brothers surrounding him and the beasts watching overhead.

    “Our pact is complete now, deyra… The Kel will be delivered to those cowardly underground elves…” spoke the black dovah, with a smirk on it’s face.

    An eye, surrounded by green tentacles, appeared out of nowhere. “Very well, Joorlosaak. I trust you will use my knowledge effectively.” 

    “You will regret it if you call me that again… I am Alduin!”

    The dovah now was clearly laughing, he ordered his kin something in their language.

    The companions raised their weapons again, knowing their inevitable death as the creatures flew straight at them, their mouths open wide and a glint of yellow inside it.




    “Now, for you… mortal…”

    “I do not fear death!” Yelled Erarik as he slowly gave up.

    “GOL, HAH DOV!!”     





    “You are safe here, Miraak."

    “Master, I cannot repay you… This place is filled with knowledge that gives me power every moment…” Said a hugely amplified voice behind a mask…

    “Good… Good… Let the knowledge flow through you…”


    Author's Note: You have now reached the point to play this song... For your translation needs, Click here. Since it can't translate dragon names however, 

    Joor - Mortal

    Los - Helping 

    Aak - Guide

    I really hope you folks enjoyed it all the way through the 4 chapters. 


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